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Sun & Sky Dream / Vision 2009 – Brian Considine

Sun & Sky Dream / Vision 2009

Jun 9, 2019, 11:56 AM
Brian Considine



I am Brian and I live in the UK and I am keeping all my fellow Christians in the USA in my prayers in what is a very great time for us but also a very worrying time. I’d like to share my dream / vision of nearly ten years ago with you.

Out of the blue in early November 2009, I had a dream which was wonderfully exciting but somewhat frightening too. The dream was so powerfully vivid that it perhaps should be termed a vision, and I have absolutely no doubts that it was given to me by our Lord. I have been prayerful as to the interpretation of the dream and to whom it is addressed. More than anything else, I am persuaded that it is a message for the church and, although I received the dream / vision almost 10 years ago I am convinced that it is a very appropriate vision for our time. However, I would ask that you would read this and take it on board prayerfully. The dream was as follows:

I was at work. The time of year was early November and it was 7pm. While I was working, I became aware of the glare of the sun and I noted the time and felt very puzzled as to why the sun hadn’t gone down as it should have done considering the time of day and year. The scene then changed to the house that I lived in as a child. The front and rear of my childhood home faced directly west and east respectively. Subsequently, I looked out of the sitting room window on the front / west side of the house to look at the sky. Instead of the sun having set as it should have done hours before for this time of year, it had reversed its direction and I watched it rise high up into the sky again from the west. I immediately told myself that the Earth must have reversed its rotation. However, as if in response to my thoughts and to defy my reasoning mind, the sun then suddenly started moving to the north. I immediately rushed through to the back / east side of the house to the kitchen where my mother was working to tell her about the sun and the sky. When I got to the kitchen I saw through the kitchen window that the situation had suddenly changed. Everything in the sky – sun, moon and stars – was now moving incredibly fast. It was as if the planet’s rotation had speeded up and become a super-fast fairground ride. I stooped down to hold on to the ground through feeling dizzy at beholding this sight, and I remember feeling terrified of what possible consequences the Earth rotating so fast would have for the planet (e.g. Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes etc). I then awoke and the vision was over.

I am persuaded that this vision was a positive message of hope but one which also contains a warning about how we are almost out of time.

I am convinced that the Lord wants me to say that “the chariot is preparing to leave” and that he wants everybody on board! Please pray that the Church will be united in our Lord Jesus Christ, that we will love each other as he commanded so that the world will truly know that he is real, and please pray for all backsliders everywhere – that they will be brought back to the fold! The Lord longs for their return!

I am also convinced we are also being called to take an honest evaluation of ourselves and to throw off all hypocrisy, all narrow-mindedness and all prejudice. We are urged to accept and love each other in all humility and to love & embrace all strangers and newcomers for who and what they are!

I believe now the Lord was revealing to me back then that we were on borrowed time and that we had been granted an extension to fulfil God’s will as the Bride of Christ here on Earth. I believe he was revealing that he was holding back the progression of events on his timetable to allow “whosoever will, to come” – such is his love! However, once this borrowed time comes to an end, everything is going to happen very suddenly and very quickly, and we’d better be ready to hold on to our hats and cling to our Lord. I believe this may be the interpretation of the dream!

As we consider the world we live in today, it should really be obvious to us that we are almost out of time now. Now is the time for all of us to be good & faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ – the soon to return for his bride! The Lord bless you all.



Revelation 20:17 – “The Spirit and the Bride say come! And let him who hears say come! Whoever is thirsty, let him come, and whosoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.”

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