THE BIG ONE IS COMING!! – Emanuela Callaghan


Aug 17, 2019, 5:52 PM
Emanuela Callaghan
I was in an apartment (an apartment is a place of transition) with my young son ,(son here represents not just my child, but also prophecy and my son also has a prophetic gift) my mom ( it represents the church)and another older lady (wisdom, the church or a person of the flesh ). I sensed that we were in New York city.
I remember not wanting to be there….
-my son looks at me as I’m towering over him and he somehow reads on my t-shirt, the upside down words : the big one is coming”. ( I understand he’s probably referring to an earthquake in California, but why then, am I in New York?). I told him: how can you read this, you’re looking at me upside down. He replied: it’s obvious, isn’t it? I just can.
  • then someone knocks on the door of the apartment (symbolizes a wake up call) and somehow they manage to open it with some kind of key, which I found very strange since they were not the owners of the apartment. I could sense they were good people so we just waited for them to open the door with curiosity.
  • As quickly as they opened the door they had moved on to the next apartment and were knocking on their door also. They were moving fast. It almost seemed like they were evacuating people. They were a man and a woman. I quickly ran to the door, I looked outside and the woman was busy knocking on other doors, but I was able to talk to the man and ask him: what is it that you want? Why did you knock and then unlocked the door? He handed me a large leather hat and a pair of shoes and he said with great urgency: the big one is coming!! ( a hat in this case represents a large covering, protection and shelter. The shoes represents the preparation and training given to walk in peace and fulfill the task at hand, no matter what’s going on around you).
  • I couldn’t believe it, he repeated the same words my son Max had just read on my t-shirt.
  • When I went inside I told my mother what had happened and what it all meant, this was a warning. She didn’t understand any of it. I was trying to explain to her that I’m not the child she used to know, and that God has been so gracious to me and that now I’m a new creation with a mission and that she just has to trust me with this, even if she doesn’t understand it.
  • I asked the Lord about the dream. Was it a warning for New York or California? I’m sensing it is both.
  • These are the words given:

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