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The antichrist and a vision of God’s suffering – Hannah

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The antichrist and a vision of God’s suffering

April 22, 2023 10:09 PM

April 22, 2023

God bless you brothers and sisters,

For a long time, I was crying almost all the time. I felt anguish for the whole humankind. I was praying all the time for mercy. It was a great suffering. Then as of March of this year, while I was praying, I had a vision. I am crying and asking God for His mercy for mankind then I saw a man figure. I couldn’t see His face. He reached into his chest and ripped out his heart. The heart was still beating, and great gushes of blood were gushing out. Then said to me:

“The last thing I did was to rip out my heart and give it to mankind and they have despised it. What else can I do?”

On March 7, 2023, I had a disturbing vision. I was taken to a European country. At a distance I saw its president. In my spirit I understood that he was the antichrist. It was so dark and dim that I couldn’t distinguish many details. In a zoom I was shown his left eye, and I could see inside that sinister eye. It was the eye of a prey animal, something like a hawk. I was taken closer and inside I saw computer circuits and strange technology. That man had the ability to see as many birds do. He could see around him without turning his head. I felt sick. Instantly I was taken to another scene, and I saw Christians getting out from a medieval style church. I don’t know why I perceived in my spirit that they were Huguenots.

A terrible persecution was going on. At a moment I am with this people, we were hiding wherever we could. Something strange was thrown by that man. It was something like digital white balls (strange technology). We tried to evade those balls as best as we could, but it was almost impossible. This was a terrible persecution against Christians.

Then I was taken to another place, and I saw the world in terrible darkness. I was walking through great abysses. I felt sick. Then from a place in the outer space I am observing something like a big galaxy, it was huge. I perceived that this was a lake of fire. I was taken inside of it. This was a terrible experience. I said to myself: “At least this is something that is been shown to me and I can rest my arm in some place. Something was given to me where I could rest my arm. In the lake of fire there is nothing since it is a bottomless pit.” I don’t know what the place was since I was descending all the time without rest. It was terrible. When I got out of the vision, I felt sick. I had nausea and my stomach was aching. I was sick for two days.

I feel a deep anguish in my heart for the people that reject Jesus, they will go to that place.

In the love of Christ,

Ana Rios (Hannah)

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