The Empire Has Fallen! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Empire Has Fallen! – Benjamin Faircloth

March 3, 2019

A Prophetic Warning

“America, know this day that your crown has fallen from your head! Your Empire has fallen and you lie in decay! There will be no one to rescue you from your destruction and demise! My hand has reached out but you rejected it with your pride. Nation after nation will arise against you. A coalition of the abused, those to whom you have afflicted, will gather against you! Their rebellion will arise from your abuse and disregard for the sovereignty of their people and their right to live according to the laws of their land! Who called you to rule the world? Who said you were 1st among many? I gave you power and ability to lead with unity, but you choose to lead with pride! Know this day America, there will be no turning back, yesterday is over! Today is the day that you will enter the reality of your captivity! Now is the time for the bands of Babylon to be placed firmly around your soul, and I will execute My judgments according to My Prophets! To whom will you seek help and rescue from? The hour is here for the reality of My judgments to begin, and no one can stop what has started! None the less, your pride will refuse My help and your pride will bring about your fall! To My Bride, arise and stand up, prepare for Harvest, prepare for War, and prepare to meet your God!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 21)

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