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The Exorcist: Tales of Spiritual Warfare – Peter Kamenju

The Exorcist: Tales of Spiritual Warfare

Oct 15, 2019
Peter Kamenju
Psalms 35

1O Lord, oppose those who oppose me. Fight those who fight against me. Put on your armor, and take up your shield. Prepare for battle, and come to my aid. Lift up your spear and javelin against those who pursue me. Let me hear you say, “I will give you victory!”

Isn’t it interesting how easy it is for a Christian to praise God when the times are good? To worship Him, to talk of how the prayers have been answered. When God has been faithful in providing. When we are all enthusiastic about Him. However, will we, like Job remain faithful when our faith is tested? Considering we are living in the end of the age, will Christians remain open and faithful Christians when the prophesied persecution of believers starts? Will we still proclaim from the rooftops that Jesus is Lord? Is our relationship with God based on His goodies. However,today I feel obligated to write on the name of Jesus and what I have seen the name do in the spiritual realm. Have you invited Jesus to destroy the works of the devil in your life? The demonic is greatly misunderstood, and it controls many aspects in the world. Demons, in fact, influence you as long as you don’t have Jesus in your life. Most people are under subtle control. Satan veils people and blinds them.

Scene 1

It is either 2010 or 2011. Dreams of anonymous knocks on our door have become frequent among me and my siblings. We cannot help but think of Jesus. A few days later my brother complains of having a violent dream about being assaulted by demonic beings. Around the same time, I am also getting sleep paralysis attacks everyday but I am constantly using the name of Jesus to shake off that choking demon. These are warning signs but am not listening.

Scene 2:

2018, I am lying in bed tired and sleepy. Sooner than later am picked off from the bed and lifted up and turned around by some invisible force. It is as if am levitating looking down. We end up struggling and wrestling and am free after a few seconds and I drop back on the bed and as I lay there looking around and shouting the name Jesus, I am angry and disappointed. I recognize that by being away from God, am weak and vulnerable. But still, I am not listening

Scene 3:

Early 2019, I have been thinking about getting saved since mid-2018. Every few Sundays, I go to the altar to be prayed for and to repent. But the demons are not willing to go that easily. I finally did it. T

So this is how my first week getting saved goes. My roommate and I are woken up by terrible nightmares every day at 3 Am. His nightmares are about seeing the devil in the room every day. He says the devil is always trying to strangle him. Sometimes he says he sees demons that look and talk like people and they are searching through the room looking for me or through my things. He will go on to scream like every night for a long time. I will be waking up many nights to put my hand on his head and to rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus many nights.

In another experience I witnessed exorcism by the real exorcist, Jesus Christ. The first day after I got saved, I was taken, maybe in spirit to a place that seemed like to Los Angeles in the 1960s. In the Streets of Los Angels,I met two beautiful Caucasian ladies. I always like helping people in distress, and the devil knew this all too well. In the dream, one of the women talks to me about her personal issues and I intently listen .Then she requests to see me in a private room and I follow her. The other woman is already there on a bed waiting naked and the other also gets naked. For some eerie reason, they both know am saved. They know everything about me. They want to “reward” me for my “niceness”. They tell me this: “Just do it you will repent later”. They know they are looking irresistible. I refuse and tell them openly that I will not let Jesus down. End of dream. Next day something similar happens. Beautiful women. They also go like “Just do it Peter”. I refuse.

On the third day something even more shocking happens. This time the temptation is at a more advanced stage. I am standing in a room. No negotiation today. My trousers are pulled down to the knee by some strange power. There is a woman in front of me in a compromising position. I am standing there doing nothing. There is tension in the air. But wait, there is a circle of demons around me. They look like people. In all my encounters with demons sometimes they have looked like people, sometimes like snakes, but mostly like people with shadowy bodies-grayish and dark. They are waiting to see what I will do. I realize this time am in a tight position because I feel like am not in control of myself. There is a feeling that someone has drugged me, or is controlling my mind. But am yet to do anything. Then a bright white light appears. Jesus appears from nowhere. As if there was a door right next to me. On my right. I immediately knew it was Him, His hair, face and robe. The white robe had a red sash across it. My spirit knew Him and recognized Him. Jesus puts his right arm in front of my chest. He says “Peter, No”.

His voice has a sense of command, yet without anger. All the demons fled. They run so fast, like light. They were gone in a huff. Jesus and I are now looking at each other, I stare at him and He stares back. He is not mad or disappointed, He just is. He looks at me peacefully, calmly. I sense the great power am looking at. Then like Adam, I suddenly realize am naked. The moment is ruined. I feel busted, embarrassed. Unworthy. I feel like I have let him down. If I could go back to that exact moment, I would have done something different. Like worship Him. But in my guilt, I found Jesus terrifying. I did not want Him to see me like that. It felt like I should have not been in that situation in the first place. I should have said something. Maybe I should have started with “It is not what you think Lord”. Or even “Thank you, Fairest Lord Jesus”. Or just “Have mercy on me Jesus”. Or even better “Will the rapture happen before I graduate?” Or “where I can get money”. Interestingly, I simply pulled up my pants and ran off like the demons ran. I ran from my Creator because of shame. Two lovers separated by sin.

And when I woke up, I realized it was no dream at all. I was simply moving between realms. I had carried everything from the dream back to the bed. ‘After this dream I ask God to protect me at night, and I have no other nightmares. I did not know it at the time, but many things changed after that dream. No more nightmares. The demons I saw running were not to bother me anymore.

Scene 4:

My abdomen, head and back are in pain. I am almost succumbing to the pain, rolling, rolling, and groaning. The lights are off. I don’t realize it but two hours pass and am still writhing in pain. Then comes the laughter. The cold, chilly laughter. No human laughs like that. It is the laugh of a monster. The person laughing is behind me. Because I feel the breeze from his mouth. On my back. A cold chilly wind. I turn around. No one is there. The way I was shocked…cannot be expressed. It can only be felt. In any case I stood up and proclaimed that “Jesus you are the Winner” and that I have “totally surrendered” and that “I need you Lord, and come rescue me”. I shout all this for some minutes. I put on a shirt and close the room. I text people to pray for me. I sleep in a different room. I knew I had been struck by a demon. The headache is gone within five minutes of people praying. I sleep sound. I forget about it.

Scene 5:

The praise and worship sessions in Church have been so overwhelming since I got born again. The presence of Jesus and the Angels is so palpable. Many of the services in early 2019 are based on what I pray for. My knowledge of God is also growing fast. I am even preaching and leading people to God. I can have discussions with atheists and make appropriate responses to their questions. Someone in church gives testimonies of seeing angels in the church. Am amazed. I want to see angels too. Right church. Tick.

Scene 6:

I sleep late. It is night. Thirty minutes after falling asleep, I wake up to a vision. I am standing at the window to my room. I see alien warships in the Nairobi sky. They are beautiful when seen from afar. But they come close. They are two. They are huge. Like small towns. They bring great fear. Our spirits just know that they are here to kill. Everybody in Kenya is so shocked that nobody can breathe. One is silver. The other is black. The black one stops above Ngong Road right next to Nairobi Hospital. Soldiers come to assess this aerial threat. They are so scared that they can hardly hold their guns. Nobody wanted to believe that this was real . Nobody was ready to see them. (This will happen one day, be ready).

The setting of the vision changes. I see an angel standing next to my head. There is so much power in the room. I look at him. He is powerful, beautiful, majestic. Looks like burning gold. Sword at the side. White face. Hair is some type of brown. I say hi, he looks at me slightly and stands again at full attention. I said hi cos I wanted to thank him for being my guardian angel and protecting me. He does not want my thank you. He does not want to talk. He is like a royal guard at Buckingham Palace. He wants all the praise and attention to go to God. To prove this point, he makes himself invisible to me.

The setting of the vision changes again. There is a green portal on the wall of the room. There are words coming out and flying round the room. JESUS THE REDEEMER, JESUS THE REDEEMER, JESUS THE REDEEMER.

Scene 7;

School has closed. I travel home. First day sleeping here in a while. Middle of the night. I wake up. The room is bright white. There are two demons trying to get close to me. There is light from me that seems to be torturing them. Burning them. They are in pain. But they still want to claim the right to sleep on the bed. It is like they have been here a long time. I am unwelcome. As I look at them, something begins strangling my neck. I look up. I can’t look sideways. I am looking up hopelessly. Heaven opens. Someone huge person signals to me, using his finger, to kick those demons out. The being in heaven is extremely huge, with short white hair and a sharp jaw line. Very handsome. I thought it was God to be honest. But I saw his face so am not sure. I turn to the demons. I rebuke them in Jesus name and command them to leave. I speak with so much authority, like a super apostle. The one close to me is short. I try to even punch him in rage. The taller one blocks my fist. I wake up.

Scene 8:

The very next night. Room is full of white light again when I suddenly awake. The same two demons again. The two demons realize they can’t get close to me. So they are crouching at the foot of my bed, just staring at me. Monitoring me. Perhaps planning something? I rebuke them again in Jesus name. Hotly. I wake up. I pray to God that they burn. They never return. What was that about?

Scene 9:

I am standing outside a house in an estate. I am in a white robe. I am preaching Jesus Christ and proclaiming blessings to the estate. It is at night. People are walking on the road minding their own business. A demon is irritated by my words. The demon possesses a man. The man comes to attack me. I tell the man not to let the devil use him against me. He doesn’t listen. I command angels to attack the man. Three angels fight the man. They pierce and cut him endlessly. Interestingly enough, it is the demon in the man that they are injuring not the man. The angels sing to God while fighting. Their language is strange. They bring their beautiful swords together to form patterns like the cross ever so often. The show is great. Until a huge python bites my hand and am returned to my bed. Am scared. I wake up. (Good dreams often end in demonic attacks, why?)

The supernatural is real. The power in the name of Jesus is even more real. If all the Christians in Kenya shared their experiences with the supernatural, we could have our own Sid Roth show where powerful testimonies will reach many people. Why don’t we talk about these things? Why keep silent with a vision from God? Share with the body of Christ!

And do you ever feel bored, lonely, restless, stressed sometimes? Do you, in search of a remedy, have sex outside marriage? Or do you do it because you are in love or excited at the heat of the moment? Do you drink alcohol? Or are you a Christian who struggles with revenge, hate, gossip, lust, thoughts of sexual content? Do you feel like listening to erotic music all the time? Do you watch porn? Horror movies that glorify demons and violence? See by faith, and not by sight, the kind of demonic powers you may be subjecting yourself to. Do Not Do It!

“The spiritual realm is as real as the physical one”

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