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Ali Winters

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Date setters or trouble makers.

American society is wired for the fast lane. Immediate gratification, no time to wait, microwave mentality.

Prophet, watchmen, seer are called by God to shake the sheep, awaken the slumbering and sound the alarm to return to righteous living. The task set before each is hard and as the days grow darker, the task will become even more difficult. Many is the time the watchman, the prophet the seer desire to abandon the call yet love for God propels them forward.

Daily we are confronted with the lost; family, friends, neighbors, government officials, newscasters…..America is on a collision course with God, the government is in turmoil, good is now evil, evil is now good… yet instead of praying Christians condemn. vilify, criticize. Six months, six years, sixty years is not what matters. What matters is to know and understand we have a limited amount of time in which to share the good news, to intercede for the lost, to petition our very loving LORD for more time to win the lost and not grumble and complain that the rapture might be delayed.

We must die to self if we are to live for Him. The rapture is not an escape from tribulation it is a deliverance out of tribulation.

Christians in Nigeria, India, China, North Korea, the Philippines…need our prayers. They are being hunted down, attacked, murdered, imprisoned; giving their lives standing strong in faith for Jesus Christ while Americans spend time awaiting the rapture; grumbling, complaining, whining, moaning and groaning…but seldom praying.

Be alert, be watchful, be about the Father’ business, but do not remain silent. As with everything you read on awatchmanonthewall take it to the LORD.

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  1. Robert E

    Well said. We need to hold timetables loosely. The Lord himself does not know the time, but we are to discern the season. But how long is the season? Only the Father knows and it’s his prerogative to hurry or tarry.

    Since know one knows, who has the right to criticize. There is too much to be done towards bringing in the lost sheep to spend time criticizing each other. Let’s seek unity in what matters and leave the debatable things to prayer.

  2. Charles Van Delden

    Well said Ali…..

  3. mark blackburn

    Thank you Ali for this post as I was recently attacked for pointing out the folly of setting dates, Almighty God does not give dates for his son’s second coming or the start of the tribulation period for very good reason. As Christians we need to be about our father’s work of reaching out to a lost and dying world with the good new of Jesus Christ and leave God’s business to God, it is enough to know that we indeed are in the end times and the Lord’s return is drawing near and knowing this we should be witnessing to those lost with greater urgency than ever before.

  4. James

    I dont understand this article the prophecy given said six years specifically. “You have six more years to get ready and be prepared. You have six years to warn the sheep, use your time wisely. Once Donald Trump leaves office things will change drastically.”

  5. Rover Radar

    AMEN, and ON POINT ALI – you hit the nail on the head!!! I’m so sorry, you were NOT heard (but misunderstood) on the last one – things changing drastically, when Trump leaves office. God always, and richly bless you!!! – Dinna –

  6. Matthew

    Hi Ali, I continue to read your posts and the other true prophets with great interest, taking even more seriously the advice of so many of the prophets to take it to the Lord and make sure it aligns with scripture.

    Please, please do not misunderstand me … and no, no, no, I am not setting dates … but maybe future events could take place something like this?

    The fiery kick-off event happens quite soon – maybe even this month? (Not setting dates though).

    Through the upheavals that follow, the peace of the remnant is evident as they continue to warn the sheep – many come to the Lord during this time.

    After a period of time, the remnant are transformed during three days of darkness, bringing them true peace.

    Not setting dates … but maybe by mid 2021 the antichrist pretends to solve the world’s problems with his false peace. This brings about false peace for those who follow him, but great tribulation for those who do not. Meanwhile, the transformed remnant continue to warn the sheep, but they themselves are unable to be harmed.

    Not setting dates … but maybe the fall of Mystery Babylon occurs in 2025. This is followed by the rapture of the remnant (after the antichrist is revealed, as required by 2 Thessalonians 2). after 6 years, there is no more opportunity to warn the sheep.

    Not setting dates, but maybe this is followed by 3.5 years of wrath from 2025 until 2028. Thus the world reaps what it has sown, 3.5 years of wrath for their 3.5 years of persecution of the saints during the great tribulation, which they committed against the greatest light since Christ’s time on earth.

    Jesus returns to rule the world in late 2028 !!! (but not setting dates).

    At some point Donald Trump has left office, for whatever reason – followed by drastic change – I’m not sure which drastic change though – maybe the fiery kick-off event? Maybe the 3 days of darkness?

    Maybe this is how it could happen – but the Lord has full discretion over dates, and can adjust them according to his purpose – his primary goal being repentance and the salvation of humanity, as demonstrated through his perfect sacrifice of his son. Greater love has no-one than this.

    Perhaps some of the true prophets are seeing the same truth from different perspectives?

    I am impressed by how many prophets on Prophecy 444, Whistleblower Jeff and Holy Spirit Wind insist that we take these things to the Lord – it is truly reassuring. Even if the ranks of the true prophets are growing thin, I see quite a few of them on these pages. I don’t bother reading any other “prophetic” material except the Bible itself.

    Please any reader take my words to the Lord and check for yourself whether they align with scripture.

    I am not a prophet – I am a fellow member of the Body of Christ who has been blessed through the faithful and loving work of the true prophets.

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