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The Bell No More – Edward Umling

The Bell No More

No more obscurity for the Chosen

November 1 2020
Edward Umling

Child this month you will fast and pray for Grace. This month you will seek me daily.
This month you will bow low at My throne interceding asking for mercy upon your house.

This month a different sound rings through the land. This month a different cry is heard from this people. This month calamity ensues every man not sparing his brother.

Here is Wisdom and let be heard around the Nation among the people.

The bell will be heard no more in this land. The sound of Trumpets will replace that sound. Those bearing the Insignia of My name will shout with Joy; Yes, a loud shout of Praise to Yah!

I bring My chosen out from obscurity; those hidden in the palm of My Hand. They will be light in this hour of darkness.

Hear the sound of thunder; hear the sound of roaring. Here is your Savior riding in Glory. Behold I come quickly says the LORD.


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