The body and bombs – Mike M

The body and bombs

November 2, 2019
Mike M

11/1/19 Friday after noon 

I had a dream a friend of mine was leaving the US and going to Scandinavia, Norway I think, and start over there.  She welcomed me to come.  So, I sold everything, got on plane and there I was at this hotel room with her.  She represents the Church.  We were both seeking unity and being set apart.  This was no ordinary hotel room.  It was more like a regular sized apartment.  I stayed in the living room and she had the bedroom.  Sharing.   She, the Church, was very non-committal to this arrangement.  She, the Church, did not want to give up her space, did not want to share, or be inconvenienced.  Even though she said she believed in these things and invited me, her behavior was otherwise.   Then the next day it was full of people.  Some joyful, some suffering, some persecuted, some troubled, some deranged needing deliverance….this was all the body gathered for fellowship-coming as they are.   People were ministering to one another. The Holy Spirit was moving.    I scoped the room out and  I made the rounds and said hi and welcomed people, letting them know they are loved just as they are.   At first the Woman, the church, did not want any of this, but as more of it happened, she was open to it.  She, the church, was very passive about it and went along with what those with leadership qualities were saying was God’s will.   They explained it in love to all, and all went a long because the Holy Spirit will have his will done.    So, our numbers grew.   This apartment was on a Fjord or Sound that is common in Scandinavia.  Norway comes to mind.   Not many real waves.  I was in this kitchen.  There was a stainless steel table.  We were right on the water.  I mean right on it!  On the first 20 feet of the water, which was always calm, cobblestones under our structure that was on some kind of stout, concrete  pylons.  The materials were not like any other on earth.  It was perfect in strength and proportions.  The Water could represent the Holy Spirit.  Being on the edge of a movement?  And we will suffer attacks but they will not stop our unity.   There was no door on this place or windows.  Very open.  Under construction?  Changes coming?  All of a sudden I saw large bombs falling.  For symbolism.  I don’t think the structure of the bombs matters in this interpretation.  They were not falling on their own.  They were attached to parachutes!  That gave us more time and maybe lessened he impact?    What is this about I wonder.  I took cover in this under construction kitchen and one went off.  The blast was about 30 feet away but was not that bad.  It had flung a  folding buffet table into the frame of the building and that was it.   It came only partly into the room, but no damage to anything that I can see.   It was abruptly stopped as if by an unseen hand.  The building was very grey and thick concrete.  It was grey and black outside in the sky but there we were gathering to work in this kitchen amidst a wicked and perverse generation-we continue.   The earth on the shore was very black and the stones grey.   This was a very sturdy building.  This represents that God will bless the unity in his body.  He will protect it because it is built upon him, his will and ways for the body of Christ in the end times.    He will protect his bride and the body.  And a kitchen cam represent our spiritual food.   The windows and doors being open means it is open to all.  Come freely.  Freely have we been given, so freely will we share.  The attack was mitigated because God metered it, or slowed it down as represented by the parachutes slowing the bombs down.  He will lessen the impact against us according to his perfect will.    He will raise a standard against the attacks on the body and on our sustenance.  The explosion (attack, assignment against the body) happened and it did no damage to the building, the body of Christ.  They were all around, but none hit this structure that I could see.   It did not even damage the doorway, so it is still open.  In other words, the spiritual attack failed.  Or even a literal physical bomb attack would not either if it was his will!  (And when I got up today a friend had told me about the attack on Israel that came out of Gaza but was mitigated.  I had no idea.   Symbolic of his protection on his people is this shared fact of this Gaza bombing today. )  Our God is limitless.  Nothing he can’t do.  He used a talking donkey and Paul the killer of Christians who he saved miraculously on the road to Damascus and had him write a bunch of the New Testament.  That is the kind of God we have.  He loves sinners who he saves by grace and he fuels their sanctification process of the worst of the world’s worst-so surely he can help us.  Especially in this hour as we bring in the final harvest.  This is a dream of encouragement that if we each leave our isolation which is so common in the electronic body of Christ, that good things can happen.  We take risks.  Faith.   Even small steps to start that I, myself, am taking to get out and speak to people in the same neighborhood in which I pray for the gangs, others and do spiritual warfare for all.  We bind up the strongman but then what?  We go in and get the harvest.  That’s what.   And the Holy Spirit is showing up!  Today I had joy walking through there and was excited thinking that I might cross a gang member and share the gospel.  That’s the spirit working, not me.  Instead of leave the area, I am reaching out to it-for now.  The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers.  I am working on answering that call. Preparing for the day that the net is completely controlled, and going out in person is all we have.  And that day will come and has already dome.    Especially in types and shadows with emergencies, planned power outages, Youtube censorship, Facebook whacky rules and changes, etc…happening all around us.  It is going to be like a three ring circus at some point.  But we can remain calm, on point and protected to do his work until/if it is our appointed time for lethal persecution.  That is the end game.  Their goal more and more.  But God will hide us and protect us, moving us where he will.  From place to place even.  I have a feeling we will be on the run at some point and for such a time as this will the training of so many be so valuable to the body of Christ.  People we held of little regard will in humility, forgive the greatest among us and be a way out that the Lord sent.  Especially all those who have suffered, known want and have overcome.  

 We may still suffer, but we will be together and supportive and suffer together, which is so scriptural to carry one another’s burdens.   So, the door remains open.  He will have a church, a body, and a bride.  And the bombs were plenty.  But not severe enough to dampen his perfect will being done on earth as it is in heaven.  The Church grew, even though all was grey, dismal.  Even though not all were gung ho about it.  Some stepped up and lead-just like real parents do in a healthy home. The older men as Fathers, the older Woman as Mothers, younger Men and Women as Sons and Daughters.  And if you are DID, there will be plenty of you to go around!  God has a home.  He does set the lonely into families.  It will take a risk of leaving our comfort (when I sold all my apartment in the dream, got on a plane to Norway in the dream!  lol) And then I weathered the hesitant (luke warm) environment of the Church when I got there, but God came through and we were living in harmony and unity.  For some of us who are the very lonely and isolated, being tested/purified in the desert, there will come a time when that season will end and suddenly-family.  We will be better equipped than ever because we did not lose sight or give up.  We stayed the course of sanctification-even though we did not understand it-or each other for that matter!  lol   We made mistakes but we kept getting up and receiving his mercies that are new every morning.  We forgave each other, we did not pass condemning judgement but corrected in love and not in self-righteousness. This is his body.   Mercy is held in higher regard than the law, as scripture says, so he will advance those in ministry that act this way toward themselves and one another.   Loving God, ourselves, and our neighbor as ourselves.  Simple.  But not easy.  Just for today I can with him.   

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