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Testimony and Dream – Victoria Ang

Testimony and Dream

Victoria Ang

Yesterday I was woken early as usual to pray! I heard TWICE ,the Lord say I will heal you( for a year , having much pain due to inflammation with sciatic nerve)so I asked the Lord to send me confirmation it would occur soon as he has promised a healing for the past year. I got up to take a early morning shower and found a white feather sitting on the far side ledge of my jacuzzi tub. (I do not use tub but only the shower). So again I asked the Lord to send another confirmation. As I got ready to do morning chores I stepped out of my garage door and found ANOTHER white feather sitting right in front of the door in the garage!!!
Prophetic dream last night:::::

In the dream I found myself inside a house getting ready to leave on a trip. In the house there was an unknown man ( God) that was to take me to ANOTHER “ house” I was suppose to go to. ( Place of safety) I asked the unknown man ( God). if we could bring the ski boat . He said there was not time ( the ski boat represents how fast things are moving in the natural realm )As I was getting things together there was another man that came to the house. I was made known he was very sad and seemed lost due to much devastation that occurred In his life. I asked him to please come with us. And gave him a big hug. ( sharing Gods love and witnessing to others). He seemed uncertain whether to go with us or not. Mean time the door bell rang. I went to go answer the door but found the door open. A dog was sitting in the vestibule tied to the open door. But the dogs fur had part sheep’s skin on the fur. ( represents the animals that will be kept SAFE AND SECURE for those sheep that truly follow the Lord) ( the Lord knows how much some of us love our animals) I looked out the door and saw the SUV we where to leave in sitting outside the front door. The engine was running ! ( means time to leave for safety is at the door)The dream ended and I was immediately woken and felt led to look at the time. It was 4:45 which means :”GOD HAS BEEN GRACIOUS”!!! ………
Be blessed and encourage! Keep praying for and witnessing to as many as you can in these final hours.

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