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Victoria Ang

Last night I was given a brief dream then woken for a vision and the need to pray:

First let me share that I have asked the Lord when the time nears for me to get transformed could he please reassure me that my animals would be safe! In 2008 the Lord had me quit my RN nursing job working ICU and ER to go into one on one training with him. He told me he would provide but removed every single person, friend and family member from my life for no distractions. And I had no income . But blessed me with many animals. So they have been my main source of earthly companionship.They have been my family. That being said maybe one can understand better.

Anyway in the brief dream I went around to check on each one of my animals. I tucked them in SAFELY to bed and in the dream felt very at peace they would be fine!

Right after the dream I was woken to a vision … Before I give the vision ,I also wanted to share that I have been given the gift of interpretation of dreams and visions. All glory and honor is only the Lords!

In the vision I see a POWERFUL man ( God) and he had a very sharp paring knife in his hand. ( in the vision I could see in a 3D type of vision as well as a panoramic view . I see he has a potato in his hand ( before you laugh let me tell you that it represents “ EARTHLY PROVISIONS”!. I see him rotate the potato and with one swift down ward motion he cuts off the end of the potato. … then I can see from a different angle looking directly at the end of the potato come flying right in front of my eyes. And the vision ended!

Here is the meaning of the vision:
In one swift moment things will turn. And with a sharp swift movement from Gods hand our earthly provisions will be cut off and come to an end right before our very eyes!

Upon completion of this vision I saw a post about all the birds dying and remember hearing from a post that the Lord sent my way to read . It said “ When you see all the birds die you will know your fate will be sealed”! ….

I have been in constant prayer and heard “ “PREPARE THE PEOPLE”!

Then on my way going to the dump I see right in front of my truck a boat with the words
“ NO MORE””!!!

May you all be blessed and kept safe from harm as you seek the Lord. No fear! Just keep trusting and turning to the Lord!

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  1. David Lockett

    I with you, I have 4 dogs which are my companion was concerned about future providing for them being safe and transformed
    If I live next month I be 67 and alone with no distractions , I am single and family has pass on but me, I can relate to u on visions, be bless

  2. Charles Van Delden

    I can also relate to you Victoria and David. My animals and I share this mini farm in preparation for the end times.
    If you’re led by the Spirit, please contact me… blessings to you both.

  3. VMG

    Yes, the birds have started to die off. In addition to link you posted from Elizabeth Marie, here is another one regarding massive amounts of birds dying off recently….


  4. David Lockett

    Bro. Charles, appreciate ur response and relate to us about animals. Was trying to connect to u, but couldn’t I guess needing gmail account. Be bless, my brother and may he supply supernatural to u and animals as we are in last days.

  5. C.Nichols

    I am in similar circumstances. It seems like I am in the school of the Holy Spirit; single, alone with one companion dog. I asked God for a dog to keep me company! I daily study Bible /prophecy. Am a watcher/prayer intercessor type out of work. (Also former LPN/military trained Medic). Now seeking guidance on next project: possibly self-sustained mini farm/refuge. Share ideas, prayer requests, etc. @knightsvoncross@gmail.com. I think the Lord has laid this on my heart to create/participate in this type of ministry now.

  6. Marc Naples

    Yes prepare for the worst case scenario.
    We hear the warning messages to prepare for the collapse today.
    So act now….
    It’s not unfaithful to prepare.
    It’s spiritual and physically to resist evil human beings, along with the demonic entities…
    Food insurance is God’s will being for us, and others.
    Alternative cooking methods, like rocket stoves outside cooking are sold on Amazon, or wood stove unit for heating and cooking inside.
    Heavy blankets.
    Candles and matches.
    Also a weapon to better protect others in all our ways spiritual and physically to resist evil….Amen

  7. Charles Van Delden

    David, here’s my address…..


  8. Nancy Trimble

    I know what you mean about our animals, I have cats and donkeys, I worry about them but am trusting God will keep them safe. Got warm beds outside for most of them from the cold too.

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