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“The Destroyer”: Revelations Summed Up – McKana

“The Destroyer”: Revelations Summed Up

February 1, 2024 9:54 PM

February 1, 2024


Haggai 2:6(KJV)
For thus saith the Lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land;

Isaiah 24:19-20(KJV)
19. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.
20. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

I am releasing this message as instructed and take this to the Lord too.

It is evident and a matter of time for the “Destroyer” to bring the greatest of all shakings, fire and destruction worldwide. This greatest shaking can come from two sources, the well spoken of Meteor and the marauding planet called by many names. Both are the near future global events. The sequence as to what comes first is also reveled. With the understanding given, the Meteor comes first followed by the dreadful rogue planet. This can come later in the period of tribulation. If the later case is what is to befall the Earth, there will be two great shakings The time and sequence of events is in the hand of the Lord.

I am given four clear vision of the “Destroyer,” three Great global shakings and repeated visions of the dreadful Meteor. It is true, certain and inevitable this will come to pass soon.
In the last message, much is revealed about “when” this is going to come to pass. In the mouth of three, the truth is well established that great shaking will come when “Jacobs Trouble” is near. The global events are helping us discern that the time is “NOW.” The big war and the escalation in the region is leading to “Jacobs Trouble.” These evets are part of the Judgment from the ultimate authority, Almighty God, our Lord. This is not in the hand of man, the events unfolding globally the “Meteor” and the “Planet” are parts of the great Judgments of the End of Times.

Our job is to present the message as we are given repeating it until it sinks and alarm all to seek the Lord while He is around, before everyone comes in front of the Just Judge to receive the final sentence of their eternal destination. Time is Up, every one will face the Lord and every one will receive their eternal fate. We are told to scream from the roof top, telling the world to Repent.
Finally, here are the summary of what is revealed for me in the last five years.
The three revelation given from the Lord about this “Planet” called the “Destroyer” are.

1. This “Planet” has been here before(in the history of Earth)
2. The same “Planet” is coming back again.
3. The “Planet” is near, its effect is being felt.

In addition to the disturbance and the destabilization of the solar system as a whole, the psychology of the people is enormously affected. Increased Global psychotic syndromes, demonic activity, sickness and related out of normal, out of order activities are the other effects felt from the fast approaching “Planet.”

The reason we spent much time on this “Destroyer” is because it is a destroyer of everything we know and everything we took for granted. Are the fallen angles part of this devastation? They manifest through the darkness brought by the shaking. Still the word feels the effect of the increased demonic activity which is the work of the fallen angels. People can ask why am I tormented, sick, depressed, sleepless etc. The enhanced evil activity of the enemy approaching with his army is the cause, if not all the cause.

Following are the specific dates the revelation were given about the Destroyer.

I. The Repeated vision of the detroyer.

A. Revelation of July 22, 2018 2:00 AM -The “Planet” is the clock.
B. Revelation of May 7, 2019 1:45 AM – The “Planet” is Big and closer.
C. Revelation of August 30, 2019 10:15 AM – The “Planet” has been here before.
D. Rvelation of October 31, 2023. 1:30AM -The ‘Planet” flying fast in the sky.

II. The shaking

A. Revelaton of February 8, 2019 2:00AM -Heavens and Earth are shaken&the Reptilian.
B. Revelation of September 1, 2021 -Ghost like, Iron Red Dark Meteor.

I. The “Planet” is the Clock.
(July 22, 2018 2:00 AM)

I see a “Planet” on the sky. It looks so real. The light Blue planet appeared as a clock, rectangular clock with four distinct sides. I see the clock with the arms and the numbers. I see the clock in good condition, with light and one of the arms in clear intense red color. I can’t see clearly what time it is with the red arm much closer to the 12:00 O’clock position. We are in a ditch, someone I know is talking, very knowledgeable, kept talking. He didn’t give me a chance to speak. Then, I see in a distance, houses, street in ruins, in chaos and destruction. Two little girls came running to us, very frightened. The person who is talking is their much elder brother. He loves the two girls dearly. He received them one after another with his outstretched arms, lifted them up and gathered them with us in the ditch. I looked back to the clock, it came down from the sky to the ground and now it is posted by the side of the street. The same clock. This time, it doesn’t have arms, it doesn’t have numbers and more over, it is dim, no light. Time is up!!!
The knowledgeable person who took care of the two little girls is the Lord.

II. The Destroyer much, much closer to Earth.
(May 7, 2019 1:45 AM)
In the sweet drift to a deep sleep, I see, to the South East, sort of flaming light at the center, a separate object in front. On my right hand side, to the South East, from nowhere, ¾ of the rim of the sphere of “The Planet” came to view. It is a big planet, much closer. I see the center and 3/4th of the planet. The rest is way down to Earth. I was shocked and woke up shouting ‘Hay!!!” The closeness of this huge planet alarmed and my own shout wake me up of sleep. I started wondering about the color of the planet. The huge planet is visible from the rim of the sphere, clear except at the flaming center which I saw first. The flaming thing I saw first is a separate object then the planet but my focus was on the planet.

II. The Destroyer Is Near. Very near.
(Vision of August 30, 2019 10:15 AM)

Three points:

1. It has been here before(in the history of Earth)
2. It is coming back again.
3. It is near, its effect is being felt.

I am very very tired. I am not thinking anything, only want to take a small rest. In a sweet, half awake half sleep, while sitting, drifting to good rest:

In a distance, I see two planets close to each other. I am watching this vision very much far away from the plants. Both suspended way high up in the wide outer space. I see a blue planet in close proximity to planet Earth, soil colored Earth. It is in an almost coalition course, very close and almost there, too near. From what I see, the soil looking Earth is to the right hiding a small section of the blue planet. From my view, it is too close as if it is about or is to touch the Earth. They look almost touching, overlapping. I don’t see any space between them. The understanding is, this planet has been here before, close to Earth. In the current encounter, the effect is already being seen. Now, my view is from the Earth. I see a flame coming out of the sea, a volcanic eruption, a column of fire from the sea. I see it rising to the sky from the middle of the sea on my right hand side. The disturbance in the currents of the sea. More over, strange as it is, I came to understand, this approaching blue planet has an impact on the psychology of people too. That is what I understood. The psychology, mental status and health of people is being affected in a bad ways.

IV. A “Planet” on a lone race.(Posted this week )
(Vision of October 31, 2023. 1:30AM)

In a swift vision, on a clear daylight sky, I see a “Planet” moving at a very fast speed from East to West. In short seconds, I see a sandy looking “Planet” moving very fast and woke up shouted woe, woe, woe! The “planet “ is so close, almost as far as the distance of the moon from the earth. At the moment, I had no understanding what planet it is and why it is moving that fast. In less than few seconds, the “Planet” moved through the whole sky from the East to the West. The vision is true but I saw nothing else.
This indeed is the Biblical Wormwood/Plane-X of the end times.

With this speed, even from the distance, it will shake/rattle the whole earth like an olive tree.This planet will certainly brings the Global shaking.

V. The Shaking.

I included this section for its relation with the Fallen angels which comes with the shaking brought about the Meteor. I have stated in the messages that I saw a bright object in front of the planet, not once but two time. The relationship of the Meteor with the “Planet” has puzzled me for long.

Since I have given very much repeated warning, more than three times about the global shaking, this is one small part which has many details.

A. Heavens and Earth are shaken.
(February 8, 2019 Past 2:00 AM)

I am on a narrow street, going from East to West. I am asking for direction and a lady spoke out and I ended up at a dead end. To the left are rows of houses. Two of the houses are of my old friends, a lady and a man. I entered their house met few people. Strange as it is, the people in the house are sitting on the ground staring at me.

Now, I am outside, facing towards the South. I am watching everything unfold in front of me. Event after event, all at the same time.
The ground in front of me is lifted up, a high cliff, some 20 stories high. It runs all the way East to West.

First, on the sky, high up on the sky, over the clouds, I see a light, yellow golden light shining like the sun. I felt I know what that is but my focus went on the theatrical event in front of me. In front of the bright object which look like the sun, closer to the ground, there is something big, hurled down and speeding towards the Earth. Meteor?

Second, I see the cloud, a contentious cloud on the sky. Suddenly, the cloud cracked like an ice, solid as it is, it cracked open. One side went up and the other side went down. Very strange. The heaves are shaken.

Third, Like the clouds, the ground spanning over the cliff split opened forming a valley, right in front of my eyes. It formed a big crack of a valley. To the right I see a mountain. In front of the mountain I see a medical doctor and a nurse. They fall flat on their back. They fall flat on their back and I am struggling to catch up with the multiple events happening right on my face. I am watching, with no fear.

Fourth, I see a tank, a armored military vehicle coming towards me from over the cliff. It is about to fall and crash from the cliff. It is hanging on the edge. I see a turtle like animal crawling to come out towards the left. Now it is a snake and then became a crocodile. It is struggling to come out, towards the east, between the metals of the armored vehicle. Ugly reptilians. The tank fall and crashed to the ground over the cliff. On the crash site, I see groups of beings, transformation of the reptilians? They are dressed like humans, look like humans, have human size and features but they are agents in civilian cloth. They are up to something. Some tens in number, they look strangers and puzzled to where they are and plotting secretly as to what their next move is. The fallen, deceptively as human beings.

Then the vision ended.

Literally, the heavens and the ground are shaken. The clouds are shaken, the Earth is shaken, the people are shaken, the reptilians are shaken, everything is shaken. The reptilians are the fallen angels. Old as old time reptilians, the army of the devil.
The yellow light, bright as the sun, I thought I know. What is it? The understanding is, that strange, mysterious destroyer.
The object hurled down to Earth looks like it is that Meteor of destruction.

B. Ghost like, Iron Red and Dark Meteor
(Revelation of September 1, 2021 5:AM)
As you remember in many of my testimonies, I mentioned about spiritual attacks, ceaseless sever attacks. In that moment at 5:00AM I saw a clear vision.

It is not far like the sun, not far like the moon, it is close. I can’t give a measure of a distance but close enough. I saw clearly a very frightening ghostly, demonic evil looking meteor. It is partly red hot, Iron hot and dark like coal dark meteor. It is big, roundish, very frightening. I see the whole body of this iron red, coal dark meteor close, very close. I see it like a stone going to land on ones head. I didn’t see the tail, flaming train but the meteor as a big stone. This meteor has a very dreadful look like some one jumps out of the dark like a ghost.
It is coming! It is around! very close!

God’s Clock for the time of the Shaking.
The Meteor Impact, th Global shaking and the fight in Israel(near the fence)

In this vision, I saw a meteor impact on the region of the Caribbean in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I saw the land break in blocks and pieces. I saw the landmass break into landslide and moving with speed. This vision completes the missing part. The vision of the inbound meteor, the impact, the tsunami, the quake and the boundary of the inland progress of the tsunami are now clear. All were posted here on this site in time.

We all know about the meteor, many had detailed revelations, more than enough have been said, this is about the time. No need to be distracted, a warning to stay ready, a wake up call for all. It is much clear that the impact of this meteor and the devastation it brings is global.

Immediately following this dream, I saw a very intense scuffle between authorities in Israel and a foreign evil element, near a fence. One of the strongest, no need for the name, nocked this foreign evil element and others helping him, all three four of them over this enemy who is nocked on the ground, It was a very furious tackling, scuffle and fighting. From the news, we are all aware of the development of tension between Israel and Iran.

The time of the shaking and the war in the middle east are close, everlaping events, timewise.

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Repent, Repent, Repent!!!


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