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May 19, 2022 1:20 AM

Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 11:57

“My precious daughter, quiet your heart, listen carefully to My voice, and write down what I am speaking to you.

Storms, great storms are coming soon, wars, famine, pestilence, displacement of people, loss of many lives, corpses everywhere, no one to bury them.

This world is no longer the world you once knew, your days are getting further and further away from the old days day by day, and will never return to your old days.

More persecution, more control, more souls about to fall into the pit of hell, more souls needing to come to know their Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, who came in the flesh.

My beloved children, are you still slumbering? Open your eyes and look around you right now; open your ears and listen to what is happening around you and in your lives. Can you not wake up yet?

Your children are crying ‘I am hungry’, your loved ones are breathing their last breaths in the ashes of bombs, your brothers and sisters are persecuted for refusing to allow the abominations to defile their bodies, and many more of My children around the world are imprisoned and have their lives taken away because they refuse to deny Me and My Name.

Did you see it? Have you heard it? Many of you have prayed to Me, asking Me to remove all this and return to you your former comfortable and carefree life; you do not believe what your own eyes have seen, you do not believe what your own ears have heard, you think that I, as a loving God, could not have allowed all this to happen.

You are wrong, terribly wrong! I Am a loving God who loves you with an everlasting love, but I Am also a holy and righteous God beyond measure, no sin can stand in My presence.

Out of My incomparable love for you, in order that more souls may turn from the broad road which leads to death, and back to the narrow path which leads to eternal life, I must let this happen, I must send down My righteous judgment, I must put My people, My sons and daughters, through the refinement of blazing fire.

I Am coming soon, sooner than any of you think, do not think you will have many more years, I tell you, there are none! You are the last generation before My return, the most evil generation in the history of mankind, and many of you will be alive to see Me come in the clouds!

My children, are you ready? Have you put your homes in order? Can you be sure that when I come for My bride, you will be one of them? Ask yourselves these questions, and if your answer is no, then seek Me while you can still find Me, come near Me while I Am still close, and call upon Me while you can still breathe.

Time is running out, My precious children, come to Me, humble yourselves, put aside everything that has nothing to do with My kingdom and My righteousness, sit quietly at My feet, and listen carefully to My still, small voice.

Come to Me, spend time with Me every day, I have given you 24 hours in a day, how many of those hours have you actually spent with Me?

Examine yourselves, repent of all your sins. When you sin, come to Me immediately, confess your sins, and sin no more. My blood that was shed for you on the cross is able to cleanse you from all your sins, to make your robes white again, without spot, wrinkle, or such thing.

You are My beloved, I long to have intimate relationship with you, I desire you would put everything aside to spend time with Me, just be with Me alone; reading My words, asking Me questions, talking to Me, telling Me what you need, even though I have known all this before you ask, I long for you to come to Me and tell Me yourself.

Do you want to have an intimate relationship with Me, your Creator, your Abba Father who loves with an everlasting and unconditional love?

Then come, My children, I am waiting with open arms for you to run into My arms and to enjoy My great love for you.

I love you, your Father who art in heaven”

Please take everything to the Lord in prayer

God richly Bless,




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