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Suddenly – Victoria Ang


Feb 5, 2020
Victoria Ang

Prophetic dream and brief word today :

Last night I had a dream that I was to keep a close watch on the weather. And I was given the needed instruments to check on the weathers progression .I received the instruments and went up a pole with my equipment in hand. And saw the winds blowing as in a storm. Some of my equipment got slightly bent but no real damage.

The next day I went out and again climbed the pole with my instruments and again the winds were blowing but this time much harder. From down at the bottom of the pole you could not see the severity of the weather.

I went up the pole the next day ( day THREE) for the final time as the winds blew with such a force .The pole I had climbed was almost bent to the ground with me clinging to the pole for dear life. The storm that I had seen up at the top of the pole was now down at the bottom. And could be seen and felt.

The dream ended……

This afternoon I was in the kitchen preparing some food items. The ceiling light had not been working for about 5 months so I had no light working in the kitchen . ( It was not the bulb but the wires that needed to be fixed, but due to leg pain I could not get up the ladder to repair) anyway while I was getting food prepared the light CAME ON after 5 MONTHS! NO ONE WAS NEAR THE LIGHT !!And I heard so loud the Lord say , SUDDENLY and bought back to my mind the dream from last night.

Interpretation of the dream:

We must cling to the Lord for safety now more than ever. The weather will change SUDDENLY and WITHOUT warning . We must stay prepared at all times. 3 represents the Holy Spirit and the closeness of this occurring . We are seeing things going on around us in warning signs of the weather and other things shown.But many are not paying close attention to the warning signs that the Lord is giving us. Many are not seeing what is occurring right in front of them.The Lord has been sending out his prophets and watchmen to warn of the on coming storms to keep his children from harm. ( Just because you may not see things now as danger ,does not mean it doesn’t exist) !

GOD BLESS! Stay in prayer and close to the Lord!

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