The Bride’s Stroll – Merab Olfert

 The Bride’s Stroll

September 5, 2019 6:35:20 PM
Merab Olfert

My eye has recovered 100%. I am so happy. All praise and thanks goes to Yashua, our ever present help in time of need.

Here is another dream that I would like to share with you.

I do not have a certain title for this but this is about the Bride.

Year 2015

This was the year I was in the wilderness experience of my life – physically and spiritually.

In the dream I saw as follows:

Part 1:

I saw a zoomed in view of a beautiful white fabric – it had a beautiful design which was interwoven into this beautiful white fabric. Fabric was white, very light to see and touch and seemed like it had many layers. It was so fine you could see through it yet and you couldn’t because layers were interwoven…. Simply stunning. Beautiful linen.

It was a natural fabric and not synthetic at all; Meaning no polyester or none of the artificial man made material of that sorts. Nothing synthetic.

Part 2:

The view zoomed out and what do I see now???

That was a indeed beautiful white dress… I saw no stitching on it. It was one piece, all woven and the beautiful white design was intricately woven into the dress itself.

The dress was long sleeve, and it covered the woman’s chest – all the way upto her neck, it covered her back, it was a full sleeve dress so it covered her arms and it flowed perfectly down to her feet so you couldn’t see her feet and had a bit of a flowing train in the back.

In my dream I wondered what kind of a dress is this. It surely looks nothing like the wedding dresses that are the norm now.

Part 3:

The view zoomed out a bit more. I could now see who was wearing this beautiful white dress. I saw myself wearing it. It was surely me.

Part 4: a)

Now the scene zoomed out even more and I see a man walking right next to me. He held my left hand very confidently and walked a step ahead of me. He was leading me in the way.

I lifted up my head to see his face and because he was taller than me and was walking a step ahead of me, I could only look upto the lower half of his face. I could tell he had a beard, he looked straight ahead as he walked and there was this confidence in his walk and in the way he held my hand to lead me, I have no human vocabulary to explain it in words.

I already knew in my dream that this man was my husband so I was not confused and didn’t wonder where he was leading me.

He wore long garments that we see Jewish men wear in the bible based movies. His garments were also long-sleeved and went all the way down to his feet.

Part 4: b)

Soon as I noticed my husband’s attire, I kind of giggle and say – “Oh look – we are dressed like Jewish people of ancient times.”

Part 5:

The scene zoomed out even more and now I saw the place where my husband and I were strolling.

The place seemed to be some sort of an old style bazaar in the middle-east.

You can look up pictures of the bazaars in Jerusalem or Arabic bazaars to get an idea. These are open street bazaars with no ceilings covering the streets.

The timing of the stroll:

It was so dark outside – I remember I didn’t even notice any moonlight outside. It was thick darkness.

The shops in the bazaar were shut down. There were no women, children, old people anywhere in the streets. Almost a curfew kind of situation.

The overall mood:

I could careless. The darkness didn’t bother me none. What was there to be bothered about??? I was with my husband… He was holding my hand and leading me. He was walking right with me so I didn’t think anything differently about the situation or the timing of the day when we were out. I didn’t even bother to think or ask why we were out in the darkness and in a curfew.

Part 6:

I noticed we came upon some steps and started to walk down those steps and then I noticed in the darkness there were men standing around the bazaar, all over the street, just in front of the doors of the shops that were shut down. You could tell these men were Muslims by the way they were dressed up. I noticed the traditional Muslim turbans on their heads. I also saw that all these men had guns of some sorts in their hands.

I saw them all turn their faces towards my husband and I. They stared at us and wondered what we were doing there.

I could hear their thoughts out loud.

One man said – They are Jews.

Another man said – How did they get here?

Yet another man said – Maybe we should kill them.

And another man said – How is this possible??? How is she glowing in this darkness???

One man said – Surely they are supernatural beings. They have no fear of us. We can’t hurt them.

My husband still holding my hand tight lead me through this bazaar (me walking to his right hand), through this thick darkness and through these men who were armed and could have hurt us.

We continued with our stroll through this darkness and I was still not worried one bit.

On the contrary as we walked passed by all these scary looking men, I saw each man’s face go pale as in some fear, their guns that they were pointing towards us were now being tightly held across their chests in a defensive mode; pointing upwards instead of pointing towards us. Even as we walked past by these men they just looked at us in total disbelief. They dare not point their weapons as us.

Part 7:

The scene zoomed out a bit more now. The level of darkness seemed like how dark it gets outside after midnight. Imagine walking around in that darkness without moonlight, without streetlight and without any torch.

I saw myself glowing in that gross darkness – walking with my husband. It was interesting to note that my husband was not glowing.

Now the train of my dress was flowing through those dirty dark streets as well. The scene zoomed into the train of the dress… There was no speck of dirt or dust or anything filthy on it. The train of the dress was spotlessly clean no matter where I walked.

This was the end of the dream.


So many years later, I now understand what the dream meant.

The Husband:

The husband in the dream is not my husband in the natural now. My husband in the natural would have no reason to dress up like an ancient Jewish man.

My husband in the natural doesn’t have that beard that I saw on that man.

He would definitely not take me for a stroll in the pitch darkness outside with a street full of men who are heavily armed.

This man was Yashua himself leading His Bride to be the light in the world filled with utter darkness and terror.

The Wife:

I know I saw myself as the wife in this dream however the wife in this dream is more than myself.

Seeing my face as the face of the bride was symbolic so I would understand the relationship of this woman to this man in the dream.

The wife is the Bride of Yashua. He leads her and she goes with Him everywhere He goes – they go hand in hand.

She glows in the gross darkness because she will shine as a light in the world filled with utter darkness as per Yashua’s command.

Matthew 5:16 TLV

“In the same way, let your light shine before men so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Her clothes are white, bright and undefiled, and the impurities and evils of this world can not make her clothes filthy or dirty even as she walks in this world.

The Revelation 19:7‭-‬9 TLV

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready,

She was given fine linen to wear, bright and clean!

For the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the kedoshim .”

Then the angel tells me, “Write: How fortunate are those who have been invited to the wedding banquet of the Lamb!”

He also tells me, “These are the true words of God.”

When I was given this dream I had no understanding of – “the righteous deeds of the kedoshim” and why it was specifically mentioned as the fine linen that was given to the bride to wear.

Needless to say that at that time I was deeply rooted in the false gospel and no true understanding of the Word of God to be able to make any sense of this dream at all (for eg: why would He lead His Bride to go into the dangerous streets in the pitch dark night??? Does he not love his bride??? Why is he leading her into danger???)

I thank Yahuah Father for His wisdom and thoughts are so much higher than our own. He gave me this dream years ago before I would understand who is the Bride of Christ and now this dream itself it a witness to me to understand that it would be no wonder for the bride to be here in the time of utter darkness, being a witness of the bridegroom, who himself will lead her through utter darkness, to be a witness and light to those living in utter darkness at that time.

In service to Our Massiah and King – Yashua ha’Mashiach.

Sister in Yashua,



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