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September 27, 2021 7:41 PM

Message Delivered On September 26th 2021

Scriptural Verse lsaiah 59:1-2

" Behold, The LORD'S Hand Is Not Too Short
That lt Cannot Save;
Nor Is His Ear So Dull That lt Cannot Hear.
But Your lniquities(Sins) Have Made 
A Separation Between You And Your God.

And Because Of Your Sins
He Has Hidden His Face From You
So That He Does Not Hear."

On Shabbat 25th At Mid Day

The Spirit Of The LORD
Came Calling…

I Was On My Knees Praying
Recalling The Heavenly Father’s Grandeur Of His Greatness,
During Creation And Giving Glory To Him,

Our Father,
Ha.G’dulah B.M’ro.mim (The Greatest On High)

For His Infinity Wisdom During Creation.

Then The LORD Spoke,

The LORD ln The Voice Of His Splendor
Spoke Saying:-

Read Isaiah 59

At First I Thought He Said Read Psalm 59

But He Repeated

Read lsaiah 59

I Got Up From My Knees
Sat Down To Read Isaiah 59


But A Verse Was Pointed Out
And Read To Me.
From Isaiah 59:12-13

It Proclaims Thus:-

“For Our Transgressions
Are Multiplied Before You (O’LORD),
And Our Sins Piled Up Against Us;
For Our Transgressions Are With Us;

…And We Know Our Transgressions Are With Us And We Know Our Iniquities.

Transgressing And Denying The LORD
And Turning Away From The Living God
Speaking Oppression And Revolt,
Conceiving ln Uttering From The Heart
Lying Words”


A Scene From
The Coming Dreadful Judgement
Was Shown>>

The Scene Shown Was Like A Prelude—-

Somewhere On Earth,
There Was A Super Virus Ravaging A Town
The Birds Were Falling Down Dying
The Animal’s Too Were Dying,
Then The People In The Town,
Were Feeling Sick, Very Sick,
Some Were Dying Also.

As Time Goes Time By,
The Virus, The Super Virus,
Began To Spread From Countries To Countries.


Another Verse In Isaiah 59:8 Was Read To Me,
It Proclaims Thus:-

“Their Feet Run To Do Evil
And They Rush To Commit Murder And Abortion.

They Think Only About Sinning
Misery And Destruction Always Follow Them.

They Have Made Their Paths Crooked,

They Do Not Know Where To Find Peace
Or What It Means To Be Just And Good”


And Another Scene Was Shown From The Coming Dreadful Judgement.

…. As The Numbers Of Infected Towns, Of The Nations Increases,

Nations Began To Shut Down.

Government Of Nations Order Their Citizens
To Get Food Supplies And Stay In Their Houses.
Panic Ensues,
Law And Order Broke Down,
There Was Panic Everywhere.

Groceries Trucks Were Being Hijacked
Food Chains Broke,
Stores Were Being Looted.

Chaotic, Mayhem Follows
People behaving Like Animals.


Another Verse From Isaiah 59:10 Was Read To Me.
It Proclaims Thus:-

” We Grope Along The Wall
Like Blind Men,

We Grope Like Those Who Have No Eyes;

Even ln Midday (Brightest Noontime)
We Stumble As Though lt Were Dark.

Among The Vigorous We Were Like Dead Men”


<< Another Scene From The Coming Dreadful Judgement Was Shown



When Government Of Nations
At First Ordered All Their Citizens To Stay
Inside Their Houses,

Many People Complied.

As Days Turns To Weeks,

Some People ln DEFIANCE

In Many Nations Like United States Of America, The Scandinavian Countries,

People Ventured Out Of Their Houses,

They Wore Gas Masks,
They Also Wrapped Around Their Faces Towels For Exta Proctection.
Some Of Them Carrying Guns To Keep The Death Angel Away.
( ln Accordance To Their Thinking).

They Came Out To Get Food, Beers, Cigarettes Or Marijuana.

But All The Stores At This Time Were Closed And Shuttered.

As They Roam The Streets,

They Inhale The Super Virus In Air.

Some Of Them Were Coughing Holding On To Chest.

Others Were Gasping For Air,

They Became Unstable On Their Feet,
Some Fell To The Ground,
ln Agonizing Pain,
But Some Muster Up Their Energy.
They Got Back Up Unsteadily On Their Feet.

Drifting To The Left, Then Drifting To The Right

Coughing, They Lumbers Forward.

But To Fall Down Again.

Some Got Up,

Drifting To The Left,
Then Unsteadily On Their Feet Drifting To The Right,
As lf They Have Been Gassed.
( In A Crazy Like Walk).

To Fall Again.

Many Were Dead, But Many Lies On The Ground
Still Coughing.( Unhealthy Cough)

Streets Were Litter With Dead.

It Was Like A Scene From The End Time


A Verse Was Again Read To Me From
Isaiah 59:18
It Proclaims Thus:-

The LORD Said ln The Verse:-

“According To Their Deeds,

So l Will Repay

Wrath, To His Enemies For Their Evil Deeds.

His Fury Will Fall On His Foes,

To The Coastlands He Will Make Recompense.

He Will Pay Them Back To The End Of The Earth





As The People Hurdled ln Their Houses

Fear Was Every Where,

To The Unrepentant
Every Little Sound Outside,
Sends Waves Of Fear Into Them,
Behind Thier Bolted, Locked Doors.

Looking Through Their Shuttered Windows
They Saw Death Littered The Streets.

But ln Many Houses,

The Awakened And Repentant Hearts Were Ready For Days As These,

They Already Have Food Supplies.

Some In Their Houses Were Praising The Living God,

While Some Were Singing Psalm Songs.

Some Families Held Services
In Honor Of The LORD.

For Each Day That They Were Locked Up ln Their Houses.
They Do Things To Glorify And Honor The LORD,
To Him Who Loves Them.

Outside, The Death Angel
After He Has Finished With The Defiant,
–Those Who Came Out Their Houses
In Violation Of The Stay In Order.

He Then Turned His Attention To Those “Holed Up”
In Their Houses
He Goes From House.
To The House Of The Unrepentant
Terrorizing Them.
He Does Not Kill Them All.
But Kills Only
One Or Two ln Their Houses.

In The Houses Of The Repentant
He Bypass Their Houses (Passover).
The Angels Of The LORD
Was Watching Over The Repentant,

The Name Of The LORD
At Their Doors
Repel The Death Angel



There Was A Memorable Moment That Touches My Heart.

There Was Little Baby That Came Out A House
In The Midst Of Ravaging Super Virus,
How The Baby Got Out Of The House
I Do Not Know,

The Baby Parents Must Have Been Dead
In The House.

The Baby With The Diaper
Was Not Steady On lts Feet.

The Baby Labored Hard To Climb Down
Two Little Stairs Step Outside The House,
Once ln The Front Yard,
The Baby Took Some Baby Steps.

But Fell On The His Hind Back.

Sat For A While,
Then Try And Got Up Again.
Using His Two Hands On The Ground To Push
Himself Up.

The Baby Began Walking Unsteadily
Makes A Right Turn,
On The Side Walk
Walk A Little Distance
Fell Back Down.

He Sat There For Long A While,
Then Try Again
With Both Hands Pushing Himself Back Up
On To His Feet.

Still On The Side Walk,
He Walked Past Two Houses

Was About To Walk Past The Third House
The Baby Fell Back Down
Sat For A While Once Again.


Got Up Once Again,
Turn lnto Yard Of The Third House
And Walk Straight To The Door
Then Again Fell Back Down Again.

Then The Baby Began
To Cry,

People In That House
Were Sing And Praising

When They Heard A Baby Crying Outside.
They Were Hesitant
To Open The Door
Because Of The Death Virus Outside,
And Death Angel.

But The Baby Crying Became Louder,

They Peeped Through Their Door Peeping

They Unfastened The Door
It Took A While
Because Most Of The Houses
Are Securely Locked.

One Toddler Came Out
Look To The Left And To The Right
For The Baby Parents.

Seeing No One
Picked The Baby Up,
And Carried The Baby lnto House.
Gave The Baby A Bath.

Changed The Baby Cloth
And Gave The Baby Food.

The Super Virus
Never Sicken The Baby.

In The Midst Of Death
Our Glorious Heavenly Father
Still Does Wonders.

In The Midst Of Sin And Death
Our LORD, The Author Of Life
Still Cares, For His Own
And To Those Who REPENTED.

His Spirit Still Hovers Over
His Children, His Beloved.
The Living God Loves Us All.

But It Was Our Sins, Our Sins
That Brought Separation Between
Our Long Suffering LORD And Us.
He Came Down, To Suffered And Died For Us
To Untied Us From Our Sins.

In Many lnstances,
King Yeshua/Jesus Could Be Seen
Shedding Tears Over His Straying Children.
The Kindest Of Heart
Has Felt Most Pain.

If Only The Children Would REPENT
And Live ln Righteousness

It Does Not Have To Be This Way.

The Kindest Of Heart
King Yeshua/Jesus HAMASHIACH
Is Still Feeling The Most Pain.





Even Sin Itself Laughs Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!




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