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The Dragon Transforms into the Antichrist/Ministering to a Fisherman – Sharlene Reimer

The Dragon Transforms into the Antichrist/Ministering to a Fisherman

Vision #257 Nov 24/20 Tues am.

November 25, 2020 8:45 AM
Sharlene Reimer

I was praise and worshiping in the Throne Room as I always do, singing different hymns in modern renditions. One of my favourites is Jesus Paid It All by Kim Walker Smith. I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went up my mtn and went with my eagle. It was a shorter trip as I quickly found myself looking at a small boat with a single sail sitting in a bay. My perspective was as if I was just above the water looking towards land not that far out from shore. I saw the tropical trees, green covered mountains. The area reminded me of the Napali Coastline but I understood it wasn’t Hawaii. I came closer to the little boat and saw a man throwing out a small fishing net. He moved his boat around hoping for better spots and kept at it, but didn’t catch anything. I began to sing some hymns. Then spoke of what Jesus did for him on the cross, gave the reason for my hope and blessed him. I saw him throw his net one last time and it suddenly became full of fish. He had some trouble bringing it into his little boat. It reminded me of the account of the fishermen in Luke 5:4-10 where Jesus tells the weary fishermen to try again and suddenly their nets became full and breaking. I prophesied over him and told the man in the boat he will be fishing for men now. J I saw him stand at the stern, faced the ocean, raised his arms in the air and cried out.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about what the man was yelling when he stood up as I didn’t understand it. Jesus said that the fisherman was thanking Him for all the fish. J Jesus mentioned that my ability to present the message of salvation is improving. Thinking back when I began this journey with spirit travel or translate –whatever it’s called- I can see how I have grown. Keep using your gifts that God has given you, whatever they are, as you can only grow in them if they are used which gives Him glory. And always be ready to give the reason for your hope.

Before I go on to the main vision, I want to share an earlier vision I had during my ‘just be’ time with Jesus this am. It is connected with the main vision. I was with Jesus in an area in heaven. We were spending time on a hillside covered with wildflowers surrounded by different peaks of mountains. There was a higher peak ahead of us across a valley. While we were sitting among the flowers, a brilliant light shone from the top of that mountain. A mighty angel appeared and I was amazed. The angel spoke to me. I won’t go into great detail but to sum it up, I was reminded of my anointing and prophetic calling which God will be using in my church. I am humbled.

I went down the stairs greeted my greeter group. We walked over to the vision area where the others always have already gathered. It opened up to see the mountain that I had just recently seen in my ‘just be’ time with Jesus earlier in the am. A light came again from the top but it wasn’t as bright. I thought I saw a form of what might be an angel but something was not quite right. I hesitated in believing what I was seeing because I had compared it to what I had just seen earlier in the day. Then suddenly from my right side, a huge black dragon flew by, snapping his huge mouth at me but was unable to harm me. (it was like a 3D moment when objects appear to come off the screen!) I understood it was satan as I have seen this form of him as a black dragon in previous visions (#19,77,211) and as a type of huge hideous serpent-creature in #80,84,185) He flew to my left, stopped in mid air, turned slightly and then slowly began to move away from me. My perspective was side profile. As the dragon moved, he began to transform into a walking human man. The man was well dressed and moved with confidence and authority. I was seeing him from a bit of a distance so I couldn’t see his face clearly.

I understood that satan, as the antichrist, will continue to masquerade as the angel of light: “Satan himself transforms as an angel of light.”2 Cor 11:14 KJV, deceiving the world. I’ve experienced him appearing to me as an angel of light in a previous vision as Jesus was teaching me to discern truth from lies. (#84) He will also use signs and wonders but they are false; not true wonders or miracles. Satan can only copy the wonders. Jesus reminded me of an example in Ex.7:12 when Aaron’s staff became a snake. The magicians copied it and made a snake too but Aarons’ snake swallowed the magicians snake.

Jesus said “Discern!” Remember to test the spirits. 1 John 4:1-3, 1 Thes 5:21

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