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The Blue Beetle

March 1, 2021 9:50 AM

December 8, 10:24pm

This night I had a couple odd dreams one after the next. The first dream was Sheep Vision – The Sheep Will Rise on the Third Day. This second one is called The Blue Beetle.

This second dream was very short. My grandma was with me again from my last dream but this time we were in my parents backyard in the summer time. It seemed like we’d been outside together and were getting hot so we started to make our way back inside, and it seemed like it was becoming an overcast day. So she went ahead of me and i was taking my time just enjoying the weather, but as she was about to step inside i spotted something unusual on the corner of the patio closest to me. As i approached it, i saw it looked like a bug but it was as large as a brick. (I felt afterwards that the purpose of this dream was just to observe this bug thing because my grandma left me while i stayed and watched it and this bug didnt move the whole time.)

The bug was about as big as a smartphone. It had a wafer thin body with a rounded rectangular shape but the edges were a bit more rounded than a phone. It had a shiny, dark blueish beetle looking exoskeleton body. It had 2 thin teardrop looking markings at the head where its eyes were but the markings weren’t its eyes. They were a lighter blue colour in contrast to the dark blue shell but they were glowing like a neon light. And on the back of the shell it had a symmetrical pattern-like marking that was the same glowy colour as the teardrop shapes on its head. I originally thought it mightve been a DNA strand shape but im not positive. I wasnt able to recall clearly when waking up. It had 6 extremely thin legs that held up its body which stood very tall for such a large bug. Its body stood at least half its length off the ground. It wasnt like anything I’ve seen before and it wasn’t moving despite us getting really close. I think it mightve had hair-like antennas too but i cant remember as clearly as the rest of the bug.

The Holy Spirit has shown me this bug represents the quantum dot tattoo chip that i believe bill gates is working on but take this to the Lord for confirmation.

Peace, love, hope, strength, and courage be with you all in these times. May God raise us up for His mighty purpose. Amen.


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