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Swearing in Ceremony of Trump/Ministering to a Man on a Cargo Ship [Vision #256] – Sharlene Reimee

Swearing in Ceremony of Trump/Ministering to a Man on a Cargo Ship.

Vision #256

Nov 18, 2020, 12:38 PM
Sharlene Reimee

Nov 17/20 Tues evg

I was worshiping and praising the Lord with scripture and singing songs from my childhood and young adult years in the Throne Room. I remember my mom singing some of these songs to me. For eg- His Name is Wonderful, Heaven Came Down and I Will Sing of The Mercies of The Lord. I began to pray and intercede on behalf of the lost, the church and other issues. When I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went up that mtn in my armour of God, met my eagle at the top, and began to travel. I found myself over-looking an oceanic cargo ship (it had all those storage metal containers piled up on top of each other in rows). There was a storm behind the ship; I saw dark clouds and lightening flashing. The ship was battling large waves due to this storm. I was brought closer and in a corridor close to one of the containers, was a man who was very fearful. I began to sing to him the reason for my hope. He became remorseful, cried and slid down to the floor.  I saw Jesus, who was on the right side of the man, bend down and offer him His hand. It was encouraging to witness.

Back at the white bench area, I thought to ask Jesus how His day was. (I often forget to ask.) So I asked Him what was one thing that He saw today that made Him happy? He showed a picture of me while I was on the phone, speaking to friends to encourage them. Thank you, Jesus for showing me this. It’s a good reminder for me to continue to check up on people to encourage and pray those who are shut in or struggling. This pleases Jesus.  I then went to the vision area.

I went down those large stairs, greeted my greeter group at the bottom and walked over to the vision area where the screen is and those that are always already gathered. The vision opened up to see a side view of Trump standing in an area of expanse– a very large room. It reminded me of past visions of the House of Representatives, as there were rows of seats behind him and the ceiling was very high. Trump was facing someone or maybe a couple of people who were seated a bit higher up. One of his hands was up like when someone swears or gives an oath. Then my perspective changed and I saw President Trump surrounded by government dignitaries; including his wife, who was standing nearby and Vice President Mike Pence. They were standing on a type of stage or platform. He was facing someone who was speaking to him behind a podium. The scene reminded me of a type of an official ceremony. Then Trump turned and addressed the nation as president. I asked Jesus if this was indeed the swearing in ceremony for President Trump? And Jesus replied: “Yes, daughter, it is.”  Will Trump be vindicated? Jesus replied: “Yes, he will. Watch and see what I will do. Be patient and keep praying.”

My own response to this is to encourage the readers to see this vision not just as encouraging news and information but that it will motivate you to continue to pray: pray for Trump and that God will expose the fraud, and those who have a hand in the fraud to be brought to justice. And not only that but for those who have a hand in the fraud, that the Lord will work in their hearts to bring them to repentance and salvation (for God wants none to perish but come to repentance 2 Pt 3:9). Pray also for those who know the truth to be bold in speaking up. Pray for protection of those who are working hard on Trumps behalf to bring about the truth! Amen.

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