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TESTIMONY – Victoria Ang


5/12/20 1:49 PM
Victoria Ang

While praising and worshipping the Lord this morning I had a vision. I saw myself standing alone and then saw rain start to pour out from heaven ( living water of the Holy Spirit) and it just continue to pour and pour on me. As it was pouring I got slain in the Spirit. With what feels like high voltage electric but no pain…….

The reason I am sharing this is because I have been led to share a small part of my testimony. Which I know the Lord will use for his good and glory. As all glory and honor is ONLY his. We can all choose to serve God or not. He gave us ALL FREE will.
In 2008 I was working in ICU and ER as an RN witnessing to ,and praying for many. The Lord told me to quit my job and go into one on one special training with him. At first I did not quit my job because I could not believe the Lord was really asking me to do that. I thought this cannot be. But he made it ABUNDANTLY clear to me that is what he was asking. He told me he would make a way for me in the way of money etc. During this time the Lord removed EVERY SINGLE family member and friend from my life so there were no distractions while training. AFTER quitting my job 9 demons entered my bedroom in the middle of the night TRYING to stop Gods plans. It was a spiritual battle all night long. The demons would leave for a short time but come back again. But EVERY time they came back I could feel them getting weaker and weaker. The spiritual battle lasted ALL NIGHT long till finally in the morning the LAST demon left SCREAMING in agony!!! ………

That was over 12 years ago. Still everyone is not in my life but the Lord has blessed me with many animals to give love to and receive love from…….here on earth 😍

I had a son that was 16 years old that had an accidental gunshot wound to the head. He laid in a coma for a week in Honduras I prayed night and day that entire week for God to heal my son. At the end of the week. The Lord reminded me of the story of Abraham and Isaac. I knew the Lord was asking me if I would trust him no matter the outcome. I knew the Lord let me pray for that week to prepare me. It was not until I said “ Lord let your will be done not mine”. ….. only then the Lord took my son home to heaven . But in his great mercy and love he let me see my sons spirit pass through my room. I saw heaven open and my son enter heaven……. I am so very grateful for that experience because I know one day we will be together again in heaven. And EVERY DAY I hold on to that to keep pressing forward……… when I asked the Lord why have I had to go through so much pain and suffering he said “ SO YOU CAN HELP OTHERS”! ….. I do not understand everything God does. But in everything ,he shows such great love. Not just for one, but for ALL…. and what a privilege to be just a small part of such GREAT LOVE FOR ALL ❤️

At the time of my oldest sons death I also loss my only other son . He was 12. His dad took him and kept him in Honduras away from me. And I have not seen nor spoken to him since.

There have been many other times when I have gone through great loss. With ONLY the Lord as comfort. No other person in the physical realm. But over and over and over again. The Lord has shown me great love like no other. So whatever each one of us goes through. The problem or pain is never to great for God to handle. And he will get you through as you learn to just TRUST him always and in ALL WAYS!
I pray that my testimony brings you encouragement and that you TRULY FEEL GODS LOVE THROUGH IT!! God bless and be in Gods comfort and peace!! ❤️


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