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Sep 25, 2019, 8:20 PM
God’s Joy Bell


September 22, 2019

Prophetic Dream To The Church

This is a short, but profound Dream I received in September, 2018 on “Feasts of Trumpets /Day of Atonement”.

I usually write my Dreams down in my Dream Journal, since that is mostly how God speaks to me. However, for some reason, I neglected to write this dream in my Journal; instead, I wrote it down on a piece of paper, intending to write it in my Journal, later. However, I completely forgot about doing so. In the interim, I misplaced, or lost the paper, and forgot about it altogether.

It just seemed that the dream and the memory of writing it down on the paper at the time; had been completely erased from my mind. That is, until this past July when I was doing some shredding , and “God gave me back” the paper I had written the dream on, and made certain I read it, before I put it in the shredder.

I was amazed when I read what I had written on the paper! I asked myself, how could I have misplaced this paper, and forgotten such an awesome prophetic dream!

As I stated earlier; the memory of having had that dream, seemed to have been completely erased from my memory, until this time in July; for almost a year. As I thought on this, I believe God had hidden the dream for a later time. ( as He often does with me. ) to be released in a time He chooses” ; such as now. God ‘s timing is “perfect”.

So I am sharing this dream at what appears to be the “appropriate time and season. Certainly, the dream fits the time we are presently in. God’s ways are not our ways!

The Dream:

We were in a Church Service . There were 4 people ( Later learned they were 4 men) scheduled to speak or bring a message. Somehow, in the dream, I knew they all had short messages to deliver, and had been given a “limited” time in which to speak. One young man asked if I could operate the CD Player, just before he was to speak. So I remained in the area where they were rehearsing or preparing.

Later on, in the service, as they were speaking, and as I listened to what they were saying; I thought to myself; what is the message??

Then I heard an “Audible Voice that said ” Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly! Destruction is coming upon the land! Take cover! take cover! hide yourself in Me, hide yourself in Me! Things of this world no longer matter! They are passing away quickly! Seek Me, Seek Me, Seek Me now! ( This last “Seek me now” was very loud, and had so much emphasis on it, such urgency!!

As I read the paper on which I had written the dream; and recalled having it; I remembered there was such an urgency in it at the time it was spoken. As I asked myself, how could I have completely forgotten about such a profound dream as this; I can only conclude that it was God who did this. I do not believe this dream requires a lot of interpretation, however, I would say to those of you who read it; seek the Lord about this dream saints, and allow Him to speak to each of you about what it means for you and to you..


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