Holy Spirit Wind

Received 7-16 and 7-17-2019

I need you to give a message to some of my people My son.

Please read and/or listen to what your Father has to say to you now. First of all I want you to know that I love you with an everlasting, unconditional love and nothing you can do will change that. However a good Father disciplines his children. I AM the Father of all and all of My ways are perfect. If you are straying from My straight and narrow way I will try to get you back on the path. At first My Spirit will gently whisper to you or nudge you but if you ignore this I will resort to more drastic actions. I will call out your sins privately like I am doing right now with some. If that doesn’t work I will call you out publicly, if you still don’t turn I will allow some kind of hardship or even a tragedy into your life so that you will repent before Me. Even with this some go so far off of My path that I have to hand them over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh in hope that their soul would be saved. Some have been completely handed over to their sin.

The main reason I am having My son write this message is to tell you to stop trying to predict when My son will return for His bride!


Do you not care how you are making yourselves and Me look like in the eyes of the unsaved world around you? Do you not know what My Son said?Matthew 24:36-44 (AMPC)
“36 But of that [exact] day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For just as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, [men] marrying and [women] being given in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah went into the ark, 39 And they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away—so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 40 At that time two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one will be left. 41 Two women will be grinding at the hand mill; one will be taken and one will be left. 42 Watch therefore give strict attention, be cautious and active], for you do not know in what kind of a day whether a near or remote one] your Lord is coming. 43 But understand this: had the householder known in what [part of the night, whether in a night or a morning] watch the thief was coming, he would have watched and would not have allowed his house to be undermined and broken into. 44 You also must be ready therefore, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect Him.”

Now I tell you this, the Son now knows when He is coming back but when He had a fleshly body He did not. He was made a little lower than the angels, just as you are and the angels don’t even know the date of His return but they know that is very close. (Read Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2) When My Son humbled Himself and came down to live the life of a man, He limited Himself. He was no longer all-knowing, all-powerful, or omnipresent, along with many other ways that He limited Himself, He was flesh and blood just as you are. He is a sympathetic high priest, He knows what you go through in your flesh bodies. He was made weak so that you could be made strong. He is the first born of many brethren and He is bringing many sons of God to glory with Him. He is now glorified at My right hand and he will return as the victorious King of kings and Lord of lords, the lion of the tribe of Judah. He knows when He shall return, but those of flesh and blood DO NOT KNOW!

Another reason that I will not tell anyone one an exact date about things that will happen is because then the enemy would know. That is not part of My plan, He wants to know more than any of you do! If He knew all the specific details about My plans He would make it even a worse time than is already going to be. He knows the date is getting very close but not exactly when. The final instructions to My remnant/bride will be given in the secret place where the enemy cannot enter. Each one of you need to be in the secret place with Me daily, as much as possible.

Please stop with the guessing! You are wasting precious time that you could use for preparation for the times that are at the door! You need to hide My word in your heart now for soon comes the day when the internet will not contain it and then will come a day when even printed version of My Word will be outlawed and destroyed. You need to spend more time with Me in worship and in prayer so that you may know the voice of My Spirit that speaks to everyone whom I know by the Spirit.

Now to those of you who are condemning and pointing fingers at those who thought the rapture would take place on July 17th 2019 or any other date predicted by anyone, I AM WATCHING YOU! Do not make Me discipline you! The way that many of you are acting right now, you had better be thankful that Jesus didn’t come back on July 17th 2019, because He would not have taken you and you would have been left behind to go through the Great Tribulation and be purified! Treat your brothers and sisters who have been deceived with love, kindness, mercy and grace so that they do not fall from the faith. If your condemnation, ridicule and judgment cause any of My little ones to be offended, it would be better that you had a millstone tied around your neck and that you were cast into the sea than what I will cause to happen to you! Show the love that My Holy Spirit has put in your heart to these little ones. Now to the false prophets and shepherds who have been spreading these lies and taken advantage of the little ones and leading them astray, I WILL DEAL WITH YOU MYSELF! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! BEFORE MY WRATH IS POURED OUT UPON YOU!

Now, this is the order that I have given to you many times but will be repeated for those who do not know it. My Son’s catching away of the remnant/bride will not occur before the false flag, fiery kickoff event in New York City. This will lead to economic collapse, nuclear war, famine, disease, persecution and then the sun will turn black at noonday and the moon will turn blood red. Meteors and fallen angels will strike the earth, along with a fireball sent by Me from the heavens, that will cause the greatest earthquake you have ever known of. This is when the 144000 are marked, this chosen group will be totally transformed during the thick, gross darkness. That is when they shall arise and shine, not before. They will shine brightly, like lamps full of fresh, pure oil from My Spirit. They will perform the greatest miracles even seen on the face of the earth, nothing will be impossible for them. They will have My Spirit without measure, more than Yahshua had as He walked the earth. This is when the great harvest shall be reaped, before I pour out My wrath upon the whole earth. Then My Son shall take His remnant/ bride out of the earth.

My children I want you to read these chapters in the Bible so you know what is coming : Matthew chapter 24, Revelation chapters 6-8, Joel chapter 2, Isaiah chapters 13 and 60

My Son is coming very soon!


Your Abba Father

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