The “Bolander” Tie, Men of War-Time and NOW Words! – Michelle Katherine Orts

The “Bolander” Tie, Men of War-Time and NOW Words!

April 1, 2022 7:07 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Fasting Friday, April 1st, 2022

Dear 444ProphecyNews/Jonathan,

Today from Jesus’ Holy Spirit, I received CODED RHEMA WORDS and a brief but very detailed full color, video-formatted vision. I must admit that am honestly not very good with historical dates and have not yet checked these historical facts which I received in this vision. I was shown by Jesus’ Holy Spirit that some historical connections have been kept very secret but Jesus told me that He desires to now uncover them for His Endtime Purposes for His Church. I don’t even know what a “Bolander” tie is! I trust Jesus to Confirm His Own Words and to fulfill His Own Purposes and Plans for His Own Church.

I am submitting both these Coded Rhema Words and the video vision for your prayerful consideration and publishing.

In Jesus’ Holy and Agape Love,

I heard Jesus’ Holy Spirit speak these Coded Rhema Words to me for The Remnant Church of Christ Jesus and then Jesus’ Holy Spirit showed me a brief but very detailed vision in full color video format prior to and upon my waking today, Fasting Friday, April 1st, 2022 5:25PM Central Time USA

I urge everyone to always take everything directly to Jesus’ Holy Spirit for Confirmation and pray always in The Power of Jesus Holy Spirit for Understanding. Jesus is The Holy Spirit of Prophecy and Jesus is The Keeper and The Uncoverer of All things Hidden.

Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove a Daughter and a Servant to my King Jesus and wife to my loving husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts

Coded Rhema Words and Vision Title:
The “Bolander” Tie, Men of War-Time and NOW Words!

From Jesus’ Holy Spirit to me for NOW today I heard these Words,

“The Mother of Harlots is Fallen but she is recovering.”

“The Black Mamba and The Green Mamba have been set loose.”

I then heard these names listed,

“Oppenheimer and Edward Teller” and then I heard these words in association to both of them, “Men of War Machines and Men of Time Machines.”

A Slice of Time in History Shown to me.
Lastly in a waking vision given to me by Jesus’ Holy Spirit, I was shown a vivid motion picture of an older, stout, white man with a handlebar mustache and a full-headed tuft of mostly white but also interspersed with salt and pepper hair, seated in a rather large plush velvet and mahogany armchair.

He was laughing heartily and burst out and said, “A lesbian cemetary!” He was laughing to himself because the words he spoke had actually been put into action and the lesbian cemetery had been created though he had meant it to be a joke. This man I was looking at, that I was being shown, I was told by Jesus’ Holy Spirit, had power and prestige.

Observing through the smoke, the light was dim as it was suppressed by heavily curtained windows as the rays of the sun sparsely from behind his rather broad shoulders illuminated one of the Banking Presidents who also had just become a US President. He was formidably dressed in a full suit with suspenders, a vest and a gray and white striped “Bolander” tie. He was relaxed in his demeanor and in his physical posture slumping deeply into the ancient and ample armchair which had been designed, I was shown by Jesus’ Holy Spirit, by the progeny of giants, by The Titans and their offspring of old.

Most great architecture around the world had its ancient origins built by The Fallen One’s own hands. The secrets of history are many in architecture and in archaeology, I was told all this as I was shown by Jesus’ Holy Spirit that this entire room had the architectural fingerprints of The Fallen. Exquisite and intricate, garish and angelic both, the unnecessary carvings, engravings, textures, and statues galore were silent witnesses to the Fallen Ones everywhere. Ostentatiousness was the definition of this room.

With his glasses on, most people would recognize President Eisenhower. Eisenhower was a friend to The Bankers. I was told he was one of Rockefeller’s best friends. It was The President, the friend of Bankers, that I was brought in to observe, in a supernatural memory, a timeless slice of time. Preserved by The Creator, I was allowed to see The US President Eisenhower, seated in his own Private Men’s only Smoking Club all alone smoking a stogie, sipping a “hot toddy” to soothe his rather sore throat, and to perhaps, restrain his usually coarse baritoned voice which matched his privately unrestrained coarse language, which I had just witnessed.

End of Vision.



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