THE BATTLE IS THE LORDS….. – Steven k. Oeck

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May 21, 2022 11:14 AM
Steven k. Oeck

YHWH of Hosts and JESUS the lion of the tribe of Judah declare.

The outcome was never in question.
There was no challenge.

There was no adversary not in MY employ.
I AM He who declares the end from the beginning.
And Truth streams freely from MY Throne.
For it is I who declare and ordain that which is eternal. Only that which is eternal, only that which is held up by the Word of MY truth.

Only that will be remembered forevermore and these Challenges you seem to be facing will be seen for what they truly are.

I have devoted legions of Angels, and so Much of Myself into the raising up of MY Faithful children.
These Challenges you bring before me are what might be called training aids.

Some call them tests, but these are for your conditioning.

For you are fearfully and wonderfully made…
created in MY own image.

What Angel carries MY Spirit?
Have you ever heard of Angel praying to me?
They return upon wings of the Spirit to make report.
What being besides man was created to carry MY Spirit?

Many believe MY Son came in the flesh to restore the condition of man to that which was lost in the garden. NO!  Emphatically I state NO!

Man was created as so much More!!
Did the Serpent catch me unaware?
Did I not know the end from the beginning?
Is it difficult for you to see that I used the Serpent and the foolish innocence of the woman to perfect my Creation?

With the just consequences of transgression met out upon the Serpent, the very Earth, and the man and his relationship with the woman and the Earth. The woman and her relationships to all.

Now man had created for himself a proving ground.
A valley of decision, and a proving ground.
Man had placed himself unwittingly under the authority his enemy.

The perfect place
The perfect place

To cause man to cry out to Me with a Whole heart, and seek MY face with All his strength.
Until the day I sent sent his redeemer who Is So much more than mere redemption.

So much more than redemption Indeed!
My Son was unjustly murdered for your sins, Yes. And He was raised for Your Justification!
Now your spirit stands before me truly without sin, absolutely spotless and pure.

Only believe MY Word. It is Impossible to please Me without faith!

If you cannot believe MY Word, then what of Me will you believe?

Abraham lived before the day of MY Sons visitation.
Abraham believed my Word and acted upon my instruction. It was reckoned unto Him as righteousness.

My Son is today your very righteousness, If ONLY you will believe.

It has never changed. You MUST believe.
Now your former self was crucified with MY Son.

Put to death.
Made no more.
No mere mental assent.
But in spirit and truth.

Your practical reality that you walk out in fear and trembling until it becomes the very essence of who you are.

It can be a process, but is not required to be.
Now the life that you live is NO LONGER YOUR FORMER SELF!

But MY Son dwelling richly in you.
For your very heart had always been intended as the temple in which I choose to dwell!
This is the true meaning of COMMUNION!

You had been made lower than the Angels for a little while.

Do you not understand?
Is My Glory not revealed?

You have not been restored to what was lost in the garden.

You are an eternal spirit, housed temporarily in a body of Flesh. But now co-inhabited by my Very Son.

Do you now understand the marriage of the Lamb?

For the two have now become one.

Explain to Me now how you have been restored.

You have been perfected, and the challenges that you experienced before.

May remain for awhile.
For Your benefit.
And only to demonstrate.

That it is no longer You, who lives but Christ dwells within you.

And the life that you live in the flesh.
You live by the faith of the Son of God who loved you, and gave His life for you.

Do you now understand?
You are more than a conqueror.

My Son is the way, the life, and the truth.
These Challenges you face are still for your benefit.

Though they will begin to fade away as their work is complete.

You should now see, that the devil has always been in my employ.
Yes he has his own plans, and he lives to scheme.

But he is as nothing and is there only to strengthen and reveal the chosen and proven Sons and daughters of the Most High!

You my love, You are my dread champions
of whom your enemy is terrified.

Yes, he whom you call the devil is terrified of you!

For once he has caused you to lean and depend on me utterly, Your strength is renewed as the eagles and with all authority over his snakes and scorpions you are able to run upon a troop!
On my word One will put a thousand to flight, and two, ten thousand.

Behold the day of the Lord is nearly at hand.
The world will soon see much of MY wrath.
I choose to deliver the worlds flesh to their adversary in order that for some, their spirits may be saved.

But you my children.
My mighty warriors in Him.

I have not chosen you for wrath, but this is your day of victory!

The revelation of the Sons and Daughters of the Most High King!

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