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The 2nd Pandemic: Cloning, Dissemination and Death

January 28, 2022 3:28 PM

Janaury 28, 2022

Matthew 24:7(KJV)
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

In April 8, 2019, exactly a year before the outbreak of the pandemic, before it is known, the Lord showed me the cloning of corona that it is man made, genetically engineered. In this vision, I saw the clone made, generically engineered in the hand of a very shady woman in collaboration with a Caucasian man, scientists. Since I know genetic engineering, the Lord showed me in the way I use to clone but since I don’t know Corona, not a name I know, I had difficulty naming it and struggled to say Gro—-,Coro—-, unable to say it out. I realized, after a year of seeing the vision, three months after the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, that I have seen the vision and brought it out from file. When I read it, I knew that it is this scourge, Corona the pandemic. The amazing part of it is, I carried the two vails of the cloned material to the shopping center to find out everything is locked down. Remember that I saw two vials and I was holding them with my left and right hands separately. Why two vials? Two pandemics? For the details see this. Vision of In April 8, 2019.

(Cloned-Genetically Engineered!, APRIL 17, 2020, McKana

The Lord reveals the future in random, in order and in sequences. The cloning and the dissemination was revealed to me in sequences.

The 1st stage is the running of the DNA material on a gel, agarose gel electrophoresis in a lab(Chines technician)

The 2nd stage is, the assembling of the genetically engineered purified fragments of the DNA material, the genetic engineering/cloning aspect on an expression plasmid (circular DNA used to transform and express the desired DNA and finally the protein product)

The 3rd stage was the completion of the cloning.

The 4th and final stage is the dissemination into society of the second pandemic.

Four of the vision I saw are months apart. Without the details and some of the technical words in the vision, focus on the important aspect that the next pandemic is also man made, genetically engineered.
In short:-

Ist Vision-Cloning in progress
(Vision of June 14, 2020, 3:30AM).

In this vision, the Lord revealed to me the first stage of the genetic engineering while it is in progress in Chines lab, for the details, see this post

(Cloning in progress. MCKANA, JUNE 20, 2020

2nd vision-The genetically engineered next pandemic.
(Vision of July 12, 2020 3:30AM)

This revelation has two parts

Part one.
I have seen many smaller details but even if I try hard, I can’t remember all. Like the revelation of the cloning of Covid 19 I saw in early 2019s, I see the same setting. It looks this cloning is done in the same place/people and is out to the community. This time, there is a sense of tension, intensity and chaos among the people. I see people running around in fear and chaos. The details, I tried to remember but it is the same frightening situation like what I saw earlier. Last time, I saw the shops shuttered. This time I saw chaos, people running around in fear. I saw three aspects. The people involved in the cloning, the process of the cloning explained bellow and the effect on society in creating fear and chaos.

Part two.
In the second vision of “Cloning in Progress” I saw two separate “gens” in the lab, run by a
Chines lab tech. In this revelation, the explanation and continuing process of the cloning is revealed.
In this second part, in an effort to explain how the two gens are cloned, I see myself digging on my laboratory notes. From my notes, which has many organized and smaller notes, I see clearly the work of cloning two gens in one.

From my file, I am showing and trying to explain to some one I know standing by my right side. I see details of my note with many pages of notes of cloning two gens in one. Since I have done many works in this field, I remember every detail and didn’t want to go through the notes but explained to my friend about the cloning process. I see a circular expressing vector (plasmid DNA) with the two cloning sites and explained to the person next to me how it is done. Concerned with revealing the industrial secret of the cloning, I kept many details and gave few mysteries of the cloning of the two gens. Normally, DNA strands are not visible with the naked eye. In this revelation, I see the circular plasmid DNA, two thin strands of the DNA in one of the cloning site and the whole circular plasmid DNA with no visual aid. From what I see, the focus is in one cloning site on the plasmid, implying the two gens in one site ie fused.


1. The soon coming pandemic is genetically engineered.
2. It is out in the population as seen in this revelation.
3. It has created fear and chaos among the already frightened people.
4. The genetic engineering process is detailed.
5. It involves two gens, which can be fused as a unit.
6. The clarity of the cloning process is like covid 19, evolves two separates gens, most likely fused through the laboratory genetic engineering manipulations.

Regardless of the lack of knowledge of the details, we see in part, the next pandemic is also genetically engineered in the laboratory in China (Bioweapon?). Whether the same people and the same place doesn’t matter. The point is, it is Made in China(As I understood it)

3rd vision-Cloning completed
(Vision of September 14, 2020 3-4AM)

I went into a building facing East. It is a big building, business/laboratory setting. When I walked in, I met two, three people in the front desk/ receptionist area who look familiar. As if I am known, acquainted with the place, they didn’t question my identity, they simply let me in.

I went straight in to see the agarose gel finished running. I see two clones, with the vector and insert which have migrated, separated and clearly visible on the gel. As usual, there are few lanes, somewhat 10-12 out of which two are good clones. The rest are not good except the two good clones.

There is some one around, I didn’t see his face and I didn’t pay attention. My attention is on the DNA.
on the agarose gel as a person who is doing investigation and inspection.

The vision ends there after I saw the two clones. This vision is the continuation of the cloning from the vision of the past mentioned above.

4th vision-The Next Pandemic!
(Vision of October 1, 2021 5:45AM)

I am awake, struggling to get a little sleep before I wake up at 6:00AM. Little before 6:00 AM, I am taken to the east cost, New York, I am not very sure. From what I see, it looks it is in New York city, no name is given to me. I am up on the air looking down close to a high-rise building. The building is brownish which has three sharp toppings like a big old castle. I was not sure what I am about to see, It is dim, not enough light, looks the late hours of the night. From the middle of the high-rise building, I see “a poof” like a cloud sprayed out to the air. It looks yellowish-green and some what lighted, light reflecting in the sprayed material. I knew someone sprayed something out to the air from one of the
rooms in the middle of the high-rise building. Before I question what it is, I heard “After I spray, I am gone!,” loud and clear, the sound of an adult male. Then I heard “The coming next pandemic.” For the details see (The Next Pandemic! October 1, 2021. MCKANA

The last which deserve mentioning is, I saw in a vision, in the middle of the war, people getting infected and die fast from the infection. I saw people dropping dead like flies from this deadly infection.
The conclusion of the visions and dreams given above is, like the first global pandemic, the second deadly pandemic is planned in the pit of hell and executed by evil men who are the servants of the devil.

Repent! Repent! Repent!



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