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Testimony of a 4 Year Old – Cassandra Belman


Testimony of a 4 Year Old

December 14, 2021 2:52 PM
Cassandra Belman

My son whom is 4 years old was taking a shower by himself and I was in the bathroom with him and I was singing song of praise and singing in tongues. And he became really quiet and he says ‘wow mom you sure love to sing’ and he also said ‘I love your singing it is beautiful’. Usually whenever I start singing he asks that I pick him up I believe he feels the Holy Spirit strongly and is drawn to that. But while he was in the shower, he became very quiet just listening.

Well the next day he told me while sitting on the couch, yesterday, Mom I want to tell you something, I believe the Holy Spirit had just reminded him, he said ‘while I was in the shower the Lord spoke to me and said ‘Hallelujah I am coming fast.’ That is exactly how my 4 year old son spoke it to me. And instantly when I heard him speak this to me I was charged with unspeakable joy I got up from the couch instantaneously and began jumping up and down with him his hands in my hands as we rejoiced and shouted for joy that our King is coming fast! My son was so filled with joy and the Holy Spirit he wanted to pray and give thanks to the Lord he had the urge on His heart and he asked that we pray and he gave thanks.

It was a very special moment and so I wanted to share with the body of Christ to encourage you all that surely our Lord is coming quickly for His faithful remnant! Time is short! Blessings to all in the family of Christ! The Lord is with us in the Spirit and encouraging us and strengthening us on this journey.

He will not leave us or forsake us even until the very end! Hallelujah!


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