The Channel Tunnel – Lisa B Prayer Warrior

The Channel Tunnel

Lisa B Prayer Warrior

The Holy Spirit brought this vision back to my mind this week, I think I have mentioned it in comments previously, but will post it as I feel pressed to do so.

Vision received – 21 October 2020.

I saw a seaside town on a map, next I saw a logo appear over the town, the logo then moved off the land moving east across the sea on the map.

End of Vision.


I recognised the logo immediately as I lived in the UK for 5 years. It was the British rail logo.

Having lived in Dover for 2 months, I realised that this was the seaside town I had seen and the logo going across the sea represented the Channel Tunnel.

I mentioned the logo in the sea to my son whilst driving to school, he immediately said to me that it was the Channel Tunnel, without me mentioning it.

He reminded me that we had watched a documentary on the Tunnel weeks before and all the issues they faced during the construction.

Whilst my son and I were discussing this further in the car, my daughter sat in the backseat trying to get in on the conversation.

Eventually she raised her voice and told us to keep quiet and listen to the song on the radio, it was a Carole King song and my daughter noticed the lyrics:

I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumblin’ down

I have had other confirmations since this.

So this is a definite warning to my brothers and sisters in Christ in the UK and France. Earthquakes, asteroids and bombs will easily compromise the tunnel.

Please take this to the Lord for further confirmation.

Blessings always

Lisa B.

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