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The Captivity – U B READY

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The Captivity

Aug 24, 2022 at 9:07 PM
U B Ready


Jer. 50:2-3
2  Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon is taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces.
3  For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her, which shall make her land desolate, and none shall dwell therein: they shall remove, they shall depart, both man and beast.

My son, why do people doubt My Word?  I have given My people, My Word as a guide – as a playbook to overcome the trials of this world.  I have told My people what is coming.  I have given examples of other kingdoms and what they did to bring about the judgments.  I have sent My servants to warn and give instruction on how to stop My hand.  Yet, throughout all time after the fall, man’s heart is rebellious and hard.  The people are stiff-necked, never to believe the truth.  Death, destruction and CAPTIVITY are what I allow to bring My people back to Me, for it is all they know.

My son, I do not want any judgments to come, but that is the only way My people will wake up and repent.  The sin of this nation – Mystery Babylon – has exceeded all nations of the world throughout all time.  My judgments will be swift and final.  Many things will occur at the same time, and My people will be caught unaware.

Only My Remnant have heard the warnings, just as it was in times of old.  The Remnant followed My warnings from My prophets and lived.  So it will be now –  My Remnant will not be caught unaware.  They will be filled mightily by My Spirit and lead the captives free!

My son, so much destruction is coming.  Warn My body – if they will listen – that the demons of hell are loosed to destroy this world.  War, famine, CAPTIVITY are what awaits this sin-ridden nation that refuses to repent.  It will all stop with a flash, Then  ALL THAT CAN BE SHAKEN, WILL SHAKE!!  (The Lord showed me the flash of the asteroid hitting the earth – see past word/vision video “Great Ball of Fire” from 6/28/22).

Prepare, you watchmen!  Warn My body!  The time to repent is now!  This word is for My Remnant, My body, My people.  Tell the world to prepare, for the time of judgment is here.
Lord Jesus

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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