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February 1, 2022 2:26 AM


Dear fellow Christians. I had a short dream a few weeks ago about the coming civil unrest/civil war. In this dream I was starting a hike with my spouse and her girlfriends on property that my spouse and I own in a northern state. The property is former farm land that is now heavily forested, as are the surrounding properties. Our property and the surrounding properties have a population of bears, mountain lions, coyotes, some strange trespassing humans at times, etc. I normally carry a fairly powerful firearm (s) with me when I hike through this forested land for self-defense.

On this occasion in this dream my spouse had a couple of her girlfriends over to visit and hike with us. In this dream my spouse had asked me to not carry any firearms that would be visible to her girlfriends as she did not wish to have them become fearful for any reason that would prevent them from taking this hike with her and I. About five minutes into this hike we all heard machine gun fire down on the dirt road that our property is located off of. My spouse and her girlfriends literally froze in place as they heard this machine gun fire. This gun fire was not from a formal military operation of any kind as it was limited in scope, and was being directed somewhat randomly at the other homes off of this dirt road. It sounded like people yelling at each other in between shots being fired. I could tell that the person or person(s) firing automatic weapons were moving as they were discharging their firearms.

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This event was taking place in this dream during the warmer months as there was no snow on the ground and we were all wearing relatively light clothing. My spouse asked me what I was going to do to protect everyone. The first thing I did was complain that she had made certain that I was not properly armed to do anything at all to deal with the threat we were all hearing, and facing. I then informed her that I was heading back to the house to check on our dogs and obtain a rifle or shotgun, and ammunition. I asked her and her friends to come with me along the tree line to the house, but they all refused out of the great fear they were feeling, and at the same time they did not want me to leave them alone in the forest.

These women in this dream simply could not make up their own minds about what actually had to be done in order to deal with the serious threat we were being faced with. My own spouse made it clear that under the present circumstances she didn’t care about our dogs, all she cared about was her own personal safety. The dream ended as I informed these women to head further into the forest for now until I was able to retrieve a useful firearm and ammunition and other survival type items, get our dogs and head back into the forest to guide them deeper into the forest.
It is important to note that my spouse is also a person that in real life has been complaining about the fact that I have been making an effort to prepare for the coming difficult times ahead by stocking extra food, and other supplies in our home. She has complained about how we have food in the house which is “getting old” and taking up space, and we are not eating it. She has also complained about the fact that I keep talking about how bad things are likely to get, and yet nothing really bad has happened that affects the entire country. She has been displeased with my efforts to prepare for the coming food shortages, civil war, WW3, etc. She feels I have been over reacting to current events. Yet, when something serious did happen in this dream she was unable to make basic logical decisions (she is the same in real life), and her safety and that of her friends became my problem alone. Furthermore, in this dream she was not at all concerned about the safety of our dogs, which we normally treat as though they were our human children.

My interpretation of this short and simple dream is that:

1) Most people that are preparing for the coming End Times have been to one extent or another subjected to ridicule by family, friends, co-workers, etc., much like Noah was subjected to ridicule for approximately 100 years before the Great Flood while he was building the Ark.

2) When things do start to become overtly dangerous and scary to most unprepared people, these same people that were quick to ridicule Christian and other non-Christian “preppers” will be expecting those of us that have been doing what we can with what we have for limited resources to take care of them and solve all their problems. This mindset of the unprepared is what will lead to roaming bands of desperate people looking for food, water, shelter, etc. These same roaming bands of desperate people will in short time begin to simply resort to serious violence, including rape and pillage of their fellow citizens that had made the effort to be as prepared as they could with what little they have for these End Time events.

3) True Christian believers will eventually find themselves at odds with family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. True Christian believers that made an effort to prepare will become the target of the unprepared.

4) Too many people claiming to be true Christians continue to believe in the false Pre-Tribulation rapture or some variation of this false PreTribulation rapture. When the great evil destined to come upon the earth very soon begins to unfold to the extent that no one will be able to deny these things are happening, most Pre-Trib believers will be in a state of shock, and be unable to deal with the evil events that will happen in rapid succession. These same people will be expecting someone else to take care of them. Everyone that claims to be a Christian needs to do a better job of reading the Word of God instead of relying on someone else to read it and interpret it for them. There is only one Rapture. This Rapture occurs upon the one and only Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are not multiple raptures, and there are no “left behind” Christians. Jesus Christ returns only once, and that is when the ONLY Rapture of Christians occurs. The Day of The Lord (wrath) occurs after the second and final coming of Jesus Christ where he punishes the evil unbelievers in a fairly short period of time. Please read Matthew 24, II Thessalonians, etc. No one is “left behind” during multiple raptures. We are all here for the full seven years of the Tribulation, unless we die for our belief in Jesus Christ before the one true Rapture.

See Revelation 6:9, and
2 Peter 3:10
search=rev+6%3A9&version=KJV search=2+peter+3%3A10&version=KJV

We Christians are the Biblical “Elect” in the New Testament. See Romans 8:31-33

Matthew 24:22 states:
“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

Please note that Matthew 24 does not apply to the “Jews”. The Apostles of Christ were actually Christians by the time they asked Jesus Christ about the End Times.

Get prepared now, and begin to prepare yourselves for the possibility that you may end-up separated, for your own good, from family and friends that were not expecting to be here for the seven year Great Tribulation. You cannot take the Mark of The Beast and ever expect to make it to Heaven.

See Revelation 14:9-11:

If you remain in the presence of unbelievers during The Great Tribulation you may find yourself taking the Mark of The Beast, and then losing your salvation for all of Eternity.


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