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Shelves Empty Again! – McKana

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Shelves Empty Again!

July 20, 2020

Luke 21:11(KJV)
And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Shelves Empty Again.
Vision of July 20, 2020 ~3:00AM

Last nighty I had a very short vision. In the morning, I remembered what I saw, searched for more detail but that is all, a very short but realistic vision.
In this vision I am at the shelf, near the wall, of a grocery store. I didn’t walk in, I found myself standing by the shelf. I found a single bag of bread, all gone. The shelves are empty, left and right. It looks that single bag of bread is left for me. I was hesitating to take it in the hope there is more, looked around but that was all I found.

In one pervious dream, I have been there, the same place and setting when the shelves were full of bags of bread and other grocery supplies.

The evidence. Before or after the above vision, I don’t remember. In the same manner, I had a flash vision of a mail coming in my mailbox with a document I was expecting. I was expecting this mail at least six months or more latter, not now. I went in the morning to check for some other mails, there it was. The two visions I saw are the same, short and precise. telling us what the Lord is showing us is true. For sure it is coming

How many times do we have to be warned to be ready? It has became one year since I posted a vision
the Lord gave me last year:

Famine Next Year–McKana, AUG 15, 2019, 8:08 PM


Be Ready, It Is Coming!
Repent! Repent! Repent!


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  1. White bird

    It is interesting about the timing of that document arriving. It seems like many prophetic words include some type of timeline recently. God really wants us to be prepared, mentally at least. If we have peace of mind when others are losing theirs, that will be a huge testimony for Christ.

  2. Mister Reid

    What is interesting is that the item of food you saw was Bread. This could mean the Bread of Life, which is the Word of God.

    It might something similar to what it says in Amos 8:11 because when I asked God about this pandemic that was his response to me.

  3. McKana

    Thank you
    Famine-It is the word of God as well as the food for the flesh.
    The warnings have been going for centuries. Humanity as a whole indeed is in deep sleep.
    It is that time.

    God bless you all

  4. Marc

    Are people hearing God’s warnings to buy food for others????
    Or unable to hear, and connect the dots!
    It’s always praying…or does the Lord want us to do more???
    Yes pray daily, yes repent daily, yes go and buy food daily…
    Those who refuse the last part, are not hearing God’s warnings, but believe their doctrines like pretrib, and don’t want to spend money on food…but will buy gifts.
    Help us Lord….amen

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