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Ali Winters

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Date setters or trouble makers.

American society is wired for the fast lane. Immediate gratification, no time to wait, microwave mentality.

Prophet, watchmen, seer are called by God to shake the sheep, awaken the slumbering and sound the alarm to return to righteous living. The task set before each is hard and as the days grow darker, the task will become even more difficult. Many is the time the watchman, the prophet the seer desire to abandon the call yet love for God propels them forward.

Daily we are confronted with the lost; family, friends, neighbors, government officials, newscasters…..America is on a collision course with God, the government is in turmoil, good is now evil, evil is now good… yet instead of praying Christians condemn. vilify, criticize. Six months, six years, sixty years is not what matters. What matters is to know and understand we have a limited amount of time in which to share the good news, to intercede for the lost, to petition our very loving LORD for more time to win the lost and not grumble and complain that the rapture might be delayed.

We must die to self if we are to live for Him. The rapture is not an escape from tribulation it is a deliverance out of tribulation.

Christians in Nigeria, India, China, North Korea, the Philippines…need our prayers. They are being hunted down, attacked, murdered, imprisoned; giving their lives standing strong in faith for Jesus Christ while Americans spend time awaiting the rapture; grumbling, complaining, whining, moaning and groaning…but seldom praying.

Be alert, be watchful, be about the Father’ business, but do not remain silent. As with everything you read on awatchmanonthewall take it to the LORD.

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