October 22, 2021 2:35 AM
Immanuel Acree

Dream: I am in Sweden using air BnB type of accommodation [never been to visit Europe though]. I leave the residence and go out in town. There is a festival of some kind as people have gathered in a crowd outdoors. We are standing on a creek, with nice, clean, rippling waters. They tell me that their “independence day” is just a couple days away. I am sad because I must leave before then, and I also feel a darkness as we stand by an ominous winter ocean that appears to carry a deep dark sky. But quickly, I forget about the darkness, and am back in the sunny festival. I look at the creek and see snakes. There are so many snakes! They are all colors and strikingly bright. Several of the snakes in this creek are two-headed snakes split about 4 inches or more down from the neck, kind of like a hydra. The Swedes gather in the creek among the snakes and are picking them up to eat them as a cultural meal for their independence day, re-stuffing the skin like a sausage tube with a ground-up recipe.

End of Dream. 10/10/21

Interpretation: Snakes are indicative of the serpent who deceived Eve and represents satan. I doubt the dream offers any different theme. Sweden you must repent of the darkness that threatens to consume your society. Stop celebrating the ways of paganism. The snake is divided with two heads. This shows me that the enemy has come to divide you as a great curse on your country. The ground-meal and stuffing of snake skins shows me that the festivities are elaborate and thoroughly designed, maybe deeply ingrained in paganism of the past; but all paganism opens a door to spirits and spirits being witchcraft. All witchcraft is a contract with demons who will only bring chains of darkness and multiplied curses to the exponential ruin of your nation. This is a very bad direction the dream shows that your nation is taking. Repent and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ in full. Run to the Lord in prayer and He will set you free from these many serpents that want to ruin your beautiful country. God bless Sweden with spiritual wisdom and the fear of Jehovah.

Immanuel Acree

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