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Sudden Tsunami | They Are Watching Us – Debi Peters

Sudden Tsunami | They Are Watching Us

June 8, 2020 10:51 PM
Debi Peters

I prayed for a dream from God, if it was His will. I eventually fell asleep. My dream had two parts to it.

The first part was I seemed to be at something like a water park, like Hurricane Harbor. I was looking across at it, at a distance. Suddenly and without warning, there was a powerful upward thrust of an earthquake, and the great body of water that was there surged suddenly upward into the sky! Suddenly it didn’t seem like a water park at all, but has morphed into a scene by the coast, and the water was a huge, very sudden tsunami! ( I don’t know where this will be, but I am from CA most of my life, so it might be there). —

Part 2:

Me and several others were being lined up against a chain linked fence. I had just disobeyed some order that I wasn’t supposed to. The man next to me appreciated my courage, but warned me that they are seeing who will obey and who won’t. They are watching us.

The end.

By Debi Peters


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