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The Biggest Shaking Ever! – McKana

The Biggest Shaking Ever!

September 13, 2020
Haggai 2:6 (KJV)
For thus saith the Lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land;

The Lord showed me a vision, very real vision. I know I have seen an earthquake but couldn’t remember right away where it is. I didn’t remember what is revealed for me until 9:AM this morning.

See the vision and my struggle to remember what I saw whle I am writing.

The biggest Earthquake.
(Vision of September 13, 2020 ~3:30AM)

I see a big earthquake with the biggest ever red circle on the map of the world. It looks very real. Where is it? I have to remember. I see a number in a gray shadow and heard 9. A magnitude of 9 earthquake. What I saw doesn’t look it has a magnitude of what we know. Where is it? I can’t remember. When I saw it, I know the place and the a compacted map of the world like it is in USGS website. It looks it is in the middle of the Atlantic, between west cost of Africa and and the east cost of the continent of North America in the Islands of the Caribbean’s.

Now it is clear, It is the place where the meteor is going to land. Puerto Rico region. It never occurred to me, until now when I am writing this that it is the shaking from the impact of the meteor.

The world has never seen a big earthquake like this ever. The Lord have shown me many earthquakes on the map, Australia, Japan the big California quakes. This is not comparably to anything I have seen before, very, very big earthquake in the scale of “Mega Earthquake-Mega Shaking”

You can see my struggle to remember. When I saw it, it looks very real with no difference from the map of the world right in front of me.

The Lord have shown me the impact in the same region, the mountain high Tsunami in the Atlantic in a bright sunny morning, the earthquake which shook and split the east cost in the region of Delaware, the limit as to how far the tsunami goes-The Appalachians mountain and the flood like multi-channels opening past the Appalachians. mountain ranges. Lord have mercy.

Repent! Repent! Repent!

“The Window of Mercy” is not going to stay open forever!

Repent now and save your life from the wrath of Almighty God!

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