By Revelation From The Holy Spirit on
June 14, 2013
Given To: Prophetess Bette L. Stevens:
Victorious Vision Ministries, International:
Transcribed By: Apostle Patrick A. Kirk:
Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches, International:
Date Of Transcription: July 23, 2013


Page 1.
“This day,” says The LORD, I see great disaster and calamity ….. I have waited and have shown
mercy, time after time after time! I warn, time after time after time! I have delayed My Righteous
Judgments, time after time after time- REPEATEDL Y!!!
Now in the EARLY days when America was founded by what you call “THE FOREFATHERS“,
That this Nation was built on Christian values and Principles, that this is a great Nation, you once
called unto Me. I once mattered to you; and like a “Good Father”, I blessed you over and over
When you struggled and you had almost nothing, you would go into the deep corners and pray for
America as a Nation; you’d pray for your Family; you‘d pray for your children! I was what
mattered to you then! But, even in the early days of the inception and formation of America, the
Great, you call her: Yet, her greatness was NOT possible WITHOUT ME, says The LORD! There
was a hint of evil from the beginning ….. And the Forefathers thought they were so great!
Down through the many generations, I closely WATCHED you turn away from Me! I watched
As it became just a ritual to go to Church, like something you “squeezed in” because you had to!”
I watched how America as a Nation grew and grew; and how each person came into the US
Office, although some NOT by My Hand!!! I let you go; and My Heart was deeply troubled:
And yet, My Son- Jesus Christ – would sit by My Right–Hand Side to intercede in your behalf!
I watched as you ENSLAVED BLACK AFRICANS into FORCED SLAVE LABOR, because you”
SPIRAL OF AMERICA”! – Continued .
“You, yourself, were addicted to greed; financial gain; and filthy lucre – ALL motivated by
Selfishness! I watched, and you KNOW I always knew each heart, even as I counted each and
every hair upon every head! You are special; and I am concerned, even now, because I love you so
very much! It is why My Holy Book- The Holy Bible- was written for you-so that you would have
the answers that you sorely needed!
I gave you special hidden messages so you would seek Me and so that there would be no secrets
between us; but, as the days passed, there were many more things to occupy your time; energy;
And heart – things like: Jobs; Family Vacations; Television; Internet; Cell Phones; NotePads;
Sports of all kinds; and other things that you now have at your disposal! ALL of these things
Became MORE IMPORT ANT to you: it became “your way of life” as you pursued the “ways of
this present world”! I was left behind; and the Love Story Of My Holy Word became just another
book to lay in a corner of the shelf and become dusty!
During the course of the ensuing years, I watched many things occur! I know everything; and
watch closely the events that took shape ….. 1 saw wars ….. 1 saw blood shed ….. 1 saw even back then
so many years ago people of all walks of life would pray for My Will to be done: many would
repent; and so many called upon Me; and they loved Me so much! I wanted to give the people so
much and to tell them My Heart ….. But it was NOT to be!
There have been so many changes; and slowly I have been IILOCKED OUT OF
EVERYTHING” ….. Today, everyone is so very busy: HURRY: HURRY; SCURRY!!! You hurry;
and you make sure to have time for this and for that; but you do NOT have time for Me, says The
LORD of Hosts: and this has brought us to know and to sound the ALARM of the Coming
Civil War And of the Coming Spiritual Civil War!!! I told you that I would come back
for My True Remnant People! I have warned and have told you
(and have used others to tell you)- that there would be TRIBULATION; wars;
and rumors of wars! But, it is as if you do NOT want to listen to Me; and it
may be too late; unless you turn back to Me and if you fully repent now!
WHAT IS CIVIL WAR?! It is a Reformation, of time when the people decide that they do NOT
like the way things are going within the Government; and the people decide to overthrow The
Government: it is a time when Martial Law can be declared- a time when rationalization is
gone and the ‘~IMS and TYRANNIES” of the “powers that are in public Office do whatever
they see fit, without regard to the interests and the well-being of the average American Citizen!!!
Well, this Land of America is going to see CIVIL WAR now: a BLOOD BATH: MANY, MANY
LIVES WILL BE LOST! The Land will not look the SAME; the people will not be the SAME; and”
“Their hearts have waxed COLD; and this inward sickness and malady has now infiltrated My
Church today, as well!
During this time, many, many Churches; Organizations will lose their 501-3-c Statuses; they will
lose their monies; they will lose their Buildings; and they will lose their Congregations!
There will be great confusion; and the people that are NOT CLOSE TO ME, says The LORD, that
have turned their backs on Me; and have mocked and scoffed, WILL BE THE WORST FOR IT!!!
The WORST of the WORST will come: giants will come upon the Land and devour the Humans!
People will continue to die of multiple diseases (incurable); and FAMINE will be –SO BAD IN
THE LAND, that many will consider and resort to cannibalism!
.And I say to you, Oh, Israel, WHY have you forsaken Me?! You KNOW ME and have known Me:
WHY have you become a PAGAN Nation?! WHO took care of you in the days of old?! WHO is
Presently taking care of you now?! I have closely WATCHED as “Sodom & Gemmorah” have
Been resurrected within Jerusalem with your observance and celebration of GAY PRIDE DAY!!!
I alone will redeem The Land once again; and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail! But, many of
you have tried to divide The Land in your attempts of negotiation with other Nations, using
My Land that I have given as a “bargaining tool”; and I will NOT allow that!!!
I will devour those in disobedience and rebellion against My Command that The Land be
forever in the hands of Israel!!! I am again coming to The Land and am returning to My
Rightful Place! I will stand upon T4e Holy.Mountain with My True Remnant Bride; and ALL
will bow their knee before Me and shall declare out of their own mouths that I am KING of
kings and LORD of lords forevermore!!! THERE IS NO OTHER! I bring Nations UP; and I bring
Nations DOWN! Neither people; nor Government; nor any spirits will ever come close to My
Holy Power and Authority, for I am The LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH; and when I ROAR
over My True Remnant People, you will know it!!! I will return soon as KING and as JUDGE with
My Two-Edged Sword, being already fully drawn! I will rise up; and will hear your prayers;
Then, I will set MySelf upon My Place of Glory; and therein shall My Remnant Bride wait for
Every Nation in the world will know Who I am and will NOT mock Me nor The Messengers
whom I send ever again ….. For I have and will send great devastation upon every piece of Land! I
will change the hearts of men, only IF they seek Me and fall down and fully repent! I am the One
And Only God Almighty, Who is holy; righteous; and ever faithful: and, I come for My Kingdom
Bride, who has a spotless garment; pure in color; blameless (having fully repented), who is always
humble; neither thinking of oneself, but always looking to the interests of others first!
” Israel, you will need to repent for you and America are like SISTERS! You once knew Me; then
you became enumerated amongst the Nations of this present world, that you soon turned your
back on Me! The WORLD cannot save you; the prophets cannot save you; your WORKS cannot
save you! ONLY your returning to Me in full repentance with Me as your FIRST LOVE! And you
must remain TRUE to Me!
Behold! I sound THE SHOFAR and announce The Coming Holy Spiritual War ….. I am making it
known this day that My Two-Edged Sword has been drawn; and those UNREPENTANT souls;
and those demons that have come forth to make war with Me will I devour with My Truth and
with The Sword Of Life! Noone will win if they try to come against Me ..… The Battle and The
Holy Weapons are Mine; and the Sword of Truth has been fully drawn! The Chariots await for
My Holy Word, for I do NOT fight in the flesh; but, the heavenlies OPEN; and I will spew out My
Holy, Righteous Judgments and My Wrath upon an UN REPENT ANT world! And, now, you will
see BLOOD SHED of some of the people; of the innocent and of the not so innocent! I have
multitudes of holy angels: cherubims; serphims; and Arch Defenders! That battle in the
Heavenlies, is as the FIRE, that I can send down from Heaven, because I am an All-Consuming
Holy FIRE! I will smite The Nations; and those who would oppose Me, including those who are
dormant, and caught up in this present world! My Holy Civil War will be fought in both in the
NATURAL Realm and in the Spiritual realm!!! I proclaim VICTORY now just as it will be at
ARMEGGEDON!!! This Eternal, Holy Three-In-One-Almighty God will NEVER be shaken; and
HE shall NEVER lose any Battle and has previously NEVER lost any Battle !!!
So, therefore, you see that your “so-called war” will be done under false pretenses, because, like
many of you, you are like a wolf: you smell the blood; then you go after your kill; and you do not
stop and think- you just do it, because you are filled with anger; malice; bitterness; and have a
Murdering spirit! You will not let anything get in your way: you do this in your own man power
and in your own strength of your arm; NOT by My Power; and. you totally disregard the
My Holy War will be done swiftly; justly; and righteously for those who have denied Me; and
have caused others to fall and to stumble; who have chosen the world over Me, says The Lord:
those who have twisted My Word and all of The Books that I gave you: and I will smite thee with
a rod of iron: and many will tumble into the abyss of hell! I will purge this world of evil; and
when THIS HOLY WAR is over, not many will be left standing! But, I have promised a new earth;
and My kingdom will come, as it is done in Heaven, so shall it be on earth!
II My Holy Peace I leave you; and My Peace I give unto you! Guard your heart, for out of the heart
cometh wickedness; but, a PURE HEART will turn away WRATH, says The LORD of Hosts

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