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Survival Preps For Nuclear War, Tribulation And The Second Exodus – Bro John in Mo

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Survival Preps For Nuclear War, Tribulation And The Second Exodus

October 20, 2023 1:29 PM
Bro John in Mo

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus to all the Saints of God. Back on Dec. 14th 2011, I was down on my knees pouring out my heart to God, in desperation from the most violent non-stop spiritual attack from hell that I had ever encountered in my life. As I was praying to the Lord in my mind, suddenly He interrupted me in mid-sentence and said: “YOU HAVE AN EXODUS MINISTRY” (I later found out this is both spiritual and physical) He also spoke several other words to me that are personal in nature, that I will not relate at this time. It took six or seven months of constant prayer to receive any more information from the Lord as to what exactly this “Exodus Ministry” was about.

I was completely worn out from bombing heaven with prayer day after day for months, concerning what all of this meant, and I had finally come to the end of my rope. I remember it well. I was sitting on my bed and I asked the Lord once more: “Lord..what is this Exodus Ministry all about that you said that I had?” Again nothing but silence from the Lord. I thought to myself: “Well…. it looks like He’s not ever going to answer me.” So I stood up from sitting on the edge of the bed, to walk into the kitchen and as soon as I took the first step, instantly the Lord spoke to me and said: “IT HAS TO DO WITH PRESERVATION” (I found out that this is my calling…the preservation of both the soul and the physical body) I thought to myself  “Now we are getting somewhere!”

Then several years later, (this was probably in 2015 or so) I was reading my Bible in the book of Hosea, and right when I read Hosea 12:13  which states: “And by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was Israel preserved” When I read that last word “PRESERVED” it was like I was sucker-punched right in the gut, and I couldn’t catch my breath for a couple of seconds. When I did catch my breath, suddenly I began sobbing with hot tears rolling down my face, with the presence of God literally all over me. That very instant, the Lord brought the mighty power of a Rhema word to me. The word “PRESERVE” means to keep from harm, damage, danger, or evil.  It also means to protect or save. In Hebrew the root word is “SHAMAR”

This means to hedge about (as with thorns) to guard, to protect, to watch, and to keep. Another time I remember the Lord spoke to me out of the blue and very clearly said: “WATCH OVER THEIR SOULS” (I later found out that “their souls” means whomever the Lord calls me to watch over, be it one person, or many) The key word that Lord has emphasized personally over and over again to me is the word “WATCH” as in “WATCHMAN” To this very day, any time I see or read the word “WATCH” it is like a Shofar blowing a loud warning blast to me, and the Lord has my full attention! I have had many such revelations such as these from the Lord, confirming my calling as one of Gods servants. As I have said before, my calling is that of a Prophetic Watchman, specifically a watchman that “Shamars” or one who keeps, guards, and protects.

As for the “Exodus Ministry” that the Lord called me for, I know that it is above all SPIRITUAL, (leaving the bondage of sin, and walking out of spiritual Egypt, and showing others the way to freedom through the cross) but I also believe it is PHYSICAL as in a Second Exodus….a physical fleeing into the wilderness when that time comes, as spoken of in Rev chapter 12. The eternal soul and spirit of a person resides inside a physical body, but in order for me to watch over your soul, I must watch over your physical body also. This is exactly what this particular article that you are now reading is all about. It deals with knowledge that will aid in the “PRESERVATION” of your physical body, which contains your eternal soul.

I was saved back in June of 1990, through a very strange supernatural experience, but shortly thereafter the Lord began making it painfully clear to me (through hundreds of hours of personal study) that the church was lying to me concerning the secret pre-trib rapture. By around 1993 I was about 85% sure that there was no “secret pre-trib rapture, then by around 1995-96, after careful meticulous study of the Greek and Hebrew dictionaries that I owned, and the study of the King James Bible, I completely walked away from this damnable heretic cult….100% certain that the church goes THROUGH the time of great tribulation, just as Noah went THROUGH the flood. (I also reject the “7 Year Tribulation” teaching, I hold to what I believe GOD’S WORD says..that the tribulation is 42 months in length)

In 1993 I began physically preparing for the time of Great Tribulation, so I’ve been at it for over 30 years now, and I’m still learning and preparing today. There are many who know much more about prepping than I do, but in the past 30 years I have gained SOME knowledge in physical preparation for hard times, and I strongly feel led by the Lord at this particular time to “watch over your soul” by watching over your physical body, and by making some of the knowledge that I have gained over the years known to you before the bombs start falling on us here in the U.S.  Although the list of physical prep.items is endless, written below are a few prep. items that you may have overlooked, may have never thought of, or even known about.

I will be covering several topics, and most of the companies that I speak of in this article I have personally done business with over the years. Also, I want to state that I have received no financial compensation in the promotion of any of these companies. This information is strictly to help you get prepared for the war-time tribulation chaos soon to come.

***SHORTWAVE RADIO*** Back on 5/26/23 my article “Two Dreams Of Shortwave Radios, And Why You Need One” was posted here at 444prophecynews. This particular article received many reads. As a supplement to that particular article, I will give some additional radio information. At the website they have a shortwave radio (County Comm GP-7 General Purpose Radio) for $98.95. This is absolutely an excellent price. Plus it has all the features that you need for survival communications including AM/FM/SHORTWAVE. It also has SSB (single side band)  A shortwave radio with SSB is a must have item in order to hear military and ham radio communications.

With this capability during a national emergency, you would be able to hear ham radio communications practically all over the U.S. There are currently 491 reviews on this radio at the above mentioned website giving it a 5 Star Rating. I personally do not own this radio, but I am seriously thinking about buying it, because of the unbeatable price. (the ONLY thing I don’t like about it is that it uses rechargeable batteries) Try these following frequencies to hear U.S. Military traffic. This is the High Frequency Global Command Communication System for the U.S. Military: 4.724.0 / 8.992.0 / 11.175.0 / (11.175.0 is usually quite active) and 15.016.0. All of these freq. are in the upper side band mode (USB) The Nighttime freq. for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) is 5.211.0 and the daytime freq. is 10.493.0 upper side band. (these were the freq. years ago, they may have since changed)

Last month Bro. Rick Wiles ( went back on shortwave radio. He is on WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio) the freq. is 12.160.0 from 11:00 am-3:00 pm Central Time. Mon-Fri. The program also repeats at 9:00 pm Central Time on freq. 4.840.0. Bro. Rick does an EXCELLENT job as Christian watchman to prepare the Saints of God to endure to the end. I have listened to him on shortwave since back in 1999, and I am in near total agreement with his views on end time Bible Prophecy. Hal Tuner ( is also on shortwave. He is on WRMI, freq.5.950.0 at 8:00 pm Central Time Mon-Fri. He is also on other shortwave stations, you can find them on his website.

He does an EXCELLENT job reporting on the current war situations in Ukraine and Israel. I must warn you though, sometimes he uses profanity at times when he gets worked-up. You can also listen live to his show on his website listed above. He is very interesting to say the least. Also google “Pirate Radio Frequencies” You can hear people on shortwave radio who broadcast illegally. Over the years I have heard everyone from preachers to militia members! During the soon coming time of war and tribulation, there will be many out in the woods set up with a radio and an antenna preaching or speaking out against the government, but you must have the right kind of radio to hear them. Get a shortwave radio with SSB NOW!

***NUCLEAR WAR PREPARATION*** The go-to website for this is: I have personally done business with them, without ever a problem. You need to get a NukAlert, (found on their website) if you do not already have one. It is a small device that detects nuclear radiation, you can even put it on a key chain. It makes a “chirping” noise when radiation is present. THIS IS NOT A TOY! It is a highly calibrated sensitive nuclear radiation detector. It is fool-proof, it is always on, and can’t be shut off. The battery lasts for 10 years on continuously. You will need this item when you are at home sheltering in place in your basement. You will need to know how much radiation you are being exposed to. This amazing little device will tell you. PLEASE BUY THIS WITHOUT DELAY NOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE!

When the first nuke goes off anywhere in the world, this item will be sold out immediately. (trust me on this statement) The cost is $180.00 with free shipping. Think of it as a pre-paid nuclear insurance policy that only costs $18.00 per year, and lasts for 10 years! I have had one for nearly 20 years now. (I just sent mine back to have a new battery installed for $35.00, because of the current war situation worldwide)  Just a few days ago, an Israeli defense company ordered 600 of these NukAlerts. That should tell you something right there. The Israeli’s do not buy junk. Get one while you still can. Also, has potassium iodide that you can purchase. This oral pill is to be taken during a nuclear emergency.

This floods your thyroid gland with iodine so that radiation will not be absorbed into the thyroid causing cancer. Buy this now if you can, because it will all be gone soon. Buy a copy of “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson Kearny . This is the “Bible” on surviving nuclear war. I’ve had my personal copy since 1996.  A very highly rated book among preppers for many years. Google it, you should be able to find it.

***BIBLES*** Now is absolutely the time to stockpile the written word of God. If you have the means financially, start buying Bibles now by the case. Also make sure to personally have a Strong’s Concordance, Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries, Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible, The Interlinear Hebrew/Greek English Bible, and any thing else that you can think of to deeply study the word of God. During the coming time of tribulation, many will get backed into a corner, and in desperation call upon Jesus Christ for salvation, and those of us who have gone ahead of the others, will be responsible to train these young babes up correctly in the truth of Almighty God. Get all of your spiritual book supplies in hard copy now while they are still available.

At some point the internet will be down, and you will need physical hard copy books to properly learn and teach the word of God. I fully expect Bibles to be outlawed in the future, so buy them by the case right now while you still can. I have done business many times at Any problems that I’ve ever had were promptly corrected by them with no questions asked. The nuclear war items I just listed I fully expect to be sold out soon, as the World War 3 situation gets closer every day. Here are several other items I felt led to list for your information.

#1 FIVE GALLON BUCKETS. A highly needed item. They have many, many uses. (washing clothes, sanitation, hauling water from springs, creeks, storage, etc. #2 COFFEE FILTERS. An excellent prep item. Stock up on as many as you can, they make good pre-filters to remove sediment and dirt from creeks, lakes and rivers before running your water through an actual water filter. #3 WATER FILTERS I cannot stress this enough… WATER FILTERS ARE AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE ITEM! If you can afford it, get at least one gravity drip filter, (for use in the kitchen) and at least one portable filter (for use on the run out in the wilderness) The brand name that I bought is Katadyn, and they are great filters.

They are not cheap, but buy as many as you can, because when it hits the fan, they will be worth many times more than what you paid for them, that I promise you. I bought my filters years ago (at MUCH cheaper prices) from a company called Nitro-Pak. ( They are a good company, and I have personally bought many things from them over the past 25 years. If something is wrong, they will make it right. They also sell freeze dried food. #4 CLOTHS LINE/CLOTHES PINS  A greatly overlooked item needed to hang wash outside to dry on the line. (Sorry.. your dryer and your washing machine will soon be out of order when the grid goes down)

#5 BAROMETER (analog or digital) or a battery operated desktop weather forecaster. When we are at war, possibly living outside, or working a lot more outside, knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow will be valuable info. The National Weather Service will be off the air, along with most all other stations, so you will have to be your own “National Weather Service.” I found a good analog barometer at a thrift shop for $3.00. (I prayed specifically to find a good working barometer at the thrift shop, and God answered that prayer!) I also have two desktop weather forecasters, these things really work, and will give you a head’s up on incoming weather.

#6 PILL CUTTERS This is a very overlooked item, buy several now while you can. We will soon be rationing all of our medications, vitamins, etc., (due to hyperinflation and war) and we will have to ration by cutting them in half. Do not risk using a knife to cut your pills in half during that time. (if you cut your finger off, there will be no hospitals to go to) Solve this problem right away, buy several pill cutters, and do it now!

#7 WORK GLOVES. Buy them by the pack in multiple pairs. In the future, many who are not used to manual labor, and who get blisters easily are going to need this particular item. It will also help to protect the hands from cuts, scrapes and personal injury, also they are a good barter item.

#8 INSULATED COVERALLS. You may end up practically “living” in this item 24/7 during the Wintertime season, even inside your home, if there’s no heat. Carhartt makes good heavy coveralls and other heavy duty outdoor apparel. #9 WOOL BLANKETS, SOCKS, BOOTS. Wool retains most of it heating ability even when it’s wet. I bought five wool blankets several years ago from (I have personally had no problems with this company) I myself wouldn’t buy a wool blanket that is less than 70% pure wool. Wool socks can be found at many farm and home type stores. The only socks I wear anymore are wool socks, they seem to last longer, and they greatly help at keeping moisture away from your feet.

It would be wise to purchase a dozen or more extra pairs of good wool socks. Also make sure you have good quality heavy duty work boots. Buy an extra pair if you can. Now is the time to get all of your foot wear needs taken care of. #10 COFFEE. Coffee is a highly valuable item during wartime or crisis. I personally use and store instant coffee. If you have no electricity, your coffee maker is not going to work unless you have a generator. The caffeine can really be a comfort and a pick-me-up during stressful and depressing times. If you have depression, it can help snap you out of it. Hot coffee can also help stop an asthma attack. Coffee is also A highly valuable batter item. Stock pile this item now!

#11 SLEEPING PILLS. A very good item to stock up on. Stressful situations can bring on long periods of sleeplessness, and nothing helps like getting some much needed sleep  #12 USED MILK JUGS. Milk jugs can be washed out, disinfected and dried out, and used to store dried peas, rice, navy beans, water, etc. #13 SLEEPING BAGS. Make sure that you have a good sleeping bag for every member of your family. Some of the best made sleeping bags in the world can be found at www.wiggy’ I personally have never done business with this company, but I think I may soon in the future. #14 TENTS Be prepared and buy a good tent large enough for your families needs. Buy one before a disaster hits. Many of us may be living in tents full-time due to unseen circumstances, so buy a good one.

#15 WATERPROOF TARPS. There are many uses for this item. Imagine we are in wartime, and you lose part of the roof on your house in a storm. You will be on your own, and have to take care of it yourself by covering the damaged area with a good waterproof tarp. Buy several good heavy duty ones, and keep them on hand. You can also use them with your tent as extra protection from rain and wind. #16 CAN OPENERS. Many will be totally unprepared and forget this much needed item. Those who use electric can openers and do not have a manual one will be out of luck. These things are cheap…buy 4 or 5 and put them away. These will also make a good barter item.

#17 SUGAR, SALT AND SPICES. Salt is a must have item. In the future our diets may consist of just rice and beans. (if even that) Sugar and salt will greatly help make any meal much more appetizing. Stock up on these Items while they are still cheap. Salt and spices of all kinds have been extremely valuable for thousands of years. Explorers have traveled the Seven Seas in search of exotic spices, and actual wars have even been fought over salt.  Stock up now, these items will be in high demand, and may greatly increase in value in the future. Also they are excellent barter items. #18 MOUSETRAPS. During famine, war and disease, outbreaks of rats, mice, chipmunks, and other critters will abound. Make sure to stock up ahead of time on lots of glue boards and mousetraps. Get a good pellet gun also. Do your part to send these vile vermin on to glory.

#19 TOOTHBRUSHES. Still a cheap item. You can buy several in a pack for a little over one Dollar at Walmart. I have put many of these away because I believe they are a very overlooked item. #20. DUCK TAPE/LIGHTERS/MATCHES/BATTERIES. Many things can be repaired with Duck Tape, so keep several rolls on hand, and buy the good kind. Lighters and matches will be in very high demand for starting fires to keep warm, lighting pilot lights, etc.  Stock up on both lighters and matches, they are still relatively cheap, and a much needed survival item. NO FIRE…NO SURVIVAL! Buy and stockpile lots and lots of alkaline batteries for your shortwave radio, flashlights and all other devices.

#21 PINEAPPLE JUICE. Rotate and keep a good quality pineapple juice on hand. Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain. The bromelain in pineapple juice helps cut through thick sticky mucus deep down in the lungs. When we have dropped out of the beast system, or during wartime, we will not be able to go to the hospital. If someone you know is in bed deathly sick with covid or pneumonia, have them drink a full glass of quality pineapple juice, then raise (elevate) the end of their bed with books or boards so that their feet are up higher than their head. The juice will start diluting the mucus, and because the feet are up higher than the head, gravity will start moving the mucus deep down in the lower lungs UPWARD into the upper respiratory tract.

They can then start to cough up the mucus which they were once literally drowning in. They can then spit out what they cough up into a trashcan placed beside their bed. This old gravity method for lung sickness and pneumonia is well over a hundred years old. Most people know nothing about this, now you do. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER. THIS COULD POSSIBLY SAVE SOMEONE”S LIFE.

Now is the time to start seeking old time knowledge that our ancestors were familiar with. I could go on and on with this list, but I will stop here. Of course with all these items listed above, I’m assuming that you would already have food and water, and other critical supplies fully stored. I just thought I would mention some things that maybe you hadn’t thought of. I hope that some of the information I gave will help you, and possibly even save someone’s life in the days ahead. There’s really only so much we can do to prepare for what is coming… we can only do what we can, and leave the rest in the hands of the Lord. Print out several copies of this article to give to friends or family members, or forward this to them. It could possible make the difference between life and death.

I have done what a watchman is supposed to do, I have watched and warned! May the Lord Bless and keep all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ safe in these perilous times that are now upon us. I pray that the Lord will use this article to be a blessing to you, and to help keep you out of harms way as we all endure unto the end. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!                                                                                                                                     Bro. John Mo.                                            10/20/23

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