Biden, Death, Dream



May 22, 2022 7:32 AM
Robert Holm

The morning of May 22, 2022, I had a dream.

I found myself dressed in a military dress uniform decked with awards and walking through the halls of the White House shouting “President Harris”!

I was searching for her. As I bellowed President Harris, White House staffers looked at me bewildered. As I roamed the halls searching for Miss Harris I began to echo, “Joe Biden is dead. Joe Biden is dead”. I could hear staffers gasp aloud in hysteria and a look of shock was on everyone’s face as I made the announcement. I continued proclaiming that Joe Biden was dead and Kamala Harris was now President until I found her behind a glass screen being briefed.


The scene changed and I saw her standing at a podium giving a speech to an overwhelming audience that ruptured in applause before she could finish each sentence. After 46 successions finally The United States has a female president I thought.


The dream ended.


Banner scripture – Daniel 2:21.

Sent by Robert Holm

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