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The Dragon – Cherrie Archer

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The Dragon

February 7, 2023 11:42 AM
Cherrie Archer

2-6-23 8:22am

Child you are in a war that you can not win.

The country in which you live is run by those who have infiltrated the top offices. These are now owned by your enemy.

The foolishness of the gullible is astounding as these never open their eyes to truly see who has brought this upon them, Obama, and they would vote for this madman again if given the chance.

The ignorance of man shines brightly for those to see the corruption and where it lies. Yet the foolish close their eyes to truths and embrace lies.

Look around. See and know those who continue believing and defending the falsehoods spoken.

The wheat and the tares are being divided openly. The sheep to one side, the goats to the other.

Can you see My sheep are outnumbered by the goats? Can you see the harvest is few?

What is happening is in the faces of man whose hearts have turned cold and no longer speak to Me but deny Me daily.

The Dragon believes he owns the world. He will call the shots. Man will be forced into a life he has only heard about from around the world.

The Dragon has entered as a termite. For years eating at the very fiber, foundation, of what your country was founded on.

The Dragon runs the voting machines. The Dragon’s positions in offices have made slaves of all those who have tried to stand against him.

Do Not doubt you are in a war. While you were sleeping a coup has taken place that has ushered in your enemy, the Devil.

Do you not have concerns of your enemy buying land near military bases and why it was allowed?

Do you not have concerns why 8 balloons were allowed to gather data as they traveled across your land?

Why do they focus on one that will not show significant data collected and ignore the 7 that have collected important data.

Why, if your government was truly protecting its people from an enemy has the enemy been allowed in. An open door to all has been established.

Terrorists come freely through the southern border while the Dragon takes over the politics, finances and freedoms once held.

The tares and the goats are blind to the enemies assaults. These have embraced sin at all levels and continue down the path of destruction.

Pray, ask for discernment. Know your enemy. Armor Up! The battle is raging. The warriors are few.

Read My word and Know My word.

The underground church of the Dragon is coming here.

There will be a time Bibles will be destroyed. The underground church has torn pages from the Bible and memorize them. This will become necessary. Begin Now!

Americans have lived like an untouchable princess on a hill. Many can not grasp that they are witnessing crime in action. The Rape of a Nation.

RAPE destroys dignity and hope. Rape destroys trust as everything once trusted in is taken away.

Look around you! The homeless have increased since the Dragon’s attack in 2020. Understand that the leaders of states fell into line with the Dragon and caused businesses to fold and families without jobs to become homeless.

The Dragon is Not Done. He is buying up farmland to limit food production.

Man falls into line faster when he is hungry.

Look around you, the Dragon rules the whole earth. His desire to be worshiped is moving forward.

If you doubt this, answer this, Is there one leader who has stood against the lies spoken or the charges made?

These have been silenced or have fallen in line with the beast.

Be aware of the days you live. Do Not bow to the beast. Use discernment at all times. These are perilous times.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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