Taken into a spiritual portal – Hannah

Taken into a spiritual portal

October 10, 2020 11:45 AM

Brothers and Sisters:

As the majestic Holy Spirit leads me, I will recount many experiences I’ve had during my walking with the Lord. I was saved at eleven years old. Since then His company has been sweet and progressive each day of my life.

One of these experiences happened about twenty five or twenty six years ago. I didn’t comprehend many things at that moment, but today I can see why the majestic Holy Spirit showed me this vision. By that time electronics games were a novelty in that rural community, and some people were hooked to Mario game.

My late husband was a Pastor of a rural church in a small community. We used to have prayers and fasting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I went Thursdays and my husband stayed with the kids. Usually I arrived at 5 to 6:00 a.m. to the chapel where we worked, and the whole day I was in my knees at the altar praying and fasting.

One Thursday, while I was praying in the altar, I felt a gentle breeze that came from the middle of the chapel. I heard a flapping of wings. When I turned back, I saw the most beautiful dove ever seen in my life with brilliant white and radiant feathers. The dove was so big that filled the chapel. When I tried to stand on my feet, I felt that I was in the spirit. Is difficult for me to explain it. The dove turned to a Person that I don’t have the capacity to describe. This is something beyond my intellect. The only impression that still remains in me to this day is the feeling of His nature. It reminds me to the feeling of hugging a baby. He looked so gentle, so sweet, so sensible and shy!

He then spoked to me and told me: “I want you to take a message to…” And then he mentioned the names of three persons of our congregation and gave me a message for them. Then He told me: “Take a message to…”, (and He mentioned the name of a young woman that was in the process of divorce) “to separate her son…” (mentioned the name of her oldest son) “from electronic games.” Then He said: “Come with me, I am going to show you why.”

I saw something like a metal box. It was small. I could see inside the box and there were wires, fuses, black and red thin cords and some other typical electronical assembly. A door appeared before us and we entered through that door in that electronical thing, it was a spiritual door. I was amazed about what I saw. We entered into a damp and dimly lit place. It was like a cave, a big cave, shrouded in a gray mist. At that moment I did not understand many things, but today, when I see pictures of today’s electronical games, I can see a picture of what I saw. There was a huge demon guarding the door. I was scared, but the Majestic Being beside me told me to not be afraid. He said: “He cannot touch you because you are with me.”

We kept walking, I saw many different kinds of demons and principalities. Some were large in height, others were small. Some looked like a gray mass, others looked like human beings, and others like monsters. The Majestic Person began to describe some of them to me. He told me: “You see that? That is a demon of fornication.” And He proceeded to make different descriptions such as demons of violence, adultery, incest, depression, etc. Then He said: “That is why I don’t want… (mentioned the boy’s name) playing with electronical games.” With exited through the same entrance and reached the chapel. He said again to me: “Take this message to … (mentioned the mother’s name). Then I found myself on the floor at the altar.

I told everything to that mother. She had two boys, one was 14 years old and the other two years old. Regretfully she didn’t believe, it sounded too fantastic. She told me that those games were the only entertainment of her boy that had feet impairments. The godly boy had many prophetic words about a pastoring ministry for him. Sometime later, we were transferred from that congregation to another one in another city. A few years later, we encountered him, and he was changed. He told us that he was involved in rock concerts, and out of church and God. He never reached the ministry God had for him.

God bless you all. In the love of Christ,


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