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“The apple of My eye you shall not touch” – Carolina Banza

Carolina Banza

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Prophetic warning:

“The apple of My eye you shall not touch”
My daughter do you hear the sound of war?
Do you hear the battlecries of the nations?
I am in control of all things nothing escapes My hand. This is the plan of the enemy to destroy as many lives as possible. But I have a greater plan; a plan that will confuse my enemy. Oh the salvation of so many souls. I am looking for souls and I will find them. Not one will escape from My hands.
I am the chief commander. And I am the head of the kingdom’s army.
I raise My hand and war starts I lower My hand and war cease. This is the power of My might. I will bring to pass all the things spoken in My word they shall come to pass. I will make an end of the cold war and I will go agaisnt the enemy with My strong and Mighty arm ready for battle. The Islamic state will be defeated. Europe will go through war and famine. America will face destruction . Africa will be on her knees begging God for mercy. Australia will face My judgement. North Korea has just started. It has begun and it will not stop until I say stop. This is My time of vengeance for the Lord has a day of vengeance for the blood of His people. Yes I am the Almighty. I am the resurrected One .I am the Light of the World. Seek Me and you will find Me.

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