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July 21, 2020 12:12 PM
Averine Pennington

Dreams received by Averine Pennington on 5/30/20, Posted 7/21/20

I was reading this morning a post about ‘empty shelves’ (by McKanna) on this site. I felt prompted to finally post these two short dreams I received, one right after the other, in the wee hours of 5/30/20.

1st Dream: Economy Up-side Down!

My husband and I were at a title company, seated at the closing table, pen in hand, about to sign the documents to purchase a house. The agreed upon price was $250,000. Someone came to the door of the room we were in and beckoned the closing agent away. She was gone for quite some time. When she finally returned, she looked pale-faced as though she were in shock. Some event had SUDDENLY occurred that turned the financial world up-side down. She explained to us that the purchase price had changed on the house. Now, instead of $250,000, the new asking price is only $4,500. We evidently were made aware of the event (I was not allowed to remember those details from the dream). But we must have had some knowledge about it, because under the circumstances, we thought they were asking TOO MUCH!

I am not an economist, but this is not what I would expect in an economic collapse. My feeble mind would think that things would cost more, not less. Again, UP-SIDE DOWN!

I asked my husband about this dream and he said that sounds more like deflation than inflation. I looked up the word ‘deflation’ in the dictionary. Here are a few definitions that may apply to this dream: 1) to reduce in size, importance, or effectiveness; 2) to reduce (a price level) or cause (a volume of credit) to contract; 3) a contraction in the volume of available money or credit that results in a general decline in prices.

My understanding is limited on such matters. All I can say is take this to the Lord in prayer and ask Him for the interpretation.

2nd Dream: Perilous Road Ahead

I was walking down a road that was under construction. I did not know the person I was walking with, just a fellow traveler. I have no idea where any of my family members were. One side of this road had almost been completed and was paved with new cement, all the construction debris had been removed and it seemed almost ready to be opened for traffic. The other side of this road was still under construction, lots of dirt piles and broken cement as if an old road that was once there had been demolished but not yet hauled away. It was eerily silent, not a vehicle in sight. No traffic anywhere. I got the sense that this road would never be opened to traffic as most travel was now done on foot. Something had SUDDENLY happened that had caused all construction on this road to be halted. It remained in the same state as it was the moment the event had occurred. The large road construction equipment had haphazardly been abandoned.

Of course, as my traveling companion and I proceeded on our journey, we had chosen to travel on the completed side of road. It was easy going and nice and clean. Something, I don’t know what (assuming the Holy Spirit or our guardian angels), alerted us that we must get off the easy side of the road. There was much danger ahead. We were instructed to cross a muddy median to reach the unfinished side of the road. We were given the knowledge that we were to move stealthily, using the dirt piles and broken cement as cover. We could not see anything else moving and assumed we were alone on this road, but we were given the understanding that there were ‘eyes in the sky’ searching for us. As we proceeded very slowly down this difficult side of the road, we were very soon totally filthy and full of scrapes and bruises. I can’t remember much about the rest of this dream except that it seemed to last forever. I just kept feeling the urgency to push forward to our destination, at all costs, knowing we would be able to rest and find safety if we did not give up. Whatever our destination was, we were determined to get there. It was a long arduous journey filled with much peril, but WE DID NOT TRAVEL ALONE!

Upon awakening, and seeking the Lord concerning this, I got the impression that this dream was a representation of two people who were being led to Safe Haven. They were not forsaken, but God himself was leading and guiding them in the way they should go. It was made plain the road will be difficult. We cannot take the wide road, the easy road. We must take the road less traveled, the one that is surely to take more effort on our part. If we travel the narrow road, He will light our way, one step at a time. The ‘eyes in the sky’, practically speaking may mean drones or satellite tracking systems, but spiritually speaking, we must be reminded of the ‘unseen enemy.’ This dream I am sure is open to much interpretation. Again, take it to the Lord in prayer.

Fellow-travelers, we are living in ‘perilous times.’ There is a difficult journey ahead. We must press into Jesus, NOW! He is our SAFE HAVEN, our shelter in the time of storms, the Light unto our path. We will reach our determined destination at His appointed time.

Even so, come Lord Jesus,



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