Testimony Of A Real Endtime Experience – Judy


November 29, 2018 11:30pm

This is a true story (maybe an open vision) I’m not sure.

A few months ago, my husband and I were traveling home from a short vacation. We stopped at a desolated gas station & convenience store in Arizona along the 40 freeway for drinks and use of the restroom. I went into the store by myself while my husband waited in the car. Upon entering the convenience store, I saw a man behind the counter and when he was asked, pointed to where the coffee machine was located. There were only a few people in the store – a couple of women, a big man and the store worker. I used the restroom, got coffee and a cold drink and was going toward the store clerk to pay when a customer ( a very big man dressed in clothing you maybe would have seen in ancient middle-East) who seemed to be a friend of the store clerk . While looking at me, said “We have a ‘big fish’ here”. Not knowing who he was talking about, I turn to look behind me but saw no one. As I walked past him, he repeated his comment. I said nothing and I walked up to the counter to pay the man working the counter. When I looked at him closely, I saw someone that I will never forget. He looked like ‘a person’ who had huge gray eyes, no eyebrows, no facial hairs, no expression to his face, black hair that didn’t look real. Actually, I was thinking to myself that he was angry or mad at me, but I knew he had no reason to be mad at me. I paid and quickly left.
Days later it continued to bother me as to what I had seen. So, I prayed to our Lord as to who or what I had seen. A few days later,
Pastor Sandy in one of his bible session said the Lord asked him a question. The Lord asked “How would a demon know that I was Jesus?” The answer was that a demon knows if you have the Holy Spirit.
A week or so later, Diana Olivieri had a you-tube on “They are coming”. She said, what was coming to earth in End Times are demons that the Lord calls “things”. They have no spirit, no expressions, look human like but aren’t. They are demons that he calls “things” that are evil and will prey on people who don’t have the Holy Spirit.
I hadn’t put this out before, but saw your site to share with others. This is the truth, it really happened to me and I have thanked the Lord to have kept me safe.
GOD BLESS! The End has to be very near. We all need to repent. God loves us all.

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Below is video

Diana Olivieri: they are coming

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