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The enemy is trying to CUT OFF AND BREAK communication with family and loved ones – Victoria Ang


The enemy is trying to CUT OFF AND BREAK communication with family and loved ones

Victoria Ang


Last night I was given a dream where my son that passed away (in real life ) asked me if he could borrow my cell phone. Off to the back and side of me I could see a dark figure lurking , in the dream .I handed my son the phone. My son took the cell phone from me and a short time later handed it back to me but the phone was cracked and broken. I looked at the phone and it had a straight line going up and down the phone. The phone was completely dead….. The dream ended

Interpretation :

The enemy is trying to CUT OFF AND BREAK communication with family and loved ones. Causing a breakdown and division between them. Which will result in death.Can be both physical and spiritual.

I did not know why the Lord gave me the dream because I pray for all my family and family blood line and loved ones several times a day and always staying in prayer and fasting . So I asked the Lord why he gave me the dream and if I was suppose to share it. Here is what his reply was:


Yes, my daughter share with others that will listen and take heed. I gave you that dream because many of my own children are falling into traps set forth by the evil one and do not even realize that they were set up.

The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy.He causes division in and amongst my children.Causing them to become bitter, angry, with strife. With FEELINGS of rejection and betrayal and despair.

His plan ( the enemy) is to kill, steal and destroy. His tactics are subtle. He uses family , friends and anyone and everyone he can to play out his roles for a down fall .Causing people to sin because of their EMOTIONAL state.

This is why my children, it is so important to stay in prayer and close to me. So that I can direct you back to the right path. For if you go your OWN direction you will veer off the narrow path and quickly find yourself destroyed by the stampede of the masses.
I warn to keep you safe. And out of harms way.My people perish for lack of knowledge.

The enemy is using everything he can in his bag of tricks to cause death and harm.

His time is extremely short and he wants as many souls he can gather, to end in hell.

I can only help those that cry out to me and follow my instructions . I desire none to perish. Cling to me and my word. Keep praying for your loved ones despite how they may act towards you.And it may APPEAR as if no changes are made.I am at work on your behalf. Even when it appears as if I have deserted you. I am ever so close. And will not fail you. My love for you will not fade.


Scriptures :

Hosea 4:6 King James Version
6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children

John 10:10 King James Version
10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Paslm 28:7 KJV The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Matthew 7:13-14 King James Version
13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

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  1. I can attest to the attack on family. Our’s has been struck by an odd (seemingly out of no where) division. Communication has stopped and loving words have been met with, out of character, back biting. I am asking daily for the Lord to mend these broken relationships. It’s a heart breaking burden to try and bear. The enemy wants me to be burdened with condemnation…”you could have done more.” I’m weary of the distraction… but pleading the blood of Jesus over us all. I know it’s good training for what is coming. I’ve been seeking and asking. Thank you Victoria, for sharing – it’s so encouraging to know our Father speaks through the body when we are worn out from the battle!

  2. madelyn

    Yes and amen! The enemies plan is ALWAYS to destroy communication and relationships! To silence those who love God encouraging others in the good things of God. Speaking TRUTH in a time there’s a famine for TRUTH! I have experienced this over and over with friends and loved ones. HOWEVER?!!! The Lord is doing EXACTLY the opposite!!! He is OPENING closed doors to isolated friends and loved ones in MUCH NEED of His lovingkindness via communication lines NEVER opened before!!! Thank You Lord for the precious DIVINE APPOINTMENT You gave me last night with a precious single mom family member isolated and living FAR from me in another state!!! Tears of joy were shared openly sharing the good things of God!!! Scripture says when God hears us talking about Him? He tells His angels “Write their name down in My book of remembrance!”!!! Hallelujah!!!

  3. Cal Parkdein

    With regard to your encouragement to pray and not be deceived…I have held to this adage most of my life:

    The only place I am spiritually safe, is on my knees.

  4. The picture to this mesage spoke to me directly. I’ve spoken to my husband off and on with our children for years about technology and felt I needed to bring this subject up again last night.

    Saints, we as the body have to be sober, vigilant and very careful with the enemys devices, literally.

    I see many, including my own struggle with technology, almost to the point that they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if not plugged in.

    Again, I brought this subject up to my husband last night. Lord willing we’ll be moving soon. I mentioned to my husband that when we move that we as a family will need to work on abstaining from technology a lot more. Humbling ourselves, praying, seeking and waiting on The Lord.

    My husband instantly snapped at me last night, sweating in frustration, raising his voice and looking at me with hate. I get the same look with the children. Almost reminded me of Golem from the Lord of the Rings. “My precious cellphone, my precious t.v. ”

    My husband did apologize later that night for reacting the way he did. Thank Jesus for Your Forgivenes, for Your Grace. Praying for you brothers and sisters who are dealing with the same. There’s a demonic attachment to television and cell phones. Be careful…

    Don’t get me wrong, it could be used as a good tool, yes. But not if you allow the enemy to strip away The Fruit of the Spirit that comes with self control.

    Cell phones have stolen a lot from me and my family. Stolen growth with my husband and children. Don’t allow the enemy to steal what God has blessed you with. Start Writing Letters again, Play With Your Borrowed Children, Start a Garden, Tend to Your Animals, and Once In Awhile Call A Loved One, But Most Of All…Focus On Jesus.

    May The Lord Bless Each Of You,
    Sister, Taina.

  5. White bird

    I agree evil likes to push our buttons to get us to an emotional state, and then give us more triggers so that we will respond out of the flesh. Example, last Christmas when I was supposed to be enjoying the celebration with my in-laws, my sister let it slip that she had sent mom a gift, even though my sister had said she didn’t want any gifts any more and didn’t want to send them to anyone. What she meant was, she didn’t want to send any to me. Then I couldn’t enjoy the time with the people AROUND me because I was so focused on that situation! When we get triggered like that, and if we have a strong emotional reaction, it could definitely have been planned by the enemy. God has led me to finally stop praying for my family that doesn’t believe but pretend they do, as it actually leads to more stress in my mind. For the time being, anyway.

    I also feel like when I reach a new level with the Lord, the demonic ramps up the attack. I learn to be calm to a certain someone (not silent), they learn meaner things to say. It’s not always possible to be separated from difficult people in our lives. It’s not easy to keep giving the burden to the Lord.

  6. Anna

    I have seen this and am seeing this in my family as well, just division and bitterness. Long time things that have simmered and been kept under control blowing up and out of proportion. It is good to know where it is coming from—not that I didn’t have my suspicion—but it is scary just how successful he has been. The good news is knowing it is spiritual means I can do something about it! 😁

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