Storm Coming, Its Going To Be A Doozy – A voice crying in the wilderness


Storm Coming, Its Going To Be A Doozy

July 19, 2020 12:47 PM
A voice crying in the wilderness.

So I wasn’t going to share this but I think it may either be important or simply redundant, as many are saying similar things.

The only way I know it is from God is because I asked him that he would show me if it was, before I even had the dream—days before.

So this is what I dreamed last night/this morning—today is July 19, 2020.

I was a part of a ministry group, there were several of my friends and my husband involved. We worked out of a building in this gorgeous lush valley. Our center was at one end of the valley in a small town. The building was small, white clapboard, like a church but not a church. For some reason we moved to another location at the other end of the valley in a more isolated area. I don’t remember the reason. For the purposes of the story it wasn’t important. The building we moved into was wooden, inside and out, somewhat similar to the first, with beautiful Tiffany style architectural details and small stained glass windows near the ceilings. There was hardly any furniture and it was mostly just one big room with huge plate glass windows that looked out over the beautiful landscape that had trees of all colors, like you see in the beginning of fall.

I remember at some point we began to notice a storm coming, and in my spirit I sensed the Holy Spirit showing me it was going to be a doozy, even the clouds looked unusual. I hurried everyone indoors as we watched these horrible black clouds literally rolling in like an ocean wave, but we had peace and began, once inside, to pray. As we were praying, each of us, quietly in our hearts, tornadoes began to form, one after another, coming from all directions and seemed to cris-cross our valley at every random angle.

Each time a tornado would head our way we would pray and it would go on around or dissipate. We could see the small town and we saw our old building get decimated, along with most of the town. We continued in this manner for a little while, and the tornadoes came closer and closer together in timing, at one point I paused praying and looked out the window and noticed that the ground was getting smaller beneath us.

One of the tornadoes had picked up our building. We did not panic, but since God had saved us from so many other tornadoes we prayed that when we came down we would have a soft landing. And we did. We skidded to a stop almost on top of our old torn up building. The buildings were practically touching. Some of the pieces of the old building were under the new. There was only minor damage to the new one. We were thankful for our safety but we were happy realizing that the pieces of the old building could be used to repair and add onto the new one. There was excitement as we prepared for the next thing God had for our ministry.

Then I woke up. At first I didn’t think there was anything of significance to the Dream, but the power of God and his intervention, and the incredible beauty of the place made me realize he gave me the dream for a reason.

A voice crying in the wilderness.


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