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Daughter speak today, a bitter sweet message for ME. Children, I have told you to separate from the things and people of the world. I have seen evil and wickedness escalating. I will turn you over to your own imaginations. YOU HAVE STOPPED SEEKING AFTER ME AND MY TRUTH. Departing from all that is good. Seeking after strange flesh. Making what I call EVIL, GOOD. Not listening to wise counselors. Subjecting your own children to false doctrines of devils. Erecting monuments to Baal. Sacrificing and murdering the innocent for your fleshly comfort. You believe you are GODS., No longer praying for wisdom and knowledge from. I AM. I will surprise this last generation of sleeping evil doers. You don’t know me or my ways. I AM THE THIEF IN THE NIGHT. You aren’t watching and waiting. So YOU ARE WORSE THEN SODOM AND GOMORRAH. you will see worse then SODOM AND GOMMORAH. The BRIDE WILL BE REMOVED. Your days and hours are numbered. The magnitude of your corruption is staggering. I see NO TRUE REPENTANCE. I will wipe clean the threshing floor. I will not hear your cries .I will show each one of you what you have done and why you will be left BEHIND. THE BEAST WILL COME AGAIN. I WILL SEND YOU STRONG DELUSION. YOU WILL BELIEVE THE LIE. JUDGEMENT FALLS ON THE WICKED PEOPLE AND NATIONS THAT REFUSE TO HUMBLE THEMSELVES BEFORE ME.

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  1. Barb N

    The papacy in Rome is the antichrist/son of perdition. The false prophecy theology of Futurism is a Jesuit LIE. Vatican City is the “Little Horn” in the Book of Daniel. Please research “Historicism” which is the true Biblical Prophecy interpretation that was believed & understood by all Protestants until the Jesuits infiltrated Protestant seminaries and churches.

    The writings of Henry Grattan Guinness (& other 19th century/early 20th century Protestants) are a “must read” for anyone who wants to understand prophecy given in the Book of Daniel and Revelation. I highly recommend a book titled: “Romanism and the Reformation” by Henry Grattan Guinness.

  2. Matthew

    It is very clear from 2 Thessalonians 2 that the man of lawlessness is an individual person, not a system or organisation, and that he will be personally destroyed by Jesus Christ when he returns.

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