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The Sheep Will Rise on the Third Day

March 1, 2021 9:42 AM

December 8, 10:24pm

This night I had 3 separate God-given dreams one after the next. The first one is called Sheep Vision – The Sheep Will Rise on the Third Day In this dream, I saw a man demonstrating something and also telling an unrelated story.  It’s a little tricky to explain but it’s very important and urgent to share this.

I was in a boat like a small wooden fishing boat on this clear lake. My grandma was with me in my boat but the whole time she just stood behind me like we were going through the same thing together. In front of our boat on the water was a man like a tour guide in another boat parallel to ours in his own fishing boat. We were facing each other on the water in different boats while he was showing us something and telling us a story.This is what he did: In his right hand he held up a soggy mossy looking log that had its branches stripped off about 4 or 5 inch in diameter and maybe 8 to 10ft long. He held it out in front of him horizontally and held it perfectly still (as if it wasn’t heavy for him though he didn’t seem exceptionally muscular). As he held up this wooden pole, he was telling us some history of this lake (which I’ll explain after a bit more context below). He bent down reaching into the water while also keeping the pole lifted high with his other hand, and he lifted out a soaking wet sheep pelt. He casually spoke while roughly slapping the sheep pelt onto the wooden pole that he was able to keep raised up and perfectly stable. And as he talked, he just kept reaching down in the water and slowly piling more and more sheep pelts onto each side of the pole. The sheep pelts had no blood on them but we saw they were absolutely soaked in the water, dripping wet while they hung over the log. He was being very rough with them. The pelts looked like full bodies of sheep including the head with all internals stripped out like they were hollowed out shells. And he just kept reaching down and hanging more and more soaking wet, dead sheep pelts onto the log. Everytime he threw one on you could tell it was heavy but his arm was strong and kept it lifted high and straight. He looked like a normal guy. I dont remember anything distinct about his appearance besides him maybe wearing a life jacket and having some fisherman boots. But as he was doing this we were just watching from our boat and he was telling us a story like the history of this lake.

This is the story he was telling us: He said the horses used to kill (or take) the dead sheep bodies and drop them in the lake. And after 3 days the sheep would be shriveled up (maybe because the river was toxic) and burned all their insides reducing them to shells of what they used to be, and then the horses came back to pull them out.

When he said this I saw a vision of a horse head coming from the left side of my vision with yellow, hypnotized, crazy eyes biting and chewing off the flesh of a sheep pelt as if it was jerky. It was very strange and unsettling. And the whole time i was staring at how sick and twisted it was that even the sheeps heads had been hollowed out. It was really disurbing.

I think my grandma and I were wearing life jackets too and we were just watching from our boat. The water looked clear and clean. Not blueish like a beautiful lake but it was almost whitish and brownish because of the reflections of the sky and the trees and moss around the edges of the marsh/lake. When the man was done telling us about the horses he just continued to pile on more sheep and as i watched, it was like my glasses were dirty (i wear glasses in real life). So i took off my glasses and went to clean them but when i took them off i saw that what looked like black velcro placed over the insides of the lenses. This seemed totally normal to me and i just cleaned the outside of my lenses like everything was fine. Then i put my glasses back on and i could see through the lenses like there was no black velcro there at all and i had cleaned all the dirt off. I got the feeling the water would burn my skin if i tried to touch it or got any on my hands so i didnt even attempt to touch it and just kept dry on my boat. I got the impression the water soaking into the sheep pelts was what hollowed them out but the man seemed to have no effect from the water. I also dont believe he wore any gloves to keep the water off his skin. He seemed completely immune to it. I felt that the horses were under his command and that there was an underlying evil presence from him. He looked human and he definitely wasnt a holy figure though he mightve had some spiritual authority.

I believe the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the water represents the v, the sheep represents a group of Christians, the man represents a figure of authority either a pastor, government official or similar decieving the people and i believe the part about rising after 3 days had a double meaning. As if there is persecution or some hardships coming for the church but for those that endure who arent misled to drink from the poison waters, will “rise up on the third day.”

Please take this to the Lord for confirmation or your own interpretation. Peace be with you brothers and sisters especially in these times.

Praise God.


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