Test of Faith – Liz Lau


Test of Faith

July 14, 2020 10:06 AM
Liz Lau

I had this dream on January 17, 2018. In the dream I was in an office building. There were people at the desks but they didn’t work there. They were just relaxing and doing their own thing like you would in a library. I couldn’t find a place to sit so I went to the front to look outside. I had only walked halfway across the room when I saw Jurassic Park type raptors roaming outside. People were fleeing for their lives and it was chaotic.​

The front was all glass and it was at street level. The glass front door was closed but not locked. I knew we should lock it and I went back to tell others, but they ignored me. The back door that led to the stairwell was wide open, but it wasn’t on street level and didn’t seem to be an immediate danger, but I kept glancing at it for fear they would come from another floor.​

I wasted precious time waiting for others to look up from their desks, but they totally ignored me. In the end I gave up and went to close the back door, but it was already too late. I could hear those creatures coming from the stairs. I shouted for everyone to run and hide and curiously this time they all listened right away.​

We all hid in washroom cubicles with the lights off. I started to hold my breath when a raptor approached, thinking that maybe they wouldn’t be able to detect us if we did that. When I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, a thought suddenly came to my mind, that I would be able to breathe without being detected if I would just pray, and I had an understanding that this was a test of faith. ​

I knew I would draw a deep breath if I started breathing again, and I was afraid they would be able to hear it since they were inches from me, separated only by the washroom stall door. For some reason I found that I now could continue to hold my breath and so I did. An opening suddenly appeared in the washroom wall and the raptors went through it and exited the building. I realized then that my faith was weak, because even though I had prayed, I had kept on holding my breath.​

The scene changed and I was hovering in the air looking down at 3 or 4 sets (probably 3) TV studio sets. I knew they were test rooms and the raptor test was room number 1, and I would go through the other tests.

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