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The ‘Carrington Event’ and the ‘Termination Event’

June 16, 2021 9:31 PM

Sometime last year the Holy Spirit gave me a word on ‘solar flares’ and recently the word ‘cme’s or coronal mass ejections. Solar flares and cme’s are radiation waves from the sun which have the potential to inflict serious damage to our grid. The ‘Carrington Event’ which occurred in 1859 is an example of what these waves of energy can do to our electrical systems. The ‘Termination Event’ shows the serious and very real threat we on earth face today from the sun’s powerful incoming solar flares and cme’s.

An article posted on this site ‘444ProphecyNews.com’ by MCKANA on 6.13.21 titled ‘CME-EMP’ details both of these major events. The following is an excerpt and observation from MrMBB333 in a video titled *SPECIAL REPORT* – “The Termination Event” – This COULD be really BIG! 6.12.21 MrMBB333.

‘One of the things that we do here is monitor the sun – we have for years and follow solar flares and cme’s and things like that. The sun is a big part of our lives and it’s getting ready to go through some changes. (Reference to video) You just saw a large very fast cme leap off of the sun. It wasn’t necessarily a strong solar flare but it was definitely fast. This is from June 9th and 10th (2021) and that thing came off of there believe it or not at a speed equivalent to a Carrington event of 1859.

What I want to talk about is this ‘termination event’ that could become a reality. I believe they are onto something and I believe it’s under way based off of what I’ve been seeing here. I’m just a very long time observer that’s taken notes along the way and I’ve learned a lot over the years. Nobody knows what this thing is really truly capable of doing.

Think about it. This thing has been around much longer than any of us. In ten lifetimes you couldn’t begin to understand the complexity of this star (the sun). You know we haven’t really been monitoring the sun closely that long so we don’t know its full potential. I think based off of what they just said and these guys are solar physicists and the observations that I’m looking at and one of them being right now that solar flare on the upper right hand corner right there and then there’s another one over here on the left hand side…those things came off of the sun like I said at carrington speed. The Carrington event of 1859 was one of the most historic solar events to ever occur that impacted the earth and if that type of event would impact today’s society it could disrupt our power grids and all of those things are a very real possibility. Definitely satellite service would be interrupted and phone service and just our way of life in general you know. So it’s something to pay close attention to so I do believe that this is indeed the case.

They’re talking about this now based off of things that are occurring on the surface of the sun and I’ve seen a lot of very fast I’m talking in the range of 6 to 6.5 million mile per hour solar flare cme’s that are launching off of the sun that could reach the earth in 15 hours. Keep in mind a lot of cme’s take two or three days to reach the earth. Those would have been here and both of those well that one over there would have been here in 15 hours – that’s unprecedented. So once again we might be beginning what’s known as a ‘termination event’ when you have positive and negative energy colliding at the equator. It creates a whole new dynamic with regard to solar output and that could last for a few years so it’s something we need to pay close attention to.’



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