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Pt 3: The Bear Pounces Egypt

March 27, 2020 7:05 PM
LaTonya Canada-Christ

Babylonian king invading, destroying, and making nations captive – So in part 1 the Lord identified the Babylonian king as Russia and America as the quest. And in part 2, the last two judgements of Jeremiah 25:8-11 on America were detailed. As I have continued reading Jeremiah, a question came to mind, who is Egypt in Jer 46? Who is USA ally that they would run to for help? CANADA – What has she done to deserve her judgements? The same as her sister USA – Shed blood of innocent children, sex-trafficking, idolatry, and promoting and advocating sexual immorality, and pagan worship. In addition, Jer 43:12-13 prophecy goes along with Jer 46, see comparison table.

The following are uncanny similarities of Canada as a prophetic Egypt and further portend to the worldwide takeover of the Beast System, which we are watching unfold its playbook.

Jeremiah 46 Comparison

Babylon vs Egypt

Russia vs Canada

Vs 6) Invaded from the north Situated to be invaded from the north
Vs 4 & 9) Mount on horses, horses and chariots Russia will come by horseback vs. Royal Canadian Mounted police are called “Mounties”
Vs 10) Come in the north country by the River Euphrates aka “Great River” Russia will come by way of the Yukon and Ottawa rivers both aka “Great River”
Vs 20) A beautiful heifer Canada is a beautiful country ready for slaughter
Vs 22) her noise shall go as a serpent – march with an army Quietly, subtly, concealed on horseback
Vs 23) cut down her forest Russia will cut through Canada’s forests stealthily like lumberjacks
Vs 14, 17, 24) Behold I will bring punishment on Egypt, Migdol, Noph (capital), and Tahpanhes, Pharaoh, and the Amon of Noph (sun god of the capital) and houses of gods Canada, PM Justin Trudeau, and 3 prominent cities Whitehorse, Montreal, and Ottawa
Tahpanhes – City at the delta of the Red Sea – meaning “Fortress of Crown/Wreath” or “Head or beginning of the age” or “Lord of the North” Ottawa – Capital city of Canada, PM Justin Trudeau’s palace – will be overtaken by Russia- see Jeremiah 43:9-11. Russia will overthrow and seize Ottawa and set up his throne there.
Migdol – City meaning “Lookout” “Tower” also a type of temple of pagan gods Whitehorse – Most populated city on Yukon, capital city of Yukon territory, obvious entry point for Russian soldiers – Rev 6:1-2, (Deceiver) – Dawson – city meaning “Son of David” – previous capital city, associated with Klondike gold rush, went bankrupt after goldrush- Rev 6:2 (Counterfeit Messiah bringing peace after Financial Bankruptcy)
Noph- Capital city of Egypt and worldwide center of commerce, Pharaoh palace, called “White wall” or “to come to port”, worshipped the “Bull”, made totally desolate Montreal – meaning Royal Mountain – previous capital of Quebec – nicknamed “City of Mary” “Sin City” “City of 100 Steeples” – As a colony surrendered to UK in “Seven Years War” – sits at confluence of Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers
Jer 43:12-13 prophecy goes along with Jer 46 Kindle fire in the houses of the gods and break the sacred pillars of Beth Shemesh and burn with fire the houses of the gods Ottawa has 7 well known false churches to other gods, most notable is Notre Dame. Russia will burn it and the other houses of false gods:

Christ Church, St. Patrick, Church of St. John Evangelist, St. Joseph Parish, Saint Brigid’s, and Saint Anne and more. These will be burned and destroyed.


I understand the Lord to be fulfilling multiple prophecies at the same time. Russia will take both avenues of the 2 great rivers for the 2-pronged quest of America then Canada, Jer 25:8-11, 43:12-13, and 46. So, while we are speaking of America being invaded and destroyed by a prophetic Babylonian king, America as Mystery Babylon is being judged, the same as with Canada.

When I look at the 6 cities, those of the template of Egypt and those of Canada, they all portend to be also about the antichrist that will take over the world. If I assembled all the characteristics regarding these 6 cities, it would look like:

LookoutA Lord of the North, wearing a crown/wreath, riding a Whitehorse, has come to port, deceiving nations as the False Messiah, Son of David. He is united with a white-washed wall religious leader, setting up his throne on the heels of worldwide financial bankruptcy, to begin a new age, the new world order, the beast system.

Isaiah 26:20 – Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you;
hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation is past. The timing of this seems to be fairly, imminent, the Lord instructs me to not drag my feet in warning the nations and pronouncing this to his Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

LaTonya Canada-Christ



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  1. Catherine

    LaTonya, when I was some years ago in Ottawa to pray and evangelize, I was shocked. So much godlessness, so much resistance and the churches, so weak and in deception. I visited the parlament and it was very dark, so much freemasonry. Justin Trudeau destroyed the country but finally the problem is the weakness of the church.

    I saw in a dream ca. 33 years ago, that Russia will attack America through Alaska, it means they will pass Canada.

  2. Fred

    I believe Babylon is USA.

  3. ivan dimitrov


  4. LaTonya

    Ivan and Fred, yes America is Mystery Babylon, however in this prophecy, the Lord calls for Nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian king to be His destroyer. The key is that Russia is His servant to deal with America and other nations. Finally the Lord will deal with Russia because that is what is prophesied in the later chapters of Jeremiah.

  5. LaTonya

    In this prophecy, it would not make sense that America was the Babylonian king, sent to destroy other nations for unrighteousness, because she herself is unrighteous. The thing that has been is the thing that shall be., So it is like a script and at different eras, there is a whole new cast but the scenario will be the same. Yes, anytime our representatives give Planned Parenthood $50 million, in a stimulus package, we are definitely Mystery Babylon.

  6. LaTonya

    Very interesting. I believe that the more the Lord tells his people the same thing, the closer it is at hand. God is not willing that any should perish. Much prayer is needed. Isaiah 26:9, only when God’s judgments are in the earth, do men learn righteousness. This is the time when we will see some people repent.

  7. Hilary Calder

    I had a dream in 2018 where I was in a place that was similar to a “Disney”type place where everything was “happy”, bright, colourful, “safe” but there was a wall that was approximately 6 feet tall and I was wanting to see on the other side and I looked. It was the complete opposite to where I was it was dark and desolate almost like the inside of a cave. And I looked at whoever I was with and said “It’s Russia, it’s right there”.
    I live in Alberta Canada and I immediately knew this to mean darkness is at our doorstep and we will be surprised. I remember feeing surprised when I said it. When and how I don’t know…

  8. ivan dimitrov


  9. Catherine

    Ivan, please don’t play with words. The whole world is Babylon but America is Mystery Babylon and Russia is the Bear and will attack America and at some point also Europe.

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