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The Departure!

January 28, 2024 8:33 PM

January 28, 2024

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17(KJV)
16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

It is so real. It doesn’t look it is a vision or a dream. Very real. With all the capacity I am given, I feel expressing what the departure looks like.
It is time. The time is near and the time is now. Many times, the Lord has given me repeated words saying “IT IS TIME”. For us, it is time feel today or tomorrow. In truth, it means, it is close and it is approaching and for sure it is “Now”.
We waited, waited, waited and waited for this long. This is what we are all hoping for. As to me, I am left with nothing on this earth. My hope and My only hope is this highly expected miraculous event of all times. Like many of us, I have no question and no doubt about the truth of this blessed day of the departure. This is our hope and we have to be ready, watch and wait diligently.
We have a deadly enemy who want to steal this blessed promise and hope from us in all his capacity. Deception, distraction, seeding anger and hatred through trails and tribulation, snare, torment and everything possible even threat and death.
Once we miss the ride, it is over. The next will be the inevitable seven years of tribulation. Many will fall taking the mark. Many will die. Few will make it to the end to be redeemed after going through untold, unheard of trails, tribulation, hardship and struggle. This message by itself is a warning for all, specifically the deceived and the distracted, not to miss this greatest event of departure. Every one with true faith, repentance and righteousness is granted by grace to be part of the blessed event. Wash your garments clean means stay away from sin.
Starting from My childhood, I see events which are going to happen the next day, after few days and few years later. I didn’t realize the Lord was preparing me. I trust the Lord and I am fully convinced that this event will happen, not later but very soon.
Since many of what I am give are posted here in this website, I want to make it short and to the point.
Before we are part of the “Forever,” the faithful will go through an events much spoken, much written and very much anticipated, the event which defies gravity, space and time. This magnificent event of the century will warp time and space. The reality we know and the laws governing this natural world will be suspended for a split of a second.
We are told that no one knows the time but we, the children of the most high are not in the darkness. Unlike the hypocrites but like the children of Issachar, we see, understand, discern and read the times. After the Great Global Shaking, which can happen any time now, all events after that are pointing and heralding the fast approaching big event of the departure. Behold, even time itself is facilitated.
In this message, no date is included for all the messages were posted here on time.

I. The Promises kept.

1. The Rainbow
I am given a vision of walking under the rainbow. From the mouth of the Lord, I heard “This is for you to walk through.” The rainbow is the promise for all. This is not for one person, this is for all the faithful to walk through.

2. One Leg of a Rainbow in my room
In a wonderful visions, I saw one leg of a rainbow extending inside my bedroom, a reminder that the Lord keeps His promises. As I am told, the Lord saying “I AM Faithful”. The Lord indeed keeps His promises and the Lord keeps His words.

3. The Perfect words of the Lord.
Repeating what I am given, the word you very well know, if I leave it out, I will not be doing good
service for all. These word of the Lord are very much refined, a perfect hope and food for the soul.
The Lord says:-
“In the Moment they least expect
We Depart!”
This is a wakeup call to watch and wait for the moment is a moment no one knows but it is so close.

4. Perfect and surprising word of the Lord.
These words show the perfect love the Lord has for his children. This is what I am given:-
“They will never see you again!” “You” means “You” who is reading this message and all the righteous children, the departing, all of us who have been patiently waiting, enduring the pain, the sufferings and the hatred we all have been going through all this long.

II. The Invitation.
Upstairs, in the second floor, I see a table set, the table of the wedding Supper of the Lamb. I see a beautiful angelic lady dressed with white dress and an apron as a receptionist. This beautiful lady extended her hand and handed me an envelope, the invitation for the wedding ceremony. Upstairs is the heavenly.
Surprisingly, after receiving the invitation, one evil entity waited to steal it from me. The message is watch, protect and guard your soul for the thief is watching and waiting to snatch the crown of life out of our hand.

III. The Departure.
1. Jesus left as He came.
High up in the sky, I see Jesus with the heavenly hosts descend with Power and Glory on the clouds like a pointed triangle. In no time, Jesus with the heavenly hosts left as He came. There was not time in between, that fast, it is faster than the bling of an eye. Since the event is so swift, I didn’t get time to see the redeemed ascending but they met the Lord in the clouds. The whole event, formed like the star of David, The coming-Triangle down, the departure-Triangle Up.

2. In the blink of an eye.
I am standing on the pavement by the side of the house I use to live few years earlier. The window of the house is tainted and people inside can see the event outside. I am seeing myself at a distance of few meters. In no time, I am lifted off “Shuup!”. I didn’t have time to blink my eyes, my eyes are left stuck on the ground I was standing. I am watching this swift event as an observer at the same time I am the one shooting in to the heavens above. I heard my sister from inside the house, mentioning my same, say “He is gone!” How wonderful. It is faster than the blink of an eye. Hallelujah!
Before or after this event, I don’t remember, I have heard the Lord say “I will take you from right where you are standing,” that same spot.
Isn’t the Lord good? Perfectly good.

3. Up through the roof.
It is winter time. I see through the door, thin flickers of snow dropping from the sky. The snow has covered the house utilities left outside. I have no idea what it means. Outside in the small compound, I see a vision of a dark cloud like object moving fast in front of me from right to left. In that instant, I ascended through the roof high up to the sky “Shuup!” I shouted in joy saying Hallelujah as I ascend up to the heavens above. Joy comes for those who wait. This is worth waiting for.

4. The Greatest event of the whole world.
This is a long miraculous event. It covers many event around the departure.

First I see people dressed in white, inside a triangle. The triangle is pointed high up to the sky. It is an open vision. Next, the people started ascending up in to an opening, a golden heavenly portal in the sky. They ascended up. One of them is a familiar face I see always when I singer along Hallelujah.

The is a small wonderful part of the vision!
After they ascended up, I was wondering on the wonderful happening. Then, I see a circular rainbow. I am seeing the Lord surrounded by the moving rainbow around the portal. The multitudes dresses with bright white dress are gone up and I see the Lord and the rainbow around Him. The people have entered the deep heaven in to the open portal. I see the multitudes with white dress walking in front of the Lord. His right hand is extending forward leading them in. They are walking like pigeons in front of a big person in a green grassy field. This walk of the little children of the Lord is so clear and beautiful.

When I thought it is over, to the right, I see two three beings in the same, high up deep heaven stretching their hands up in victory. One of them is an Elder with a long, light golden sash on his right shoulder, his left shoulder and small part of his left arm exposed, like old time dress. This is our heavenly Father Receiving, Welcoming the redeemed. I am watching multiple events at the same time. I knew later that our heavenly Father was receiving the redeemed. The inside of the open heavenly portal is deep, very wide, clear sky and our Father is standing to the right in a little higher ground.
I see few others and at the end, a young girl dressed in white looking good is lifted up by two arms.

Then, I see a person sitting in an office with his head down in deep sadness and another one dresses with light yellow garment and darker jacket running to catch up with the departed after the event is over. These are the left behind on earth. You don’t want to be one of these. Have Faith, Repent, never sin and be ready.

After the ascent is completed, I see two clean hand of the Lord appear around the world still high up. The two hand of the Lord are released. In place of the clean hands of the Lord around the world, I am seeing the world come foreword like given up to, still high up in the same area the people ascended. When the hands of the Lord are released, there came the fingers of big hideous left hand and long fingers over the dark world almost catching the world in place of the protective bright hands of the Lord, like a hand catches a ball. The world is passed to the evil entity. I saw this closer and cleanly. The darkness and the hideous evil hand lasted for a while, something happened in the darkness, I don’t see what, no details.(Time of tribulation)
A little while later, I see the world clean white with bright light around it. Clean! There is no darkness and more brighter (The Lord took over-for the one thousand years reign of the Lord).

IV. Around the Reception Table.
Next to the departure is the reception for the wedding supper of the Lamb. I see myself with two other loved ones(Identity kept) around the reception table. They are sitting, I am standing. This event is the wedding supper of the Lamb. I am holding stacks of champagne glasses with my left hand. The glasses extend to the left, stacked one over the other as if all are floating freely on the air, except the one at the bottom I am holding. This is not natural, it defies gravity.

You are all invited for this wonderful, splendid Wedding Supper of the Lam The Lord told me saying “Invite Them All”, as instructed I am extending the invitation for all.
Wash Your Garments clean and spotless.
Be Ready for the Departure is Here!
The End! FEBRUARY 14, 2022 3:11 PM MCKANA



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