The Beast of the Sea – Faramir

The Beast of the Sea

July 26, 2020 5:25

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently “Handmaid of the Most High” shared some thoughts regarding Artificial Intelligence and its uses and implications in the Tribulation period and even before.  She said that although she didn’t understand it all, God prodded her to go ahead and share and put some things out there that others might understand.
Reading her post, I was convicted that I should share what I know. However it only took a few seconds before I realized what that would mean if I so dared to speak of these things. Ok that’s crazy, I thought. No way. Why would I do something that stupid and paint a huge target on my forehead for the Dark Ones? How many days (or hours) would pass until I disappeared? So I put that to rest.
So I thought.
But I can not shake the nagging feeling that I have been entrusted with this knowledge that needs to be shared with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Yes, I fear the consequences. But today I realized I fear God much more, and I don’t want him to ask me on That Day why I didn’t share anything.  So here goes.  This will be very general and targeted for the average Christian, not for the influential computer engineers and physics, among which I work.
Much of what Handmaid has said is true. Right now, AI thought leaders are working with quantum computer pioneers. Quantum computers can take a task or question that would take our fastest computers over 1 million years to solve, in about 4-5 minutes. The “answers” that QC spit out are usually amazingly correct, so much so that they seem, well, divine. Something along the lines of knowing the exact coordinates of every ant in the world at a given time, or how many human hairs are on your head. Sound familiar?
But here’s the problem: You might have noticed I said the answers are *usually* correct. But in a very small minority of cases the answers are not correct. In fact they are as dreadfully wrong as could be; not even close. So what’s happening here?
None of the scientists will ever be able to tell you. Ever.
This is because (allegedly) the level of analysis a QC uses is so far beyond man’s capability of understanding that the QC cannot explain it to even the most intelligent human in the face of the earth, unless he studied (and lived) for a million years.
And so where does that put us?  You have to *trust* the QC.  There is no debating the merits of any arguments, one must simply *have faith* in the QC. Or not.
As QC’s and AI develop together, humans will have a place to go to ask every question they’ve ever wanted to ask. And the initial results will be astounding.  The end of cancer. The end of world hunger. The end of viruses! After such a success rate, and in their pride that they created it, men will simply do whatever the QC/AI tells it should be done. This includes matters of religion, morals, and ethics.
Ultimately, a world religious leader will propose that the system—which is unlike anyone or any system before it—be given a sort of personality. A visual image—that will exude all the love and peace of the world savior that it is. Someone that people can look at. And love.
And what this AI says will be obeyed by the entire world to a T.  I will leave the rest for God to fill in for you.
This system will be “science-based”. (A euphemism for something being unquestionable, divine, and/or true beyond doubt.). Only the ignorant, religious zealots of a religion 2,000 years old would ever doubt it. Do you think you are smarter than The B————? Who is like the B————, and who can make war against him? No one.
This will be my only post. I trust from here as things progress you will see everything happening and remember it. But much more, I trust my God, the Father of Jesus Christ. He will not forsake us. God knows how to save those who are His. And after all…
…He told us all about this 2,000 years ago.
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  1. Haidmaid of the Most High

    Thank you for your obedience. I appreciate you filling in the blanks!

    I will pray for your protection, know that God is hiding his own under His wings!

  2. Trinidadwarrior777

    Upon reading the descriptions of Quantum Ai computer technology aka Artificial intelligence.It saddens me to see how many people fail to realize that Fallen Angels/demons can possess or control ANY object if invited to do so.These modern machines as many like to call them are the exact same thing as a divination tool used during ancient days by witches/warlocks.The real threat are indeed demons who not only inhabit many unsuspecting families homes due to satanic symbols kept inside books,games,movies,jewelry etc. The threat is not just machines taking on a lifelike state on their own but rather the cause of idol worship! The fact is too many people rely on technology or inanimate objects for answers,comfort and reassurance instead of God.Demons have been around since genesis and their forms of communications are not limited.Some churches preach they cannot hear thoughts or that Satan is unable to hear anyone pray in the spirit.Sadly their abilities to use telepathic communication is exactly how they use ones worst fears against us.The nagging doubts or self worth or placing accusations are due to their knowledge of old.The one thing they cannot do is be omnipresent like God.They also are limited to what god allows and are limited by rules set by god.In the end once their vessels or legal rights are destroyed and they are ordered to leave on the name of Jesus they have no power at all.They mix truth to gain trust at first then latch on in order to confuse by mixing in lies.There is no doubt a quantum computer operates on their level.Not impressed by this worlds old occult technology!

  3. madelyn

    Biological Neuroweapons. It is IN the covid test kits. BIOACCUMLATIVE. Will stay in your body and you’ll not be able to get it out. With gel you become yoked with AI. IT IS NOT A VIRUS. Hybrid Synthetic half biological half robotic nano particles. Syn bio payload with a mission. Can assemble, grow, spread, capable of shape shifting and communicating with orchestrators/perpetrators. Morphs into bacteria, virus, deploys chemicals causing you to combust. Can give you HIV. Can target precise cell, organ. ( Perpetrators Non human entities. Nephilim alien demons imho.) Extinction level event. Nano Robotic weapons used in conjunction with 5G. They were developed using fallen angel technology and witchcraft. They interface as nodes within the BEAST system and the new currency. Once it penetrates your God given barriers a persons DNA changes and becomes one within the BEAST/AI management system. DNA Nephilim nano particles. Unredeemable. Scientific confirmed technology. Replacement of humanity. Syn Bio Entities, Hybrids. Witchcraft in America. Geomancers. Spells even directed upon planet from interdimensional space. Next wave will be devastating! LOTS OF DEATHS! They WANT the fear factor. Disrupt society. Business not as usual. Be prepared, aware, not complacent. Short window to finish preps. Stay kind and loving. I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days. Satan does nothing God does not allow for His plans and purposes. I AM more than all structures of steel, mortar and clay. “Heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool. What house will you build for Me? says the Lord. Or what is the place of My rest?” Acts 7:49

  4. Now32

    “knowing the exact coordinates of every ant in the world at a given time”


    Why does everyone want to sensationalize everything? Why not just stick with the facts?

  5. Obrigado pelo post. Bastante esclarecedor.

  6. Welle

    reminds me beast of the as if human made beast system (RFD chip with new world order) just thoughts .

  7. Haidmaid of the Most High

    Sister Madelyn,

    You are exactly right.

    Those who scoff really can’t see the depths of what is coming nor will they be prepared. It is Nephilim technology. I have been shown much and some is so hard to put into words as it is so advanced. I understand why Ezekiel had such difficulty putting what he was shown into words.

  8. Eyes Open

    Thank you for your courage Faramir and obedience to our Father. He will protect you. We plead the blood of Jesus Christ over your and His blessings to be upon you. Everyday. Everywhere.

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