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The Death of America and The Second Coming of Jesus Christ!!! – Ken Bailey

The Death of America and The Second Coming of Jesus Christ!!!

May 30, 2021
Ken Bailey

Yesterday morning, God took me into the most incredible vision He has ever given me! The Lord told me that He has judged America, for her national sin of abortion and many other sins. He said that America, in the very near future, will no longer exist as a nation!!!

I love America and so this made me very sad. However, I must tell the vision as the Lord gave it to me.

In this video, God also shows me the beginning of the Gog / Magog war and I saw a great deal of the Tribulation. There was a famine, and there were nuclear bombs and missiles being used by nations.

The most amazing time, in the vision, was when Almighty God let me see the Second Coming of Christ! I was taken, in the Spirit, up into the sky and I saw the clouds roll back and part, and Jesus came riding down to the earth on a magnificent, white horse. Yes, I was allowed to see Jesus! He was in all His glory and He led His bride, who were also on white horses, back to the earth, to end the Tribulation and start His millennial reign.

The vision lasted over two hours and I was totally awake the entire time. I saw so much, that I can only summarize it, in this video, or the video would be very long.

Here are some other things that I saw, that I did not put in the video: During the tribulation, I saw churches were set on fire and steeples and crosses were knocked off rooftops. Bibles and christian books were burned. People were celebrating this destruction in the streets!

As the battle of Armegeddon ended, I was full of joy when Jesus went to Jerusalem and stayed on the earth! Praise God!!!

To everyone in the world, the Lord warns you: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”
Repent of your sins and cry out to God to save you before it is too late!!!

Friends, I am nothing! The Lord has simply asked me to be a prophetic voice for Him and share the messages and visions that He gives me. I pray that His words and vision bless you and that you serve the Lord now, before the church is raptured.

All Glory to God the Father and our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ!!!

Love and serve each other, in these difficult times!!! I love you all!!!

Your brother and servant of Jesus Christ

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As the Holy Spirit leads you, share this vision with your family, friends and others.

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Auto Generated Transcript

my name is ken bailey the lord gave me a
vision this morning
and has asked me to share it with you
and i’m going to the vision started out
with a scripture
and it was matthew 4 4 man shall not
live by bread alone but by every word
that proceeds
from the mouth of god and the reason the
chose that scripture to use with this
vision was to let you know the people of
and the nations of the world to know
that all
prophecy written in the word of god
is going to come to pass that hasn’t
taken place yet
all end time prophecy is going to take
and the lord is speaking a word uh to
today through this vision for me to give
to you
the vision started out after the verse
with with me seeing
two tiny little babies feet
and the baby was laying on a counter and
it was covered with a sheet or a white
and only the feet were sticking out then
i suddenly i saw inside a woman’s womb
and i saw a fetus inside there growing
inside a woman’s body
and it was so beautiful but but it was
so vulnerable
would would it would it be allowed to
live would the woman choose life for it
or not
suddenly i saw men and women in white
in a lab they were working in a lab and
they had their instruments
and there were stainless steel counters
there with these babies lying on them
on top of them and i was told that
the scientists were going to do
experiments on the babies
and i was sad suddenly i was taken out
of the lab
and i was shown a barren piece of ground
nothing was growing
there was no grass there was no trees
there was a single flagpole
it was almost like i was out in the
desert in arizona or somewhere
no life at all there was one single
i looked at the top of the flagpole and
there was the american flag
at the top of the flagpole but it was
being lowered
it was coming down to the ground being
slowly lowered down the flagpole
it was taken off and thrown onto the
and set on fire and i was told
america has now come under judgment
and america has been judged and it no
exists america
now ceases to exist and i was so sad
then suddenly i saw two men raising a
and they raised it up on that single
flagpole out in the desert
no life and it was a red flag and i was
told it was the chinese communist party
and i saw two chinese men raising it and
the gold
colors and stars on the flag and i was
so sad
but suddenly i left the flagpole and i
shown that war was going on all over the
i saw jets in the air
and they were dropping their bombs
nuclear bombs
bombing everywhere shooting missiles the
skies were full of jets
i saw an aircraft carriers and jets were
taking off with their missiles
from the aircraft carriers and jets were
landing to get refueled and
more missiles put back on them i saw
battleships of different armies and
navies and they were shooting their big
guns and
launching their artillery everywhere
and it was terrifying suddenly i looked
and i i was on
on land and i saw marching in front of
on an army of robots
these were robotic soldiers marching
battle huge number of them i couldn’t
count them all
robots going to battle then suddenly i
looked up in the air and i saw a swarm
of what looked like birds and they were
moving in the air
together but suddenly they got closer
and i saw they were drones
and they they were synced up they were
where they could move together they were
uh military drones going to war with the
soldiers i was seeing missiles flying
suddenly i saw
i saw a bear running on the ground
a a bear like a grizzly bear a giant
running on the ground it was on the
i saw it running on the ground and
suddenly it turned into a tank
and i s and it kept right on going
and it got closer to me and i was
suddenly able to see a face
on the front of attack of a tank it had
either been painted on there
or whatever and it was the face of
vladimir putin
then suddenly i saw putin meeting with
the leader of
turkey and the leader of iran
and those two nations and a couple of
other smaller nations
started uh going and marching in battle
with their
with their men and their uh tanks and
and their missiles
and suddenly i saw an israeli flag
and i was made to know that these that
russia and iran and
and turkey and these other couple of
nations were going to attack
israel war continued everywhere suddenly
i looked on the horizon
and i saw a nuclear bomb
go off on the ground and i there was a
flash of light and i covered my eyes
and i heard the roar then i opened up my
and i saw a mushroom cloud going up into
the atmosphere
and it was terrifying and i knew so many
were gonna die from these nuclear
and bombs that were going off and i was
so sad so scared i saw
suddenly i was out on the sea and i saw
a submarine
and i saw inside the submarine and i saw
the men
in there and and they set
they shot a missile a nuclear missile in
the water
a torpedo if you will and it blew up
there was a nuclear explosion under the
suddenly i looked at the shoreline and
and the ocean started moving
back away from the shore and then it
forward and i saw a giant a massive
tidal wave tsunami
coming towards the shore and i saw
people on the shore
and they were unaware that the they were
playing along the beach and
they were unaware they couldn’t they
didn’t have time to get up to higher
ground or anything
and i watched them be swept into the
and it overcome them and flood and i
watched them drowning in the water
and missiles continued everywhere i saw
missiles going up into space
intercontinental ballistic missiles
nuclear missiles going up
and coming back into the earth’s
atmosphere and landing
and blowing up and ice and suddenly i
was shown a line of people
and they were in line to get food and
they were so sad
there was very little food to eat there
was a famine now
and i saw wealthy people dressed very
nice and i was made to know there were
no there were even well-educated people
and they were standing on
corners and places begging for food
begging for water
no food it was a great famine going on
again war continued everywhere i saw
a president i saw president xi an image
i saw president xi dressed in a military
i saw an image of him and later in the
vision i saw an image
of kim jong-un i saw him
as well war is going on everywhere
i’m i’m in the spirit i never see my
and i’m in the spirit suddenly i’m taken
up above the earth many
miles i’m way up in the atmosphere
and i look up and i see in the distance
giant wall of clouds and suddenly it
splits like a curtain
opening up and out comes a single white
horse with a rider on it
coming right towards me i see the rider
on the horse
and instantly i know who it is it’s
he’s writing down to the earth he’s not
dropping straight down
he’s coming down uh at first i see him
face on and then he turns
and he and he’s riding in front of me
going downward at an
angle like this to the earth i’m up in
the sky and he is going down
and i get to see him and he’s got a gold
crown or
maybe more than one crown on his head
and he’s got this white hair
that’s going down to about his shoulder
area here he’s got a full white beard
his eyes are blood red and i i i’m able
to look in them and i see
flames of fire his brows kind of
furrowed up
as he’s intent on coming down the horse
is fierce
and is is coming down ready for war
ready for battle
i see a sword i see a bit a huge sword
and the lord’s going by and i see him
going right in front of me as he’s going
to the battle i see on the side of his
leg is his left leg as he’s writing down
i see king of kings and lord of lords
written there
he’s got on a white undergarment with a
gold sash
and on over that he’s got a red robe the
color of blood
but it’s not tucked uh or totally
wrapped around him
as he’s going down and riding down the
winds hitting it
and it’s like he has a it’s like the
robe comes up in the back like a cape
uh as it’s coming up in the air as he’s
riding down
and with a fierce look on his face
as he’s going down to battle with the
white horse
i see him going down below me suddenly i
look back up
and there is a multitude of people
and and it just keeps going back and
back as it opens up
and it’s too many to count of people
dressed in white
on top of white horses and they’re
they’re of
many skin colors and and tribes and
too many to count and they started
coming towards me
and coming down to the earth also after
the lord
but the lord was out front riding solo
on his brilliant white horse as he was
down to the earth and that brought me
great joy this was the highlight of the
vision for
me to see jesus coming down to the earth
and i knew what he was doing he was
coming down now
i saw i looked back down and i saw
armies massing
from from around the world and they were
towards israel and and towards
jerusalem to make war with jesus
and looking down i saw them it was
to see this scene and suddenly
all i saw was like a red lake
this vast area even here where i’m
standing today
to make this video at this lake the lake
was blood red
i’m still up in the sky looking down on
the earth
and i see this massive lake and it’s a
lake of blood
red in color suddenly i look up and
there’s vultures in the sky
and there’s the sky the sky is full of
and i re and i look back down and the
is starting to recede from the lake
and you can start to see gra ground and
uh crusty lake ground that was drying up
from the blood
and bodies and carcasses were being
and the birds were coming to feed on
them and i
this the i can’t even begin to describe
to you how big
the lake was and what i saw then i
i then i was told that jesus
had gone to jerusalem to set up his
and that the millennium was coming
so i was full of joy knowing now that
jesus was back on the earth
and that he was going to reign and we
were going to be with him
forever and ever and i was so excited
about that
friends i pray that this vision blessed
you that the lord gave me today
again no credit to me all glory to the
lord he gave me the vision
the vision lasted over two hours i’m
just giving you a brief
summary of the vision the lord is coming
that’s what he wants you to know repent
for the kingdom of heaven is at
hand i’m i’m now even seeing the
and the second coming of christ so how
can the rapture be and the beginning of
the tribulation
if now the lord’s showing us
that this even the visions of the
tribulation in the second coming
god bless you all


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